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Week Ending 15th May 2018 - Attendance this week 95.84%

Our Class Blog

Week commencing 22nd October 2018

Week 8


WOW! We cant believe that we are almost at the end of our very first half term in Reception. We are all really good friends and our first set of data since baseline is in! The progress in not just our learning but with our relationships is amazing and we are ready to kick start the next half term with our next steps and with fantastic attitudes!

Its not over yet though! This week our story of the week was 'Room on the Broom'.


We used this text to look at rhyming words and sequencing stories. We showed that by learning a different story each week we have really developed our listening and attention skills, allowing us to retain and recall stories, think about the structure, the characters and we learned how to predict what would happen next!

For those of us who wanted to, we thought about Halloween and discussed our very own family plans for over half term and we had a brilliant time carving pumpkins and decorating biscuits!


We used tools appropriately to hammer small nails into the pumpkins to really develop our fine motor skills and some of us were even writing CVC words around the topic!


It was the time of the term to talk about what we wanted as pupils to see in our environment. We decided we would like to carry on our learning about harvest and Autumn and have a farm shop. Our vocabulary is really growing in this area and we cant wait to learn about money when we can buy our own fruit and vegetables.


Take a look at our new provision, all new and ready for after our week long holiday. Our new story is 'Gordons great escape'. We had a sneaky preview and it looks great! We cant wait to see some fireworks and to really be creative too!


We hope you all have a brilliant week off but most importantly...stay safe!

Ducks xx

Week commencing 15.10.18

Week 7


This week we have started to think about the seasons! We have learned that its now Autumn and that Autumn has many seasonal changes as we say goodbye to Summer. We have looked at the story 'Leafman'. 




This week we have studied the leaves and the trees and learned why the leaves fall down. We have looked at the Autumn animals as they prepare for hibernation and the different ways that they prepare. Did you know a squirrel hides his acorns to store them for the Winter but a hedgehog eats lots and lots of berries before he hibernates so that he is nice and full until Spring!.


We get ready for our harvest festival. We are learning an Autumn song all about the farmers who are busy on the farm, harvesting the vegetables and crops ready for us to  eat! Catch us next week to see how we go on when we perform to our loved ones on Friday!


Maths and literacy did not take a back seat though, we started to learn about patterns! There are so many lovely colours and shapes in our natural environment during the Autumn that we arranged conkers, leaves, twigs and sticks. Some of us made repeated patterns! 





We made our very own leaf men! Some of us made other leaf animals to represent the other animals that we saw in the story




Literacy this week we continue to learn our phase 2 and 3 phonics and we are learning to hear initial sounds and start to orally blend CVC words. We continue to focus on precursive letter formation as well! Super busy ducks this week.


Have a look at our class display for the corridor...



See you next week! 


Love from Ducks x



Week commencing 1.10.18

This week we have been learning about measuring! We have used Autumn objects to measure length using non standard units and really trying to use the vocabulary of short and long! Some of us were super clever and linked it to height by talking about tall instead of long!




We also looked at pine cones and used them to find one more and one less! 


We also carried on our theme of dragons. We made 3D dragons. using all different art resources. We used scissors safely and correctly too! 





Catch up with us next week, we are expecting a visitor!! So come back to see all about it! 

See you soon Ducks x

Week commencing 24th October


What another fabulous week! This week we have been learning about a knight who does not show respect! He takes a magic wand away from a Granny witch! We learned about respect and morals and we thought about the right and wrong behaviours! He is also very unkind to the Grannys grandson, Hector, who shows courage and determination to get the wand back. He is only little but he works very hard to get it back, coming up with all different plans to save the day and to make is Granny happy again!


We did lots of lovely work based around role play and writing, adding in all of our ideas! We wrote some initial sounds, concentrating on letter formation and also we wrote why the knight was not showing the right behaviours. We made magic wands to give as a gift to Granny and we even used our police role play in our classroom to try to catch the big bad knight! We used our investigation skills to find the knight and to teach him the consequences of his behaviour! We don't think he will be doing the wrong thing again!!! Take a look at some of our learning and the wonderful display that we made to show off to the school!






This week we have also been thinking about our letter formation! We have been super busy and another fantastic week. 

Week commencing 17th September


Well now the year really gets underway! We have formed some beautiful relationships now with our newest members of the class and we are enjoying our fabulous provision. We have been thinking about our school values and how we can show respect to ourselves, our friends, teachers and our classroom. We have been thinking about how we can look after our things and have had our own ideas. We really are trying our best to use our big loud speaking voices!


Phonics has begun and we start to learn or continue to learn our letter names and sounds. We thought our teachers had turned into robots at one point as they just keep talking to us, splitting up the words...they call it oral segmenting and blending and its going to make us really good readers! We have our reading books and we know that if we read four times a week we get a certificate and a prize each half term! We love reading in Duck Class.


We have been learning about dragons and the story 'Marmaduke the very different dragon'. We thought about how we can be different and that's ok! We thought about how we are similar and different to each other and looked in mirrors to see some of our beautiful features. We painted dragons in our very own way to show that although they are different, they were all so well designed and decorated.


Next week, we continue with our love of dragons, We are really interested and so our teachers have chosen a new book called 'Hector and the Big Bad Knight'. This will incorporate dragons and also our morals and behaviour learning from this week. We cat wait! Come back to see what we get up to!!


Ducks xx

Week beginning 10th September

What a fantastic first couple of weeks we have had!

We have all settled brilliantly and had a super introduction to FS2. We have welcomed new children to our school and to Duck class who have settled in and fitted in like the perfect jigsaw pieces.


This week we got to know each other and explored our amazing provision. We realised that we learn so much through play and interacting with our friends and teachers. We have spoken all about ourselves and given our teachers all of our interests so that they can find out what we love to learn about!


Look at some of the fabulous things we have been getting up to...






We have been busy making new friends and catching up with old friends and have had such a brilliant time. Week three is fast approaching where we will start to learn about our first interest...dragons!


Come back next week to see our brilliant learning and our continued adventure

Ducks x

Welcome back to school and to Duck class. Your teachers have been super busy getting your brand new classrooms looking fantastic, bright and engaging with all of things you need to do your best this year! You will be able to have a sneaky peek further down the blog.


We hope you have had a brilliant six weeks with your family, friends and loved ones and have been on many adventures. We are excited to get to know you and to help you grow and develop. We are looking forward to hearing all of your wonderful news! We will do all we can to support you and to give you the knowledge and skills you need to get ready for your school life.


Have a look at your beautiful new classroom environment and we will see you tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed. We are going to have the best year!














See you tomorrow


Miss Newbon, Misss James, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Cartwright and Miss Goodwin



Week commencing 18.6.18


Well! This week found out which classes we will be going into in September. We are so ready to move into Key Stage One! Our new teachers are lovely and we are super excited! We did lots of lovely transition activities and our new teachers were really impressed with us!


Back in Duck Class though we learned lots this week! We learned about the World Cup and why it is such a fantastic sporting event. We learned lots of new countries and looked at the map of the world to find out where they were! We went onto the field and practised warming up with some 'race' style activities, preparing us as well for our sports day! Then we all had  a go at taking penalties against our friend! We chose a country to 'play for' and had a super good time. We used our attention and coordination skills and it was great exercise! We counted up how many penalties each team scored to see who was the winner!


We also learned about rock pools! We looked at some really strange looking little creatures that you might find in a rock pool and compared beaches in England with some beaches in other, hotter countries. We were amazed when looking at coral reefs and we discussed which childrens films we might have seen with coral reefs in it! We were excited to watch a clip of Finding Nemo and looking at the real life Great Barrier Reef! We met a new member of staff, Mrs Cartwright who has come all the way from Australia!! It was so good to hear from someone who has first hand experience of beaches in Australia and she knows so much! 


In our writing lessons we have been left to be completely independent. It gave us a chance to show off what we have learned in Duck Class so far and some of us even added question marks and exclamation marks- very Key Stage One ready!


Miss Newbon said that next week we will be starting to prepare for our graduation! This will be so lovely and we cant wait for our loved ones to see it.


Catch up next week

FS2 Ducks xxx

Welcome Back to Our Delighful Ducks- Week 5.6.18


We have made it to our first week of Summer Term 2 and everyone has come back happy and safe. A few us you have come back wearing your spotty scares with pride after the dreaded chicken pox hit our classes. As in reception style of being great at sharing, we now have got children in Nursery and Year 1 that have caught the chicken pox. Apologises to both class, but we do love to share!


It has been a rather busy week in our class starting our new Seaside topic. Our classes have been transormed over the holidays, by our dedicated teachers and they have been a great hit with all children across the classes. We have a new 'Under the Sea' reading area and a 'Seaside Souvenir Shop'. These have helped our children to begin to learn about a visit at the Seaside and the animals and fish living in the Sea that surrounds different countries all over the world. 


We have also begun learning about how we can look after our teeth and keep them healthy. Next week we will be working on how we brush our teeth. Everyone in reception will be perfecting their glimmering smile, ready for the end of year graduation photographs. 


Have a happy week of learning and then a restful weekend. Your going to need all your energy for the coming weeks. 


Love the Duck Class x



Week commencing 21.5.2018


And here it is! The last week of Summer 1. The year is going far too quick! Soon it will be time to say goodbye as we prepare for Key Stage One! However we still have seven weeks left in the fantastic Early Years Foundation Stage. What a week it has been. We have been offering our ideas on what we would like to see in our environment when we arrive back after half term. Our rooms always transform into a different land, its like magic!


We have been giving our thoughts on what we already know about our new topic- At the Seaside. We are so excited for our new role play and reading areas, although we have enjoyed 'The Jungle' and learned so much!


We have had the opportunity this week to showcase our phonics and maths learning independently to our teachers during assessment week. We love a good chance to show off our reading skills and applying them in our writing too!

Come back in a couple of weeks to see our brand new classroom environment. We cannot wait to see work that we have already completed up on displays and also what wonderful learning is yet to come! Miss Newbon says she is going to have some wonderful things in the STEM tuff spot next half term, as it seems that we are mini scientists in FS2!

Take a look at some of our learning this week...



Catch you soon!

FS2 x


A message from our teachers


We hope you all have a wonderful half term holidays. We will return to school on Monday 5th June and cannot wait to hear about you adventures with parents, families, friends and loved ones. As always though, with time away from school we do miss you and think of you lots. Please make sure that you don't leave your grown ups, don't talk to strangers, stay safe and you take care. You are very important and we want you to come back to school rested, happy and healthy. If you go on any holiday adventures, please feel free to collect shells, rocks and other seaside bits and bobs for our learning in Summer 2. We love collectables from other places and we will be learning lots about travelling to other places, particularly by the seaside and at the beach!

Safety first little ones, enjoy your week off

FS2 teachers xxx

Week commencing 14.5.18


Hello! What another brilliant yet so busy week! This week we had the delight of celebrating the Royal wedding! We invited all Mums, Dads and loved ones into school to have our very own Royal wedding party! As the sun was shining beautifully we decided to take all celebrations outdoors! We had music playing, dancing, bubble blowing and not to mention lots of amazing food. Thank you to all parents and family members who donated food and flags to celebrate such a patriotic moment in history.

We learned about the Royal family and what it meant to see such a celebration. I am sure you watched the event with your families and were able to tell them what fabulous information you learned. Did you spot the Queen? Everyone looked fabulous! Maybe you could draw a picture of Windsor Castle or the beautiful Meghan dress?



Royal wedding aside, this week we continued to close gaps on our learning. We consolidated our learning of doubling and halving numbers and had some excellent experiments in our STEM tuff spot. We learned hat by mixing colours and adding bicarbonate of soda and vinegar we could create our own chemistry experiments, watching glitter explode from test tubes and wondering what would happen if we mixed colours!


We had an excellent time learning all about the story Dear Zoo and writing to the zoo to ask for our very own animal. We chose our favourite animal and said why we would like one for our own. We came up with some excellent imaginative ideas and used adjectives (which we now know are describing words) to describe them.


We have really enjoyed learning about the jungle. We have learned some excellent facts about the world and just why jungles are so hot. We learned new words like 'equator' and learned just why animals and vegetation that live in the jungle and in rainforests are adapted to suit the needs of their habitat.


Our next topic is yet to be revealed but we are assured that our knowledge will just keep on growing and we are most certainly going to be Year one ready by the time we leave our amazing Foundation Stage!

Catch you next week, please have a look at our amazing learning, who knows what we are going to learn in the next five days!


Take care and stay safe

Ducks xxx

Week commencing 14.5.18

Hello to all from the Ducks in FS2, 


This week we wanted to start by wishing all of our brothers or sisters and cousins who are sitting their KS1 or KS2 SATs this week, the best of luck. As FS2 children we look up and aspire to the older children and this year you have provided us so far with an outstanding example of what it is to be a super, talented and dedicated learner. You have shown us how to behave in an outstanding manner and as a result have shown us that sitting your SATs is something you take in your stride, when you are fully prepared having worked so hard from FS1 to now. We wish you the best of luck. Do yourselves proud and show those tests, what you are made of. You can do it!!!!


From all of the FS2 children and teachers. Good luck!

Week Commencing 7.5.18


What a busy and wonderful week on learning had by all. There's been laughter and smiles all around, especially as Mrs Fraser joined us in our risk taking, as we explored the larger school climbing frame. Oh it was a sight to see! Mrs Fraser was certaintly enjoying herself monkeying about the bars. Next time we will have to take a camera and catch her in the act. I am sure parents will love to see what our teachers get up to, in a bid to encourage us to take risks. Watch this space! A photo could appear at anytime. 


As you can see the weather has improved, which has meant that we can get out and explore the outdoors so much more. Mrs Fraser and Miss Newbon have taught us this week the importance of sun safety, so that whilst we are outside we are able to manage our our health and wellbeing. For our mums and dads, please can we ask that you have given us children suncream and hats to wear outside. Even if it appears cloudy, we have learnt that our skin can still get burnt and at 4 and 5 years old, we don't want to be looking like our grandparents. 


We have worked this week on our knowledge and quick recall of doubling facts and next week will be learning about how we can share objects equally between ourselves. As ducks we always eager to learn a new school, so bring on the challenge


As always, we are continuing to work on our writing and this week we have had our friends writing in lots of different ways. Some children write lists,some wrote descriptions and some write labels. Mrs Fraser and Miss Newbon also set us the challenge of writing our own stories. 

The steam coming from our pencils was incredible as we put our imagination and writing skills to the test. sad


This half term is flying by and with each week we get closer to the end of term, however each of us in FS2 is working to ensure we do our very best and hope that at the end of term our progress and attinment will show you just how hard all of us have worked and how hard our teachers have challenged us to be the very best we can be. 


Happy Summer Learning

From the Ducks. 


P.S For Key Stage 2 Year 6 children and Year 1 children, we all wish you well in your forthcoming SATs. We belive you can do it! smiley

Week commencing 30th April 2018


Hello! Another week down! This school year is flying by, and what a year it is. So we continue on our journey through the jungles of the world.

We have been thinking about jungle music, we used materials from the outdoor environment to bang and shake to make different sounds that we might hear in the jungle.




We had a great time using key stage one and two outdoor equipment. It gave us a great opportunity to develop our balancing and movement skills. We were travelling over and under and through equipment, even our teachers had a go! We now know the importance of staying fit and healthy and exactly how we can do that! We know that our heart works really hard to stay strong and to pump blood around our body, when we exercise it gets faster and faster. We have to warm up first though so that we don't pull any of our muscles!




We have been learning about Rumble in the Jungle . Its a fabulous story with rhyming words to describe the different animals in the jungle. We then have had some time to write all about our favourite animal and what they look like.

Busy for us all this week! Come back and see us next week for another update! 


As a polite reminder! Read your books at home. Show your parents how amazing you are at using your phonics to read and to stretch your imagination. Remember four times a week gets you a fabulous prize and a chance for a Rainbow Readers certificate!

Homework also needs to be completed for a Wednesday. Just choose one from the list each week and if you need any support, you can speak to any of the Early Years team.


See you next week

Ducks x




Week commencing 23rd April


Wow what an adventure we are on! Who knew that the rainforest floor was so dark because the trees are SO tall that they block out all of the sunlight? This week we have been exploring more and more about the jungles of the world. We know that the jungle is so hot because most of them lie on the equator! That's the hottest part of the Earth!


Did you know, the Amazon Rainforest is so big, that our country could fit into it 17 times!!!


This week we have been thinking about being Year 1 ready. We have been setting out very own questions and writing them down, and then using the internet to research the question! We then wrote the answers all by ourselves. Don't worry, we all know now that we have to use Google kids to search, because that's safe!


We have also been thinking about using our own ideas to create our own jungle structures. We have been using our imaginations and a load of old junk! Have a look at our fabulous designs.




We are learning so much! We love our jungle topic!


See you next week

Ducks x



Picture 1
Picture 2

Welcome back to Reception. The sun is finally here and we hope it is here to stay so that we can get outside some more and play, learn and explore. 


This half term we will learning about life in the 'Jungle'. Mrs Fraser, Miss Newbon and Miss James, have been busy in the holidays transforming our classroom into the Jungle. We have a 'Jungle Campsite' role play area and a Jungle Safari, Jeep, reading area. We all  went in and went 'wow', because everywhere looked vibrant and colourful. 


It wasn't long till we were all changing our roles in class and becoming Jungle Explorers. Who needs to watch Jumanji, when we have the Jungle in our classroom. 


This week we have learnt to develop questions that we can then go off and research, finding out about which animals live in the Jungle. We have also begun to look at patterns that animals might have on their bodies and we are all looking forward to next week when will be getting to design our own jungle patterns, for a new species of animal that we have created for the Jungle. 


Look out for these on our next weeks blog. 


From the Jungle Exploers, over and Out.


Reception Down on the Farm

Reception Down on the Farm 1
Reception Down on the Farm 2
Reception Down on the Farm 3
Reception Down on the Farm 4
Reception Down on the Farm 5
Reception Down on the Farm 6
Reception Down on the Farm 7
Reception Down on the Farm 8
Reception Down on the Farm 9
Reception Down on the Farm 10
Reception Down on the Farm 11
Reception Down on the Farm 12
Reception Down on the Farm 13
Reception Down on the Farm 14
Reception Down on the Farm 15
Reception Down on the Farm 16
Reception Down on the Farm 17
Reception Down on the Farm 18
Reception Down on the Farm 19
Reception Down on the Farm 20



We have just got back from a busy yet wonderful day at the Farm. We have been so busy learning and playing. We got to feed lots of animals such as cows, lambs, goats and rabbits. We also saw some alpacas and horses! The staff there were so helpful and were able to tell us lots of information about the animals and the farm. It has been brilliant and it has been such a fun day and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we got to go on a real life tractor ride! Some of us have never even seen a Tractor before, let alone been on one.  After our picnic lunch, we went into the play barn. In the play barn more fun was to be had! We climbed, crawled, ran and jumped our way through all of their cool equipment until it was time to get back onto the bus for home. 


On our way back, it was clear to seen that from all the busy learning, some of us were worn out. Mrs Fraser and Miss Newbon took sneaky pictures of those children who had fallen asleep. It was such a shame the adults didn't fall asleep. When we got back to school, there was so much to tell our parents and information to share with Mrs Knowles. We can all honestly say, we had a magical day, putting our learning into real context. Who knows, maybe some of us might end up as farmers, when we grow up, looking after the animals, after all! We are all excited for our next trip into the big wide world. 



Week Commencing 12.03.18


Hello to you! How lovely to see you. We hope your week has been as fun as ours!

It has been Science Week here at Waterside and us little ducks have been joining in with the buzz. We have had a cool new tuff spot in our classroom and we have been making circuit with our friends and teachers. We got so excited when we made the light bulbs light up through using the wires and batteries. We have been learning about electricity in our homes and our school and have been playing games on the Interactive Whiteboard to help us understand.


It has also been Mothers Day so we have been celebrating our lovely Mums and ladies in our lives who help us grow and love everyday.

We had tea and cake in the hall and then had some time in our classrooms spending time with one another. It was lovely. (Especially the cake part!)



Once again, thanks for checking in with us.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love from Ducks x





Week commencing 03/03/18


Welcome back to our class blog after a fun filled week. Here in FS2 we never stop! 


Our week started off with a blast on Monday as we all dressed up as where's wally! We had so much fun and looked incredible. Thanks to you, our wonderful parents for making us look so good. Our teachers didn't let us down either, we barely recognised them when we came into school! They can be so silly, but in a good way, of course. We had lots of activities such as trying to find wally! Wally crosswords and puzzles and lots of where's wally stories. It was so lovely to have a day dressed up all together sharing different stories with one another. Some of the older children from upstairs came to visit us in the afternoon and brought us some special stories, we buddied up and they read us a story. It was beautiful. 


This week has brought us a new story and a new topic. Our story is the ''Enormous Turnip.'' and our topic is all about the Farm! We have been reading the Enormous turnip story with our teachers and today Miss James taught us about all the different characters today and even did impressions of them all! (she was actually pretty good at it.) We have done some super writing all about the story, what happens and what we think may happen. We have also wrote about the different characters. Our teachers have been very impressed. 




Lots of us have been getting our competitive side out as well this week (including Miss Clarke!) We went outside and had a proper game of football. Goals, teams, team talks, half time, the lot! It was so much fun. The sun was shining and we had a picnic outside with water and fruit at half time. We took it in turns to choose our team mates and be team captains as well as taking it in turns to be in goal! Lots of us had amazing control  and skill over the ball, Miss Clarke was very impressed! 




Thanks for checking in with us here in Duck Class. We are looking forward to a lovely weekend with you all.



Have a good one, 

Love Ducks x


Thursday 1st March 2018- Snow Day

Thursday 1st March 2018- Snow Day 1

Hiya Ducks!


What a week, we don't know about you but having Thursday off due to all of this weather defiantly made it feel like the weekend had come early! We hope you all had lots of fun in the snow. Although, i'm suprised nobody got blown away by the wind if you were out having fun! We were gutted to miss World Book Day and see all of you dressed as 'Where's Wally' but don't fear! Your costumes will NOT go to waste. Your teachers are keeping ours safe and are waiting to hear when Waterside book day will happen so we can all come dressed in our red and white stripes. However, I don't think it'll be too hard to find us!


Where will you want to hide when you're Wally?




Even though its been a four day week, us here in duck class have still been as busy as ever. 


We have a brand new role play area in our classroom and Miss Newbon bought us walkie talkies and mega phones to go in there. There's never a quite moment as you probably know! We have done some super learning in there and had the chance to be super duper creative and use our wild and wonderful imaginations. 

We have helped to make some big art to go up on our police station too. Miss Clarke helped us to make a big police car and Burglar Bill! we used so many different art resources and materials. We love some big art here in FS2.



We have been learning all about Chinese New Year too this week. We have being watching lots of videos and documentary's about 'the year of the dog' We totally got our art on and made loads of ace decorations! We also had a very special parent come into school and telling us all about what happens at Chinese new year and what celebrations take place. Then we had a fun four legged friend come to visit, it is the year of the dog after all! As well as all of these lovely things, we thought it would be rude NOT to partake in eating some prawn crackers... YUM!




We've thoroughly enjoyed getting wrapped up warm and going outside to play in the white stuff. We know that it can be abit of a pain sometimes, but when its white on the ground, the sky is blue and the sun is shining, we can't complain at all. Here are some pictures of us simply just playing in the outdoors and having a good old laugh. 




Cheers for taking some time out to catch up on our blog. We love updating you on our adventures and we love going on them even more so. 




We hope that the sun shines on your weekends and you have the best time with your little'uns! 

Make memories and be happy.




                                                                                                      Much love,

                                                                           Ducks x 


Well Good Morning Ducks, 

The snow is here once again and has made it tricky for you to get into school and to be safe. Therefore, for you inspiring book worms and super learners, the teachers are setting you a few challenges to complete, before you head out into the snow for fun.


You can complete two or more of the challenges below and for those of you who complete all the challenges, there will be a prize as a reward.


You can choose from:


  • Making a poster, showing the clothes we need to wear and the weather linked to each of the four seasons. 
  • Just like the gingerbread house construction, can you now make a farm house for your favourite farm animal, such a stable for a horse.
  • Create a Where's Wally picture, hiding the character amongst the farm animals. 
  • Take a photograph of yourself dressed up as Where's Wally and find yourself a silly and interesting place to read. You can then send your photographs to your teachers email address or to the office who will forward them on. These will then be put on the class display. 
  • Number investigation- Show in pictures and with numbers all the different ways that you can make 10, such 2


Happy home learning. Don't forget to bring them in to show your class teachers as there will be prizes for those who complete the most challenges. 

Love the FS2 team x


Happy Pancake Day!


We celebrated Pancake Day in Duck Class. We looked at the raw ingredients needed to make the perfect pancake. We used the internet to follow instructions, measuring the correct amount and mixed them together correctly. Mrs Fraser then cooked the pancakes on the hob in a frying pan. We knew that we should never touch the hob or the pan because it’s far too hot!!  

We learned that pancake day is celebrated in different ways all over the United Kingdom but most countries have pancake races! So we had a race to see who would come first, second or third!      



The only thing left to do was to taste the pancakes!! We learned about our British values and how to vote for our favourite topping on a pancake. We made a bar chart to show our findings.


We tasted our pancakes with lemon and sugar and we couldn’t wait to tell our loved ones at home all about our amazing day. We learned that we shouldn’t eat pancakes every day because the ingredients aren’t all that healthy! But now and again, they are ok!


We listened to the story of the Runaway Pancake, and we realised it was just the same as The Gingerbread Man! 




Week commencing 29/01/17


Hello again! Fancy seeing you here. This week we are reporting back from FS2 where our class has been full of fun, laughter, learning and quite frankly, organised chaos!

Apologies that we did not put up a new blog last week, we wrote one with Miss Clarke 3 times but unfortunately, technology was not on our side! We know that lots of you will already know about our gingerbread man invasion, hopefully we can try again and get it up for you to read all about. For now, here are some pictures to help you understand what we've been putting up with here in Reception!


This week we have carried on making lots of traps to catch the gingerbread man using our creative resources and junk modelling. We even made a ''laser quest trap'' out of string! We tested the trap out whilst blaring mission impossible music because why not? We wanted to see if it was hard enough for those horrid gingerbreads!


We have also being celebrating number day this week. Today we have all come to school in our own clothes that are either covered in number, shapes or patterns. We look great! We have had lots of number and maths themed activities out in our classroom and done some maths dancing too. We have all had lots of fun and are having a very fun Friday.




Thanks for popping in.

Us grown ups here in Duck class would like you all to have a wonderfully brilliant weekend, no excuses!

Can't wait to hear all about them.

Love and peace to all,

Ducks x

Week commencing 15.01.18


Welcome back after a very busy week of learning, to Duck Class.

This week we have been so super at learning all about a brand new story! As well as exploring musical instruments, going on hunts around the school and learning all about the world of 'technology.'


Have a scroll down and take a look! You are more than welcome.


Hansel and Gretel is our new story. we have being so busy learning all about it and as always doing some wonderful writing all about the story. Our role play area has also turned into the Witches gingerbread house! if only all of our houses were made from sweets! However, if that was the case, we don't think that they'd last for very long... maybe this weekend we can tell you all about our new story.


Our tuff spot in our classroom has turned into a musical instrument extravagance! We have really enjoyed learning all about the different instruments, sounds they make and what they're used for, as well as playing them! (very very loudly...)



This week has also involved a lot of talking to our teachers and friends about Stranger Danger. We know that we should always stay with our grownups and if a stranger does approach us, we know the right things to do. We now know that if we get lost in a super market or shopping centre for example, that we can tell somebody in a uniform, like the shop worker or a policeman and they will help us find our grownups. We also are very aware that if somebody we don't know comes over to us at the park or on the street, that we don't talk to them or go with them but we stay with our friends and adults and tell somebody that we TRUST.

Image result for stranger danger for kids




We here in Duck Class are officially ready for the weekend! We hope that it is a restful and happy couple of days for everybody! 


Love Ducks x



Week commencing 06/01/18


Welcome back to our class blog after another week of school life. Come on in and take a look at what we have been getting up to!


This week in reception, we have been continuing to learn all about the Little Red Riding Hood Story. We have done lots of writing about the characters and even leant our very own talk for story poem. We have added our own actions to help us remember all of the words.


Image result for little red riding hood characters


One of our main focuses this week in reception has been 3D shapes! We have being trying super hard, learning all about them and their properties. We have our own 3D shape tuff spot in our classroom and even went on a 3D shape hunt outside with Miss Clarke. We fount so many Cubes, Spheres, Pyramids, Cones, Cuboids and lots of others out in our outdoor environment! We officially have an eye for spotting out things and objects that are 3D shapes!



This week lots of us had lots of fun doing PE! We practiced our balancing and jumping and played so many games, we think we spent more time laughing than we did exercising but that's OK!





We have had a wonderful week here in Duck Class. We hope that all of our little ducks and yourselves have just as wonderful weekend and we will see you back next week to catch up on our shenanigans!

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Ducks x

Week commencing 03/01/2018


Hello everybody! Before we get started, a happy new year to you all. Us grown ups here in FS2 would like to wish all of our little ducks and their families a happy and healthy 2018 where you make memories, laugh lots and make the most of everyday. We hope that you all have had a lovely break with your little ones and to those who celebrate Christmas, we hope that Santa was good to you as well as the children!

 Image result for happy new yearImage result for laugh often quotes

This week in duck class has been a short one, but a fun one non the less! We have been learning all about Little Red Riding Hood. We

have done some amazing writing about the story and lots of paintings of her, the wolf and not forgetting Grandma. We now have Grandmas cottage in our classroom! we have absolutely loved dressing up as the characters and role playing in there. (We think its our favourite role play yet!)



This half term our topic is called ''Will you read me a story?''

On this note we think it would be lovely if all of our little gems could be reading lots of different stories over the next couple of weeks. Here in fs2 we love circle time and we most defiantly love talking! (we really really love talking...) so, we will be able to tell our friends and teachers about lots of different stories we've read or looked through at home! 

Image result for reading quotes

Like we said, this week as been a short one. In no time we will be updating you yet again on all of our learning. Everyday is a new one, a  

new chance and something new to learn about!  Image result for everyday learning quotes



Happy Weekend little Ducks. Have a blast.


Duck Class X 




Week commencing 11th December


Eeeekkkk!! SNOWDAY! How exciting!


Enjoy your day off in the snow with your loved ones but most of all stay safe, take time and care whilst out and about or even just at home having a fabulous time in this chilly but super beautiful weather. Whatever you're getting up to, wrap up warm and be extra careful! We will see you right back at school as soon as its safe, as that is our main priority.


If you choose against braving the cold we thought it would be nice to set you some exciting Winter tasks to do, and bring them back to your teachers for green dojos! We have been learning all about Winter so you will be experts by now!


1. Write a list of things you need to make a snowman. If you can do that easily, why not write a set of instructions, and if there's any snow left on your return to school, we can follow them and make our very own class snowman! (L-W-40-60/ELG, PD-MH-40-60)


2. Design a scarf, using repeated patterns. Remember to make the pattern exactly the same, for example you could choose blue spots, red spots, blue spots, red very imaginative! (M-SS-ELG)


3. Research all about Winter and the seasonal changes. You could print things from the internet or even copy in your own handwriting...remember to always ask a grown up to help you when using the internet. (UTW-T-ELG)


4, Draw your very own winter scene. Use the correct colours and draw appropriate objects for this time of the year. (EAD-EMM/BI-ELG)


Enjoy your day little Ducks and see you real soon for lots of fun learning and a super last week of the Autumn term.


Safety first, always


FS2 teachers x

Week commencing 03/12/17


Hello again! Come on in and take a look at what us busy little ducks have been up to this week! 

Christmas is on the way which means our winter production is just round the corner. We are so excited as there are only 3 days standing in-between us and our big show! We have worked so hard and cant wait to see all of your proud, smiling faces coming to see us do our thing! 


Our teachers have done a lovely little winter/Christmas table in both classrooms, we have our own Christmas tree and decorations. We have also made our classroom door into a Christmas display, we have been drawing and painting lots of pictures to go up on there. It's still a working progress but its certainly getting us in the festive spirit!

 Image result for feeling festive


We have been focused on the winter season this week and our classroom has turned into a winter wonderland! Its so fun, we have a winter cave reading area and a tuff spot full of messy things such as, icing sugar, flour and sugar cubes, it also has plastic cups in there. The idea is that we make igloos and it is going down an absolute treat! 



We have been hot on with our maths and number skills this week too! We have being learning all about what the double of a number is. The gruffalos child has been helping us by using a really fun game on the interactive whiteboard! Our teachers are really impressed with how we are coming on in every area, especially Maths. 



And last but not least, today has been a very fun filled friday, even more than usual. When we woke up and came to school this morning, we found... SNOW! We were so excited that we were outside pretty much striaght away! Making snowballs and talking about the snow and the ice. We also questioned why it was melting so quickly! We love wrapping up nice and warm and going out to play in the white stuff, lets hope it comes again so that we can all build a snowman together!




As always thanks for checking in and having a nosey at all the fun that weve been having. We absolutely loving coming to school but we love coming home to you too!



Have a great weekend Ducks and stay safe. We'll see you and your lovely little faces on Monday morning.



Ducks X 



Week Commencing 27/11/17.


Us again!  

Welcome back to our blog, we hope you sit back and relax whilst you read all about our busy week.


This week in reception we have been focusing on the Gruffalo's Child! The Gruffalo is one of our favourite characters and we've been learning all about him. He has terrible tusks and terrible jaws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws! But we aren't scared of the gruffalo, because to be honest, hes not terrible at all! We have learned that the Gruffalo's child LOVES to hear stories from her Dad and she goes on a little adventure of herself. She wanted to go and find the big bad mouse! We have been painting some super pictures of the Gruffalo along with the gruffalos child and all of the other animals in the story too, like this fox, the mouse, the snake and the owl! They have been put into our special learning journeys and some of them are hung up on our brand new gruffalo display! We have a new gruffalo tuff spot too which Miss Newbon made and we LOVE it!

We have also been doing lots of writing this week about the gruffalo and his friends, we have been writing about what he is like and what he likes to do. We looked at the big bad mouse who was not big or bad. She looked so big because of shadows! We have also being having a go at sequencing the story with our teachers using pictures, which we did very well with! We used good teamwork and spoke to one another about where different parts of the story go. We really impressed our teachers by how well we listened to one anothers ideas and suggestions. This shows respect, one of our favourite School British Values!


Image result for the gruffalo


Earlier this week some of our Mums and Dads came into school to see our maths learning. Lots of of did some amazing number formation work along with matching numerial to quantity all the way up 20... ALL BY OURSELVES! Lots of gold dojos were given. (Gold dojos are the best!)



Image result for dojo


This morning we have had a circile time and some of us have been bursting with excitment at the fact it is now officially the 1st of December! This means its nearly Christmas and some of us have been opening up our advent calanders  and having chocolate for breakfast! (YES!)

We have also being talking about our feelings during our circle time as some of us have had some tears this week. Our teachers have made us feel lots better by giving us extras cuddles and making us laugh. (They're very good at that!) Sometimes its ok to be sad and cry and its so important that we talk about how we feel. Next week we are going to make a Feelings display with Miss Newbon and Miss Clarke, because after all, its ok not to be ok sometimes! But here in Duck Class, we pick oursleves back up and do things to make us feel happy again.


And last but not least, we just have to share about how excited we are for our Nativity! We have all being practicing so hard in the hall and in class. We are wonderful at doing our songs now and lots of us have lines to say. We are practicing everyday and getting better and better by the second. We just cannot wait to get dressed up and for you all to come and see how spectacular our winter production is going to be. 



The grown ups here in recpetion would like to wish you all a lovely weekend, full of chocolate and laughter. 

Be safe and have fun with your little treasures!



Love from your little Ducks X 


Week commencing 20.11.17


Another week done! Time flies when you are having fun.


This week saw the beginning of our Nativity practises. We are SO excited to show off our fantastic singing! Our teachers were so proud that we learned all seven songs in 2 days! We have actions and we are learning to sing loudly without shouting. Its going to be a fabulous Nativity and we cant wait for you all to see it! We cant tell you what its about, but lets just say there is a very clumsy character who is really funny!


This week we have been learning about being independent and knowing that if we want to write or practise our numbers, we can do it all by ourselves, we don't always need a grown up to help. We have been using the prompts around our room to write all by ourselves! We know that we can ask our friends to help us and its been so fabulous to show our teachers things that they never knew we could do! 


We have also been thinking about constructing and building models. We now know that before we make or build, its important that we do this for a purpose, so we now know to design what we want to build, and to think of the resources we wish to use have a look...




Weve also had the iPads out this week, having a big focus on our understanding of technology.  We have been using them independently to take pictures of our friends and of our own learning. We are super with technology now and we can even play on interactive learning games all by ourselves!




This week we have also been learning how to count and order numbers to 20! We have been doing it in small groups and even in class all together, lining up for dinner we all have a number! Being called out to learn with a grown up we all have a number...we have been ordering EVERYTHING! 



We are so excited for the next few weeks, we are going to be learning about another season...WINTER!

We have already seen and felt some ice and so we know its definitely getting much colder! We are going to learn exactly where ice comes from along with the other characteristics of Winter. 


Have a super week and see you soon!


Ducks x

Week commencing 13/11/17


This week has been so full of lots of different things! Where do we begin?


We here in Duck Class have been focused on anti bullying week, Percy the Park Keeper, space ships, Children In Need and so much more!


Right back at the start of week on Monday morning, we went into a very important assembly all about 'Anti Bullying Week.' Bullying is not kind and it is not acceptable here in our class or school. We are all friends with everybody and are always kind. We learnt all about how everybody is different and that's ok because how boring would it be if everybody was the same? We learnt that being different is actually something to be really proud of and celebrate!

Our moto for the week has been "All different, all equal." 

Image result for all different all equal


Also this week we have really enjoyed learning all about our new friend, Percy The Park Keeper. Percy is a super example of what a good friend is like. He always does his best for others and is always looking out for his animal friends. We have been looking particularly at one of his stories "After The Storm." Lots of us have done some wonderful writing and have been able to retell the story perfectly. 



Image result for percy the park keeper after the storm




Outside has been quite exciting this week, a space ship has landed in our playground and it is so much fun! We have been up into space in there, looking at all of the planets. We also have had an Alien School in there! Some of us pretended to be aliens and some of us pretended to be the teachers, it was so much fun.

Our imaginations never cease to amaze our teachers! 



Last but not least, today has been a very special day because it is Children In Need! We have spent this lovely, sunny (but freezing cold!) Friday, in our own yellow and spotty clothes to celebrate. We have had lots of fun with Pudsey Bear and learnt all about what Children In Need means. We have all brought £1 into school so that we can make a difference to those children who need it most. We know that these pennies are going to go towards helping others that might be too poorly to go to school themselves. We have watched lots of videos and read some stories all about the lives of others and we know that we are extremely lucky and that it is extremely important to help in anyway we can because after all, we are all different, all equal. 

Image result for children in needImage result for make a difference quoteImage result for pudsy bear


Thanks so much for checking in with us! We will be back in no time with more updates from our beautiful Ducks.

Have the best weekend and don't forget to never stop laughing and smiling. 




Duck Class x 

Week commencing 6/11/17 - Duck Class


Greetings and welcome back to our class blog after another lovely week at school. The ducks have been very busy this week, getting stuck into their learning and adventuring. 

The week started off by learning all about each others weekends, lots of us had lots of fun going to see the fireworks and bonfire displays. We have been telling our teachers all about them! In honour of bonfire night, we have been doing lots of art work of fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. We have created firework paintings using junk modelling resources and we even used the chalk outside with Miss Clarke and drew fireworks all over our playground! it defiantly made it look a lot... brighter!



We have also been learning all about Capacity this week in Reception. We are improving in our maths knowledge and skills everyday! We have taken lots of different shaped and sized containers and we have been making them full, half full, half empty and empty with our teachers and then writing all about it. We have done this inside in our special capacity tuff spot and outside in the water trays too! 




Another thing that we have been really proud to be a part of this week is Remembrance Day. We had a very special assembly where we learnt about the importance of remembrance day and how important it is to think of those people who have lost their lives. Also, to remember people we may love and have lost in our own lives. We watched a special and beautiful video all about poppies too, some of us have been wearing our poppies very proudly this week which is just lovely to see. In duck class, we believe that you can never be too young to show respect to anybody and everybody. 





Thanks for catching up with us on our weeks at school! We hope everyone has a super weekend full of fun and laughter.


Duck Class


Welcome back Duck Class


After a fun filled week at home with our lovely family and friends, we are back into the swing of things here in Duck Class. We have been busy little ducks, going on autumn walks, learning about firework safety and doing lots of show and tells from half term! 


Miss James and Miss Clarke took us out on an autumn walk in our wellies and big warm coats! it was so much fun, we learnt all about our senses, what we could hear, see and smell. we also collected lots of different coloured leaves to go onto our display, to make pictures with and we even made leaf men!



With bonfire night approaching we have being learning all about how to stay safe around fire and fireworks. Fireman Sam has been very helpful and being teaching us his top 10 tips for Bonfire Night! We know that fireworks, bonfire fires and sparklers can be very hot! So we have to wear our gloves and stay with our grown ups. We also know that fireworks and bonfires are super to watch! But its important that we stay back so that we are safe

Image result for fireman sam firework safety


Now we know all about bonfire night and Autumn, we are more than ready to enjoy the season in full force and enjoy our weekends watching some colourful fireworks going off in the sky!


Duck Class x




Week commencing 9th October 2017


This week we had our super Harvest assembly. We practised our song so well every day this week and all of our hard work paid off as  we wowed our families and friends with our super singing and actions. We also wowed our teachers with our colourful autumn clothes that we wore especially for our performance! 

We know that harvest is a time to be thankful and to appreciate all of the food that we get to eat and share from all over the world.

We are very lucky.  


We have continued to learn about the Lost and Found story this week, thinking about sequencing the story and practising our writing to retell the story. We even re-enacted the story outside by working together and using the construction materials to make boats! We sailed away to find the lonely penguin and brought him home so that he could be happy and looked after. We have also really enjoyed watching the animated version of the story that our teachers found for us on YouTube.



Our fire station role play area in our classroom is the BEST! We love to play in there, pretending to be super hero firefighters. This week we took lots of cardboard boxes and made them into fire engines! We took them, lots of red paint, Miss Clarke and Miss Newbon outside so that we could have lots of fun painting so that we could put them in our fire station. 


We have continued our topic all about friendship this week too. We are getting to know and remember our school values and are using them everyday to help us be the best friends we can be. Next week we are so excited as we are going to make friendship cupcakes to celebrate all that we have learnt as we come to the end of our topic. We love being good friends and we love eating cake! 

Week commencing 2nd October


Another week has flown by in Reception.


We are well on our way to knowing our school values and we are using these daily to ensure we are always doing and being our best.


We have started to learn all about a beautiful story called 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. It is all about a penguin who appears to b lost and in actual fact he is not lost at all! He just wants to have some friends. We have been doing lots of activities related t the story including shape penguins!! We've even learned all about the South Pole!


We are super excited about our Harvest festival too! We are learning a super song and cant wait to perform in front of all of our families and friends. We will post pictures and videos to show you all! Watch this space...



Week commencing 18.9.17


This week in Duck Class we have started to look at our first book for our topic of friendship. We have learned that everyone around us, including ourselves have a bucket! You cant see it! We learned a new word called 'invisible'. We have learned that to fill someones bucket you must be kind and loyal and to be a good friend and that we don't want to empty our own or anyone else's bucket or that makes you feel very sad and lonely.


We have started to find out all about the values that we follow at Waterside. We have learned that our red value is respect and that we do not only need to show respect for ourselves and others, but we also need to respect our learning environment too. We know that we look after each other and our things...that way we can fill buckets too!


We have had a brand new role play! We told our grown ups that we would love a fire station and now we have one! We are learning about the people around us who help us as part of our friendship topic and now we can be firemen and ladies too!


Another super week in Duck class. I wonder what exciting things might happen next week?

Week commencing 11.9.17


We have been super busy this week, getting to know each other and completing our baseline documents. We have shown our teachers all of the wonderful things we already know and have been telling our adults what we would love to see in our classroom! 


Teachers now know us really well and can see exactly where we are working at and we are so excited to start our topic next week on Friendship. Miss Newbon read our new story 'Have you filled a bucket today?' all about how to fill peoples buckets by making them feel loved and happy. We are all really good friends in Duck class already and we cant wait to learn more! 

Week commencing 4th September...Week one...complete!


And what a week it has been! We spent lots of time getting to know our new teachers and some new friends that have joined us at Waterside.


We have been busy getting to know our fabulous learning environment and all of the exciting new things for us to learn about and to explore! We haven't been the only busy ones though. Our teachers have been super busy, finding out all of the amazing things we already know and they have been interested to find out all of the wonderful adventures we have been on during the Summer break.


We have been showing off how super we are with our letters and numbers, shapes, reading and writing, as well as showing how fantastic we are at communicating and learning with others. We've been indoors and outdoors whenever we have liked and we've helped to make our room even more special by adding work onto our walls!

We have learned about our Dojo visual rewards. We are so excited to have our names on the shiny gold dojo! We know that that is a super star place to be!


Week one you have been amazing!


Hello little ducks! Welcome back to what is going to be a year full of fun learning whereby we will be making lots of new wonderful memories together!


We hope that you have had a fabulous Summer and are full of energy ready for the Autumn term. We have really missed you and are looking forward to seeing your smiley faces tomorrow.


Over the Summer your Mummy Ducks have been super busy creating a magical, nurturing environment in which for you to learn, grow and develop.


If you want a sneaky peek before the term begins, then scroll below and see whats ready and waiting for you!







Our beautiful new learning environment

Our beautiful new learning environment 1
Our beautiful new learning environment 2
Our beautiful new learning environment 3
Our beautiful new learning environment 4
Our beautiful new learning environment 5
Our beautiful new learning environment 6
Our beautiful new learning environment 7
Our beautiful new learning environment 8
Our beautiful new learning environment 9
Our beautiful new learning environment 10
Our beautiful new learning environment 11
Our beautiful new learning environment 12
Our beautiful new learning environment 13
Our beautiful new learning environment 14
Our beautiful new learning environment 15
Our beautiful new learning environment 16
Our beautiful new learning environment 17
Our beautiful new learning environment 18
Our beautiful new learning environment 19
Our beautiful new learning environment 20
Our beautiful new learning environment 21
Our beautiful new learning environment 22
Our beautiful new learning environment 23

3 . 7. 17


I can show you the world !!!


This week we have been learning about Aladdin! we have been so fascinated to learn about the Genies, their magic and how Aladdin was granted wishes.
This week we began our exciting preparations for our graduation which is on the 17th July!

We have been working hard and ready to show off our great work!!

We have also been practising hard on our races for sports day which is on the 11th July!
we hope to see you all there!!


26 . 6. 17


Tale as old as time - song as old as rhyme. Wow what a busy week we have had this week! it has been non stop from the word go!

beginning on tuesday we had another fabulous transition day, we WOW'd our teachers by setting the nursery a great example; showing them how to be good friends and do fantastic learning. 

Our Fairy tale this week has been Beauty and the Beast, we have loved reading the story and re-enacting it. We have done some excellent literacy and written a letter from Beauty, to the beast. On thursday we took part in a whole school dedicated Art day, we have created some SUPERB pond life pieces which will be available to buy from the School's Anniversary party on saturday 1st July.

We hope to see you there!!

Duck Class



19.6.17  You shall go to the ball!!!   This week in duck class we have learnt the fairytale Cinderella!


We have enjoyed learning the story and sharing what we have learnt, we have acted out the story and even written it out!! we have been checking our work this week to see if we have improved on our next steps and we are working really hard.

In maths this week we have been created castles by drawing around 2D shapes and learning about the differences between our castles and real ones. We have also been looking at halving and sharing, we worked together to see how we would share the cake at Cinderellas ball!

The teachers kept trying to take more cake though!! 

We have make some wonderful art pieces this week that are cinderella themed! we are very proud.


Our teachers are SO proud as we have achieved 100% green dojos in FS2L AND  FS2N this week!! well done ducks



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



What BIG learning we have been doing! This week in duck class we have been learning all about little red riding hood and that pesky wolf! An my what big EYES, EARS and TEETH he had!!


we have enjoyed acting the story out in pairs and groups and even dressing up as the characters!! We went on a journey to find grandma's cottage and how many steps it took us to get there!! we also compared the size of Grandma, little red riding hood and the Wolf.

We advanced in our writing this week and looked at character descriptions and writing them independently, we used fantastic words like "huge, scary, mean, wicked and sneaky" in our writing.



5 . 6 .17


FE FI FO FUM that is a new topic we can smell!

We have started our 'Fairy Tales' topic this week in duck class with 'Jack and the Beanstalk' being our book of the week. The children have enjoyed learning the story, acting it out and even writing the story. We have been writing some fantastic character descriptions of the giant and starting to use our 'WOW' words such as 'grumpy, scary and frightening'. In maths this week we were very lucky to have some magic beans to share with our friends. We have also been measuring and comparing giants feet to ours, we have never seen such big feet in all our lives!!.


We have been showing off our excellent performance skills on our new Role play 'X factor Stage'! We have also been working hard and doing some great learning in our fantastic reading area, ' our reading castle'. We have had a great first week back and can't wait to keep doing our great learning for the next half term.


This week in duck class we have been enjoying our final week learning about pirates! we have been looking at different pirate stories and adventures they have had. We have finished the week off by each writing our own exciting pirates adventures.! We have helped to create a 'pirate map maths' display in our classroom, in which we have been looking at doubling parrot feathers, the capacity of different objects, making patterns on pirate ship sails and the properties of shapes. 


We certainly have been busy!

Have a great half term from all the staff in duck class!


This week in duck class, we have been busy telling people what we have learnt about pirates. We have been creating some wonderful pirate ‘tools’ including maps and eyepatches. We have shown some of these on  our display. We also created some instructions to find out buried treasure, and even drawn a map to show the way. Let’s hope those pesky treasure thieves don’t find it. We have been showing just how great we are with our writing and phonics in our weekly diaries too. We have been busy looking at shapes and how to identify how many vertices, faces, and sides they have. We have been doing lots of independent adding and subtracting in our heads. We are getting very independent now, and we love going into our classrooms to do adding up and taking away numbers by counting on or backwards! We can even write our own number sentences!


We have been talking lots this week! Our teachers wanted to know what learning we love to do, and what interests we have, keep your eyes peeled for our new topic after half term!! Its going to be so much fun!




8th May 2017

Shiver me timbers! What a week!

We have been stranded at sea and we had to write a message in a bottle to send out to sea! Our role play area has changed from a birthday party to a treasure island so that we can find the missing treasure.

We know all about the different ships that pirates live on and the way pirates live! We have been finding lots of treasure, here there and everywhere around our classroom, adding and it together and taking some away as it gets stolen from other cheeky pirates! We have to keep lookout from our ship and work together as a team to keep them away!


In Talk for Writing we have learned all about parrots in 'My Parrot Jim'. We learned two verses of the poem, thinking about the rhyming words and we managed to write the poem out all by ourselves using the pictures to help us with what comes next. We love writing in Duck Class.

We love our topic on pirates!




2nd May 2017


Ahoy me hearties! Our new topic for this half term is pirates! We discussed all of the things we already knew and what we would like to find out about. Over the next few weeks we have so many wonderful things to do!


On Friday we had our very special 'Pirate Day' where we all dressed up as pirates (even our teachers!) We had so much fun acting like pirates, making telescopes, pirate hats, parrots and even swords!!  On Friday we had a pirate party to celebrate Captain Cutlass' birthday! 


We now know how to dance like pirates too. We practise the pirate dance on the 'Five a Day' website everyday. It has taught us to move like a pirate and to learn new pirate words like 'hoist the sail!' and we even have to 'scrub the deck!'. It must have been tough being a pirate! We know we have to be god pirates or we might have to 'walk the plank!'.


We cant wait to learn more about pirates! This week we have made 'WANTED' posters because we need to find the pirates who tricked Captain Cutlass in our story 'Pirate Post'.










13th March 2017

This week in Duck Class we had a special arrival!


Four baby chicks! We decided to name them  Charlie, Jack, Henry and Daisy!. We had a super time learning all about the life cycle of a hen and discussing the features and changes from eggs to chicks!

We have been excited to learn how to care for the chicks and to discover everything that the chicks need to be happy and healthy.






We had to be really quiet whilst the eggs were hatching and make sure they were warm. We cannot wait to hold them, they are very noisy!  



16th January

We have had a lovely week learning together all about celebrations and birthdays. We have been reading about Kippers Birthday together and learning to retell the story using Talk for Writing. We are getting very good at retelling the story.


Image result for kippers birthday


We have made Kipper a birthday card and written in it, made patterned wrapping paper for presents and made shopping lists for the party.

If you would like to send in photographs of your birthday celebrations that would be great!


We can't wait to celebrate Kippers birthday next week!


Have a look at all the other independent learning we have been doing too!


Week 09.01.16


Well we have had a busy week in Duck class. We have continued to learn about pets and had a visit from Miss Lukasiwecz pet dogs, Bella and Dolly. They were two lovely Cocker Spaniels that were very friendly. We saw them sit, roll over and listen carefully to Miss Lukasiewicz. We really enjoyed them visiting!



We also had a visiting theatre company who came and gave us a fantastic performance of the Snow Queen. We were all amazed by the show and enjoyed it so much. We have been talking about it for the rest of the week!



We ended the week with some lovely snow. We had a great time exploring and investigating the snow. As we don't get snow very often we spent lots of time outside, making snowballs, snowmen and enjoying exploring.


We can't wait to see what next week brings!

Week 02.01.16



Welcome back after our holidays. We hope you had a good rest and those of you who celebrated Christmas enjoyed your celebrations!

We are all now ready and raring to go with some more fantastic learning to build on everything we already know.




As always we have had a busy week learning and discovering together. We have been reading the story The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen.




So we have been to our local pet shop to learn about what we will need to look after pets. We were very sensible and walked down to the pet shop with great attitudes. We had a good look around the shop and event saw a budgie called Derek!


We have some special pets coming to visit us next week!

Week 31.10.16


We hope that you have all had a brilliant half term. We are back to do some fantastic learning together and can't wait to see what learning we discover together.

We have been learning all about Diwali, we have made rangoli patterns, Diva lamps, done some dancing and played musical instruments along to the dancing. We have also done lots of learning about celebrations and discussed what we like to celebrate with our families. 

We also learned about Bonfire night safety and how to stay safe on the 5th of November. If you have enjoyed a celebration this week we hope that you have had a great time.


Duck Class

Week 10th October


What a busy week of learning we have been doing so much learning, have a look at our photographs to see what we have been up to.


Please remember you are all welcome to our harvest celebration on Wednesday 19th October at 9.10 in the school hall. Any donations of food will be welcomed and donated to the local foodbank.


Image result for harvest

Week 3rd October


We are now reading the traditional tale Goldilocks and the three bears. We have been thinking about the choices that Goldilocks made, eating the porridge, breaking the chair and sleeping in baby bears bed.

We have had another action packed week of learning together, just look at the photographs at what we have been doing. 



This week we have also been preparing our vegetable patch and planting boxes. We were a great team and worked really well as a team.

Week 26th September


We have continued learning about friendship. 


We have made a cheesecake together! Mmmmmmm


We listened carefully to the instructions and made a biscuit base, mixed cream, strawberries and sugar to make the topping. Then it went into the fridge to set. The next day we were able to share the cheesecake together and show even more friendship.



Week 19th September


Continuing our learning about friendship we have been reading the book Cowboys can be Kind. We are learning about ways to show friendship and kindness to everyone.


Image result


We have made cowboys hats and been showing kindness to our friends in our learning.


Can you see us showing friendship in our photographs?


Week 12th September


This week we have been learning about friendship.


Image result for waterside primary school values



We have made a friendship paper chain, decorated cakes for our friends and shown our friendship value to all our friends in the class. What a wonderful start to our time in duck class.

Week 5th September


We would like to say a big welcome back to children from our nursery and to some new children also. We are excited about the year ahead and can't wait to see what adventures and learning we will do together. 


Image result for welcome to reception class banner





From Mrs Donnellan, Miss Newbon, Miss Lukasewicz, Miss Lukasiewicz and Mrs Foster

Week commencing 11/7/16


We have had another busy week in Duck class with lots of learning and we have also been preparing for our graduation. We are almost ready to go into Year One. We have also sent home reports for all the brilliant children in duck class and also letter to let them know their class next year. If you have any questions about your report please speak to Miss Davies or Mrs Donnellan.





We would love to see all our families at the Graduation, it is on Monday 18th July at 1.15 in the school hall.

Please call the office to get tickets and then come into class afterwards for our open afternoon.




Week 04/07/16

Firstly we would like to say happy Eid to all of family and friends; we hope you had a lovely time celebrating. This week we have continued to learn about space and are developing a true understanding and interest for the topic. We are working hard to become truly independent in our learning and developing our skills ready for Year One.We have done lots of circle times this week and talking about how we feel about our transition to our new classes, we were all very honest and I know everybody is going to have a positive mind set during our transition period.


Have a look at the construction we have being doing with the Kapla this week, we are really using our imaginations to think about building new and different models. Can you build using blocks, lego or other construction? If you do, please send us a picture and we will put it on our page.



These last two weeks are going to be very fast and full of learning and we are sure we have lots of fun and enjoy our last few weeks together.


Our Foundation Stage Sports Day


What a fantastic sports day we had today, I was so impressed with all the children they showed such determination and were perfectly behaved. You are such a credit to our school and make all of us so proud! We did lots of races today; we did a running race, bean bag race, egg and spoon race and a sack race! We got given stickers if we came 1st, 2nd or 3rd and even got to stand on a podium. Not everybody can win and we certainly think taking part is much more important aswell as supporting our friends.

We then all got to have a picnic on the field and enjoyed our dinner with our family and friends, it was the perfect morning.


Thank-you for everyone for supporting and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.




Week 27/06/16

This week we have been reading the story The way back home by Oliver Jeffers, continuing with our Space theme. We have enjoyed this story and learning about the aeroplane and the spaceship and how they got back home.


We had a fantastic afternoon of den building with our friends and families on Thursday. The rain stayed away for the afternoon but if it had come we would of have plenty of places to shelter. We have so much fun and can't wait to build some more dens and we will make them even better. Thank you to everyone for coming.


Week Beginning 20/6/16


This week we haven't had any visitors like last week but we have still continued to do lots of learning around our space book this week 'Whatever Next!'. This week our blog has been written by Tala and Aminah.


We have sequenced the pictures of the story using our knowledge from talk to writing to help us and then wrote the story. We have even used our own box to go to the moon and have a picnic with an owl! At the end of the week we then wrote the story of Whatever Next and produced some fabulous work!

Here is Tala's fantastic writing of the story.


This week we have also painted our hands and feet to design aliens, we loved it and want to paint the teachers feet next!

We have made alien space ships and even tried to go the moon ourselves.


We are also getting ready for sports day and have been practising our races and understanding the start and finish line, we are so excited for next Friday and we hope to see you all there.

Speak to you next week, Swan & Duck Class x


Week Beginning 13.06.16


It has been another busy week and lots of exciting things have happened in Swan and Duck Class. This week our blog has been written by Jessica and Setayesh.

Our Daddies came to school for dinner because it is Father's Day. We had lots of food, we had a tuna sandwich and chicken nuggets, our daddies had dinner from the dinner ladies too. We went outside with our daddies and our brothers and sisters, we were very excited. We even got to go on the big playground and use the big equipment, we wish our Daddies came to school everyday. We love our Daddies and it is nice to spend time with them.


On Friday we were ever so shocked, we went for a walk around the school and everyone had gone! We were very worried about their whereabouts, we wrote where we thought everyone had gone and thought maybe they had been stolen or even gone to the seaside! Luckily they had only gone for Sports Day, Phew!


We wonder what is going to happen next week!

Swan & Duck Class x



What a fabulous afternoon reciting our poems aloud to a wonderful audience. We were all very proud of our poem and enjoyed ourselves. Parents, family and friends were invited to come into the classroom and share our learning together. We had a great time.

Thank you all who came.

The Big Poetry Read


We have been preparing for the Big Poetry Read all week during talk for writing. We have really enjoyed ourselves and we can already perform the poem after only two sessions!


Haaniya Maqsood performing 'Read to me' By Jane Yolen

Still image for this video

This half term we are learning all about Space and its wonders!

As we love to read here at Waterside we are going to focus on 4 different books throughout the half term.

-Whatever Next

-The way back home!

-How to catch a star

-On the moon




Our trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium.


We had a fabulous time and we all got to experience new and interesting things. We were very lucky to watch a show at the beginning of the day, the show allowed us to see some of the animals being fed. There were two scuba divers and they were wearing equipment to help them breath under water. In the tank there was lots of animals such as sharks, sting rays and thousands of fish! The lady scuba diver got to feed the fish using a bottle which she shook into the water, she then fed the sting rays by putting fish into their mouths. One of the sharks however thought they were a sting ray and kept hugging the scuba diver!

We got to see lots of wonderful creatures such as jelly fish, star fish and even electric eels!