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Week Ending 15th May 2018 - Attendance this week 95.84%

Our Class Blog


This week we have learned all about decimals in maths - we need to know some key facts - and at any moment Mrs Bate or Miss Bailey may ask - so get learning Whales.

Here are our key F/D/P facts that in Year 5 we need to know.


In English we continued our Journey and we are all ready to Publish on Monday.

Look out for Superstar writers - as we will be putting photographs on of our work.


We have continued our work on Board Games...


Week 29

What a fantastic week we have had!

Some of us started swimming again today - please make sure you have SWIMMING CAPS.

Those who are not swimming are having some fantastic PE with Bee Active.

Please have P.E kits in school - trainers are acceptable as we will be on the field this term.


We have also been learning about measures in maths - see what facts I can remember!

In English we have continued with our writing from Journey...publishing our own fantastic versions this week.



What a fabulous week we have had in Whales Class!

We were 100% positive with our behaviour and attitudes all week!

Wow! I am so happy and very proud. Keep it up.



In English this week we have become roving reporters and have begun to write a newspaper report about the possible sighting of Aquila!

The first part we wrote was the Orientation...




WOW! What a great week. We celebrated British Science Week this week. Thankyou to those parents who came in a supported us and joined in the fun! We had a great time learning and cannot wait to create our display. Pictures to follow.

Week 23


What an amazing week in Whales we had! I was so proud of the behaviour in the classroom this week - and we were 100% positive for behaviour within the lessons.

This week we started our new book AQUILA


A super adventure about Tom and Geoff - two boys who are who have just discovered a red spaceship! We can't wait to find out what adventures they are about to embark upon!


We also learnt about Line Graphs in Maths - though we found this tricky - we didn't give up and our attitudes to learning were super.

We deepened our learning by having to spot the mistakes and explain!




School is closed today due to bad weather.

Here are some learning tasks for at home.


Read a book and complete a book review.

What did you like about the book? What was your favourite part? What language did the author used that you though as effective?

Whose viewpoint was the story written from? Would you recommend the story to a friend?


Write a poem or first person recount about what it would have been like in the trenches in the snow.


Maths challenge

Maths challenge 1

Friday 16th February


What a fun end to the half term it has been! We were thrilled to join in with Golden Games afternoon today and we took part in lots of fabulous activities, ranging from smoothie making, to hook a duck! Look out for the photos in the gallery on the Waterside Website.


In English this week, we have studied the poignant war poem, Dulce et Decorum Est, written by Wilfred Owen in 1917. We learned more about life for soldiers in the trenches in the World War I and began to understand irony by listening to the Alanis Morissette song Ironic. We were then able to consider the irony of the 'old lie' Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori. 


In maths, we have learned more about geometry and angles. We enjoyed some super lessons where we whizzed through the challenges set for us. 


In science, we became Space Explorers, where we chose our own space mission to investigate and become experts in. We then became teachers and presented our findings to the rest of our class.




It has been another super week in whales class this week. 


We have joined in with safer internet week and children's mental health week, and have taken part in lots of meaningful activities to help us to understand these important aspects in our lives. 


In maths, we have learned lots about measure, while completing activities involving money and time. We have also completed our end of half term maths assessment and have wowed Miss Brindley with our super progress.


In English we have tied all of our learning together to showcase how much we have learned this term. We have really enjoyed writing a short story about evacuees and many of us used 4 pages of paper when publishing our final piece.


In science, we became earth explorers and investigate light and dark across the globe. 


Number Day

Number Day 1
Number Day 2
Number Day 3
Number Day 4
Number Day 5
Number Day 6
Number Day 7
Number Day 8
Number Day 9
Number Day 10
Number Day 11
Number Day 12
Number Day 13
Number Day 14
Number Day 15
Number Day 16
Number Day 17
Number Day 18
Number Day 19
Number Day 20

Friday 2nd February 


What a magical mathematical end to the week! We have enjoyed a super day of learning today by joining in with the NSPCC number day. After our swimming lesson this morning, we returned to school and took part in a carousel of maths activities. Look what fun we had on our photos below. We also raised money for the NSPCC by wearing mathematical themed clothes. Look out for our numbers, stripes, symmetrical patterns and shapes in our clothing.


We then finished our fun day with an amazing, interactive assembly led by some special visitors. It was called The Case of the Missing Number and it really got our minds thinking mathematically in an engaging way.



In English this week, we were transported back to 1939 when war broke out. We got rushed away from our classroom and taken to the 'village  hall', where we were given a ration pack and a name tag. We were then taken by the billeting officer on a long train journey to the countryside to meet our new, temporary family and discover our new homes. We reflected on our feelings and considered shades of meaning when conveying our experience in a letter home to our parents.


In science this week, we were excited to learn about day light and night across the globe. We were fascinated by time lapse videos that we watched of the sun and were intrigued to learn about the other side of the world.


In encompass we became historical biographers and researched the life of a famous Tudor of our choice. 


Friday 26th January 


What another busy week for Whales week! We have not only managed to learn and perform our wonderful assembly by taking part in 'A play in a day', we also completed lots of super learning, and contributed to a fab new science display in our classroom.




In English, we became newspaper reporters from The Blitz, which was Hitler's bombing campaign on London in 1940-41, during World War 2. We researched The Blitz and then presented our research in the form of a newspaper report, informing Londoners of the destruction in their city. On the morning of our class assembly, we invited parents in to share our learning.



In maths, we have learned lots about fractions, decimals and percentages. We are superstars when it comes to finding fractions of amounts, but we struggled a little more when using this knowlegde to work out decimals and percentages of amounts. We are continuing our learning in fractions, decimals and percentages next week, so with lots of hands on learning, we are sure to grow more confident.


In encompass, we looked at maps of Tudor London and compared them to modern day London. We also plotted Henry VIII's homes on a map and then researched one of his famous dwellings, including: Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London and Kensington Palace. 


In science, we studied the theories surrounding the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets. We researched these theories and presented our findings to the class.




Our Wonderful Class Assembly

On Wednesday we presented our class assembly to KS2 and our parents. We had a fantastic time and Mrs Knowles said it was the most amazing assembly she had seen all year - we really did put lots of effort into it. All in a play in a day too! 

Look at our fabulous photos below!

Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2

Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 1
Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 2
Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 3
Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 4
Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 5
Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 6
Our Class Assembly - Goodnight Mister Tom/WW2 7

Friday 19th January


What a busy end to another jam-packed week of learning in Whales Class!


In English, we became newspaper reporters and researched World War 2 so that we could report Neville Chamberlain's 1939 announcement that Great Britain had declared war on Germany. We have used a range of Year 5 skills including relative clauses, brackets, dashes and commas to indicate parenthesis and some of us have even began to work with the Greater Depth writing objective of using a colon to introduce items in a list.


In maths this week, we have had to show extreme determination and focus, when working out multi-step word problems involving all four operations. Despite struggling a little at the beginning of the week, we showed resilience and some of us even met the platinum standard.


In science, we have continued our learning about the solar system and completed a class activity involving us taking on the role of a planet, and then swapping lots of information about our planet. We loved learning in this way and then produced fantastic posters to showcase our learning. 




In encompass, we have learned all about the Tudor Royal Family, and created family trees that contained facts and important dates about each Tudor monarch.

Friday 12th January


What a busy first full week at school in 2018 it has been for Whales Class! We started the week with some super maths work, where we got hands on with measure, including length, volume and capacity. We compared capacity of containers and were surprised that taller doesn't always mean the largest capacity! We also measured volume of spaces and shapes using cm cubes. We learned that one cubic cm is written cm3 and had lots of fun making shapes to work out their volume. We then transferred this learning into pictorial challenges, which we found a little trickier to do, but we managed to meet the challenge.



In English, we are enjoying reading Goodnight Mister Tom, and have learned lots about WW2 and how to describe characters using shades of meaning to convey feeling, descriprion and emotion.


In encompass, we spent time learning about the Battle of Bosworth, which was when the Tudor times began. We role played the battle and then wrote up a report that retold the story. 


In science, we have really engaged with our new topic - space.



Friday 5th January 2018


What a super first week back to school it has been for Whales class! We started the New Year healthily, as we were chosen to join in a morning of sports activities with Bee Active, who were providing professional development for their sports coaches.




We then continued our active start, by joining up with Dolphins class in the afternoon, and learning a Tudor style dance.



In English this term, we are reading children's classic, Goodnight Mister Tom, which is set in 1939 at the start of World War 2. We have learned about the main characters this week, Tom Oakley and William Beech. 


In maths, we have learned about measure and converting lengths. You can support your child with this topic in maths, by using everyday vocabulary and discussing measures around the home and when out and about, e.g length, weight, mass, volume, scales.


New Tudor creative homework has been given out this week. As a reminder, children are required to complete one piece of creative homework per week, to be handed in on Wednesdays. Maths and English homework is required to be completed for Wednesdays on alternate weeks. If you have any homework queries at any time, please see Miss Brindley.


Children's creative homework that they completed over the Christmas break has been entered into a competition, with the top three entries winning prizes. A big well done to our prize winners, Kamran, Krystof and Robin - what fantastic work boys! 








Tuesday 19th December - the last blog of 2017!


What a busy, enjoyable, exciting one and a half days of school this week!


We have enjoyed golden time, card making, calendar making, some learning about the Nativity story and Christmas traditions, and, our favourite part of the week - party food! We were excited to win a class Christmas party, provided by Stoke City Football Club.


Look at all the lovely fun and food we had!





Christmas Learning and Party Food!

Christmas Learning and Party Food! 1
Christmas Learning and Party Food! 2
Christmas Learning and Party Food! 3
Christmas Learning and Party Food! 4
Christmas Learning and Party Food! 5
Christmas Learning and Party Food! 6
Christmas Learning and Party Food! 7

Friday 15th December


**Photos of our week to follow - they are on the class camera in school, and Miss Brindley is at home because of school being closed!**


Well, what a strange week it has been, with only three out of five days in school because of the winter weather! Despite the weather, we have still managed to fit in some fantastic learning this week. We have continued our learning in English, in which we are studying The Highwayman, and have started to write our own verse of the famous poem by Alfred Noyes. 


In maths, we have learned about translating and reflecting shapes, and we also worked on directional language. 


In our SMSC learning, we were feeling festive when learning about Christmas traditions, while considering how British some of these traditions are (such as Christmas cards, Christmas trees and presents).We also learned about the Nativity Story, and became news reporters back in Bethlehem, who were tasked with reporting on the story of the miracle birth. 


In encompass, we were saying Adios Mexico! to our Hola Mexico! topic, and we reflected on our learning over the Autumn term, during which we have enjoyed learning about the history and geography of this fascinating country, as well as an amazing trip to Cadbury World. We made Mayan head-dresses and learned an Ancient Mayan poem during our reflection afternoon. We will be sad to say Adios Mexico! but we are looking forward to our new Tudor inspired topic - Off with her head!

Winter weather strikes Waterside again!


Can you believe it Whales class? The winter snow and ice has caused Waterside to close again! As we have  used journalistic writing this week to write a newspaper report about the birth of Jesus, today, I would like you to write a newspaper article about the weather this last week, that has seen snow, rain, ice and everything in between. Include the impact that the weather has had on Waterside Primary and other schools in the area, and think about which events we have had to postpone and how children and parents may have reacted, to include as quotes from witnesses.



Maths Challenge:

Snow Day Learning

Every day is a learning day, so here are some snow day learning activities for you to take part in at home.




Look out of the window and think about what you can see, hear, feel, smell and maybe even taste on this beautiful, snowy, December day. Take inspiration from all of your senses, and write a setting description of a snowy wonderland, using all of the year 5 writing objectives.

Winter Maths Challenges Year 5

Spelling Practice

Friday 8th December

As usual,we have had an exceptional week in whales class, which was jam-packed with fun learning.

In English, we have really enjoyed learning about the classic Alfred Noyes' poem, The Highwayman, and we have spent lots of time analysing the language, literary devices and narrative within the old love story. We are looking forward to writing out own verses of the poem in English next week. In our reading skills lessons, we have been learning to ask relevant, meaningful questions, using our inference and comprehension skills, with pictures, book covers, film clips and text as the stimulus. 


In maths,we have been re-capping fractions, with lots of hands-on learning to really help us to secure our understanding. We have learned about multiplying fractions, ordering decimals, mixed numbers and improper fractions to name but a few objectives covered! We also showed our progress so far in year 5 by completed our half termly maths assessment.


In science, we enjoyed a genius lesson, where we picked a research question and then researched to become geniuses in the topic. We then presented our genius findings to our classmates. 


In encompass, we became amazing artists and we worked together to paint a landscape of Chichen Itza, which will be on display during our parent express day on Monday. We look forward to showing you our masterpiece!




Friday 1st December


Update for all of the whales class excited to hear about our SCFC competition entry to win a Christmas Party for our class. Follow the link to find out more!...


Blog written by Lexie


In English, we have been writing our own moral stories.We based our stores on Holes, and  we have enjoyed thinking about moral messages we can share with the class.




In maths we have really enjoyed some fantastic hands-on lessons that have helped us to learn all about square numbers, cube numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers and factors. We have all made outstanding progress in our lessons and can't wait for our hands-on learning with fractions next week. We also wowed Miss Brindley this week in our arithmetic lessons, in which we challenged ourselves to beat our score in times tables from one lesson to  the next. 



In encompass, we have practised our reading skills by learning lots about Mayan writing. 

In PE, we have continued to practice our gymnastic skills.

In science, we learned all about the law of reflection.

In RE, we learned about the Christian celebration of Advent.

In PSHE, we have learned about leading a healthy lifestyle.


Friday 24th November


As usual, we have enjoyed another super week of learning in Whales class and we even managed to fit in a trip to the cinema as we won the attendance prize for last term!





In English, we have published our persuasive writing about child incarceration. We have worked hard to include persuasive features including emotive language, rhetorical questions and exagggeration when trying to convince the reader of our personal viewpoints. 


In maths, we have learned lots about multiplication and division using written and mental strategies to solve word problems. Our aim next week is to continue this learning by solving multi-step word problems. 


In science, we have continued to learn about light, this week, focusing on how shadows are created. We had an outstanding afternoon of learning, which included going outside to learn about shadows and then creating our own puppets for a shadow theatre. 



Friday 17th November


Whales class have shown some super attitudes to their learning this week and have remained focused, despite Miss Brindley being off poorly for three days. My apologies to parents for any inconvenience in the cancellation of parent consultations - they will be rearranged at a later date and you will be notified as soon as possible.


In English, the children have continued learning to write persuasively, with our class debate - Should children be incarcerated? - as the basis for their persuasive argument. Children have developed skills in using persuasive features in their writing, such as rhetorical questions, persuasive openers and emotive language.


In maths, the children have continued to learn about fractions, with skills in multilplying fractions, ordering fractions and using decimals and percentages being the focus this week.


In science, we had a super afternoon of learning about colour. Look at the pictures to see what fun we had learning all about how we see colour and the link with light and Isaac Newton.





Friday 10th November


It has been another fantastic week in Whales class, with lots of learning and links being made between ideas and concepts. Miss Brindley says that she can really tell that we are maturing in our approach to our learning :)


In maths, we have revisited fractions and have enjoyed comparing fractions, reminding ourselves how to multiply fractions and thinking of fractions in real life terms.


In English, we have started to learn about persuasive writing; based on our story Holes, we have researched children's punishments and were shocked to learn that we are criminally responsible in this country from the age of 10! We have begun to form our own opinions in relation to the contraversial topic of incarcerating children and this led up to a class debate in Thursday's English lesson.



Look at all the fantastic vocabulary that we have learned in our English this week.


In encompass, we have published our own retell of the Hero Twins. We aimed to include lots of year 5 standards and look forward to seeing our final pieces of writing up on display in our classroom.


Friday 3rd November


We have really settled well into the second half of the Autumn Term and Miss Brindley, Mrs Mason and Miss Bailey have been impressed by our mature attitudes to learning. 


In English, we have started to read the story Holes, by Louis Sachar. We have supported our learning about Stanley Yelnets and his misfortune at Camp Green Lake, by watching extracts from the film. We are enjoying applying a range of reading and writing skills in our English lessons, focusing on the curse of the Yelnats family and the mysterious holes that delinquant boys are ordered to dig at the dried up lake.


In maths, we have been securing our learning in place value; working with numbers to one million and beyond. We have practised rounding numbers to 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 using a minions character to remind of us the steps involved. We really impressed Miss Brindley with our number skills.


In encompass learning, which is still a Mexican focus, we have looked at the Mayan myth The Hero Twins, and we had an excellent afternoon of drama-based activities to help us to retell the ancient tale. Look at our pictures below and you could even ask Miss Brindley to show you the film of our re-enactment!






Friday 20th October


What a fun end to a bsuy half term! We have enjoyed a super week of learning, with lots of hands-on activities in maths that helped us to understand area, perimeter and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We were able to measure area and perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes, using the formula for rectangles area:  area = length x width


In English, we took great pride and pleasure in writing our own chapter of Roald Dahl's The Witches. Miss Brindley was so impressed with all of the super Year 5 skills that we (rather skillfully) used in our writing. We are looking forward to showing off our super skills as authors during English lessons this term, with the story Holes by Louis Sachar as our novel for the term. 


In Encompass, we enjoyed some delcisious Mexican inspired hot chocolate and evaluated which spices we enjoyed the most.

Friday 13th October

What another fun-packed, fast-paced week that was!


We have learned lots about fractions this week, including multiplying fractions, which Miss Brindley thought was tricky, but we whizzed through our challenges! 


In English, we published our own set of super instructions for how to make an anti-witch formula. We were inspired by Roald Dahl's book The Witches, which uses fantastic vocabulary to capture the reader's imagination.


In science, we were learning all about inheritance and we looked at inherited traits that we may have got from our parents. Look at our photos below and see if you can guess what these groups of children inherited...






Friday 6th October


We have enjoyed a super week, packed full of lots of wonderful learning and we even managed to fit in a visit to Cadbury World. What lucky children (and teachers) we are!


In English, we have looked at instructional texts, after reading about Formula 86 delayed action mouse maker potion from Roald Dahl's The Witches. On Magpie Monday, we studied the features of instructions, including adverbial openers and imperative verbs. We then thought about using new vocabulary to include in our ingredients to our new potion. We learned some exciting new nouns, such as aadvark, vial, legumes and pipette.


In maths, we had an amazing hands on lesson during engage Monday, where we worked out how to represent objects as fractions. Look at our proud faces.


Friday 29th September


We have enjoyed another super week of learning this week. In English, we have continued to read The Witches by Roald Dahl and have thought about the story from Luke's point of view. We used first person narrative to tell some of the key events in the story through the little boy, Luke's perspective. 


In maths, we began the week with a detective challenge that involved us finding clues and cracking a code to solve the case of the myterious shoe thief. 


In encompass, we compared climate, geography and every day life in Mexico. We also produced a fantastic corridor display about the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. Look how bright and beautiful our desert display is!


Friday 22nd September


This has definitely been our hardest working week so far this term. We are certainly meeting and exceeding all of the challenges that Miss Brindley has sent our way! In English, which we love, we have produced a guide to spotting Real Witches, as featured in Roald Dahl's classic story, The Witches. We have wowed our teachers by learning year 5 writing objectives including using relative clauses, modal verbs and adverbs to show degrees of possibilty. 


Look at our learning journey, as featured on our wonderful working walls: 



In maths, we have continued to secure our learning in number and place value; covering counting in powers of 10 up to and beyond a million, negative numbers and Roman Numerals. We were intrigued by the yellow tape on our classroom floor on Monday morning, which we used to learn more about place value. 



In encompass, we have learned about deserts, using the text Holes. We were really hooked after reading the first few chapters, so Miss Brindley said we can continue reading it in English next term. We learned some new vocabulary to use when describing a desert, including arid, craggy, parched, desolate and barren.


In science, we researched Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and produced an informative page all about him. In PE, Miss Brindley put us through our paces in a fitness lesson that aimed to work and strengthen many of our muscle groups.





Friday 15th September


Another busy but exciting week has come to an end and we are really settling into our new class and meeting the challenges we are set each day.


In English this week, we have been learning lots of new vocabulary to help us to write a character description about witches. We wrote a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) together with Miss Brindley to display on our working wall. 


Some of our favourite vocabulary included: beastly, monstrous, grisly, ghastly, gruesome, grotesque, hideous, repugnant. We published our character description on Friday and we are looking forward to reading our class book. 


In maths, we had lots of fun with place value. We practised saying, reading and writing numbers up to 5 million and we were really impressed with ourselves for working with such big numbers!




We were very lucky this week to take part in a Game On workshop with Reveal Theatre Company. In the workshop, we learned lots about racism, which is related ro race, religion or national identity and we discussed the importance of British Values and the Equality Act 2010. Look what fun we had!



Friday 8th September


What a busy, fun-packed first week it has been! We have had a super time in class and we are so proud of all of the hard work we have put into our presentation, learning and class displays. We started the week by getting to know each other better, so we shared our holiday news and played class bingo, where we had to find different class members who met the descriptions on the bingo grid. We really enjoyed talking to our new friends and finding out more about them.


In English, we have practised perfecting our presentation so that we can earn our new exercise books and our pen licenses. We are so excited at the possibility of writing in handwriting pen in year 5 :)


In maths, we have also practiced our presentation and we have worked with times tables as it is so crucial that we know all of our times tables up to 12x12 in year 5.


In encompass, we have started to learn about Mexico as part of our Hola Mexico topic. We were very excited to take part in our wow day on Friday, which involved us wearing Mexican inspired clothes for the day, learning Mexican dances, playing ancient Mayan instruments, tasting Mexican food and writing Mexican recipes. Look at our photos to see just how much fun we had.






Welcome to Year 5, wonderful Whales :)


Miss Brindley is the Whales class teacher and she is supported by Mrs Mason and Miss Bailey.


We are just making the finishing touches to our new classroom and are really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning.

See below for Mrs Willis's Whales Class Archive 2016/2017


Week 38


The end of the school year is nearly here, but year 5 whales have been working exceptionally hard this week. 


All whales have have completed a SATs week as a baseline for next year. The childrens' attitudes have been absolutely outstanding and I am exceptionally proud of them all. Their commitment to the tests and their overall attitude shows what a wonderful year 6 class they will make. Their results were also superb and clearly shows how hard they have worked this year on the year 5 currriculum. 


Over the summer all all children in class 5 will receive a homework pack. This is for them to continue to practise the skills that they have learned this year, as we all know that 6 weeks is a long time with learning. 


On Thursday and Friday this week, the whole school took part in transition days. Fortunately, I have the pleasure of continuing the journey with Whales into year 6 as we become Stingrays. For the past two days, the children have worked on their aspirations, begun to look at our new English topic, Harry Potter, and made display and crafts for out new topic in September 'Hola Mexico!'. 


Another busy us week is ahead of us next week as we finish our current learning, and the children have golden time to look forward to. 


See you all next week. 

Week 36- Out and about Week

Week 36- Out and about Week  1
Week 36- Out and about Week  2
Week 36- Out and about Week  3
Week 36- Out and about Week  4
Week 36- Out and about Week  5
Week 36- Out and about Week  6
Week 36- Out and about Week  7
Week 36- Out and about Week  8
Week 36- Out and about Week  9
Week 36- Out and about Week  10
Week 36- Out and about Week  11
Week 36- Out and about Week  12
Week 36- Out and about Week  13
Week 36- Out and about Week  14
Week 36- Out and about Week  15
Week 36- Out and about Week  16
Week 36- Out and about Week  17
Week 36- Out and about Week  18
Week 36- Out and about Week  19
Week 36- Out and about Week  20
Week 36- Out and about Week  21

Week 35


Wow! What another busy week it has been in school! We are now into summer 2 and the children are continuing to amaze me. 


In in maths this week, we have continued to embed the skills we have learned and now are challenging ourselves to apply these in problems and to answer reading questions. We were observed by Mrs Knowles and Miss Gaskell last week and we have continued to wow the, with our ability, our independence and our determination during lessons. 


In writing, we have studied the story The Giants's necklace by Michael Morpurgo. We all loved the story and could identify with the characters emotions. From reading e book, we then wrote a diary as Cherry. We don't think Mrs Willis was very impressed as we wrote up to 7 pages each!


In encompass, we have continued our topic Scream Machine. This week we have investigated gravity including looking at the difference between weight and mass. We have also begun to write a discursive text arguing for and against whether children should be allowed to go on school trips. 


We we look forward to our class adventure days next week. 

Investigating gravity

Investigating gravity 1
Investigating gravity 2
Investigating gravity 3
Investigating gravity 4
Investigating gravity 5
Investigating gravity 6
Investigating gravity 7
Investigating gravity 8
Investigating gravity 9
Investigating gravity 10
Investigating gravity 11

Alton Towers

Alton Towers 1
Alton Towers 2
Alton Towers 3
Alton Towers 4
Alton Towers 5
Alton Towers 6
Alton Towers 7
Alton Towers 8
Alton Towers 9
Alton Towers 10

week 32 


What a busy week it has been in whales class, we are all definitely ready for the weekend. 


This is week we have begun our new topic 'Scream machine' based around roller coasters. To begin our learning year 5 and 6 took the children to Alton Towers for an educational workshop. The children all learned about Newtons Laws and used these to help them design, make and test new carriages for a rollercoaster. 

The children worked in teams coming up with different designs to determine which carriage would travel,the furthest. The children behaved impeccably and learners lots from the workshop. 


They then had the chance to experience some of the roller coasters for themselves, to help us to write poems based on them. The children were extremely brave. We did have a few green faces , but these were mainly from the teachers. It will definitely be an experience that they will remember. 


This week week in school has also been health and well being week. They have taken part in healthy eating workshops, looked at personal hygiene and introduced to mental health. The children have also been very excited about the election this week and were extremely eager to watch the new this morning and debating the results. 


What a wonderful week it has been. 


Focus  1
Focus  2
Focus  3

Our new writing display

Our new writing display 1
Our new writing display 2

Week 31


This week whales class have been working extremely hard to improve their arithmetic scores. They practise their skills each day and hope by the end of the week to improve them. The children are becoming more fluent in all four calculations and working with fractions. 


Well done to Malaika Afzal and Dhwani who have score full marks every day. You are now ready for some greater depth challenges. 


In english, we have continued to write our own short stories. We have boxed up 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and created our own short adventure. These have been a pleasure to mark. The children are now secure in using all the year 5 standards and are now being to use these effectively for purpose. Keep an eye out for this weeks star writers. I am sure I am going to have a difficult job choosing them. 


In encompass this week, we have used scratch on the iPads to begin to make our own programme for the Alchemist. The children have produced a simple algorithm which we will then edit and improve next week. 


I would also also like to say a huge well done to all year five whales who went swimming this week. Not only was your behaviour superb, but you showed great courage and determination. It is not always easy over coming our fears but some of you managed to do this. I am extremely proud of you. 


We we now have one week left until half term. 


'Make every second count' is our quote for the week. 


See you on Monday wonderful whales 


Mrs Willis 

Week 30 Question

As we are continuing to use previously taught skills in maths to solve problems, let me know what mathematical concepts you have learned that you would like to revisit. I will then add these to our daily starters to further your understanding. Mrs Willis

Week 30 in pictures

Week 30 in pictures  1
Week 30 in pictures  2
Week 30 in pictures  3
Week 30 in pictures  4
Week 30 in pictures  5
Week 30 in pictures  6
Week 30 in pictures  7
Week 30 in pictures  8
Week 30 in pictures  9
Week 30 in pictures  10
Week 30 in pictures  11
Week 30 in pictures  12

Week 30 


Whales class have continued to have a super attitude to learning this week. It has been extremely busy week in school due to SATs but the children adapted extremely well to any changes. 


In in English this week, we have continued to focus on our use of punctuation to add detail. On Wednesday the children self- assessed their writing and created their own steps to success to use during edit. We are currently writing stories about a picture book called Journey by Aaron Becker. The child loved watching the trailer for the book and have published their stories today. Next week we will begin to write our own versions of the story amending what happens to the girl. 


In maths, we are still developing our mastery skills and reasoning to ensure that we fully understand the Y5 standards. If children would like to practise at home, please do come and get the mastery challenges from our working wall. 


Please continue to focus at home on your homework. This weeks homework was disappointing and I know that are your are very capable of completing it. However, if you do find it difficult please come to me and we can go through it together. 


Today we we have also begun to design our own board games for our topic. They already look amazing and I can not wait to play them. Please remember to bring in a cardboard book to create your base ready for next week.

Have a lovely weekend and be ready for 4 weeks of focussed learning ready for your transition into year 6. 

Star writers

Star writers 1
Star writers 2
Star writers 3
Star writers 4
Star writers 5
Star writers 6
Star writers 7
Star writers 8

Week 29


It has been another busy week in whales class and I can definitely tell that we are getting ready to move into Y6. 

The children have come back this half term with superb attitudes to learning and, although, we are only 2 weeks into the term they have already made superb progress. 


Our focus this this half term in maths, is to embed all our previously taught skills and begin to use these at greater depth. The children have rose to the challenge this week and have completed greater depth problems on fractions. It has deepened their understanding and most children now are able to explain their learning using the Correct vocabulary. Some children have even been learning how to self and peer assess their learning. Don't forget if you wish to practise learning at home you many use google drive to recap on what you have been taught.


In English, we are continuing to work on our composition and considering the reader when we write. Today we have published our openings to our stories where we enter a portal. Keep a look out for star writers. There may be quite a few. 


Next week, we will be continuing to answer great depth questions in maths, writing a story using a book called 'The Journey' and continuing to explore Alchemy Island. 


Have a a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday. 



Week 26 Northern lights art

Week 26 Northern lights art 1
Week 26 Northern lights art 2
Week 26 Northern lights art 3
Week 26 Northern lights art 4
Week 26 Northern lights art 5
Week 26 Northern lights art 6
Week 26 Northern lights art 7
Week 26 Northern lights art 8
Week 26 Northern lights art 9
Week 26 Northern lights art 10
Week 26 Northern lights art 11
Week 26 Northern lights art 12
Week 26 Northern lights art 13
Week 26 Northern lights art 14
Week 26 Northern lights art 15
Week 26 Northern lights art 16
Week 26 Northern lights art 17
Week 26 Northern lights art 18
Week 26 Northern lights art 19
Week 26 Northern lights art 20
Week 26 Northern lights art 21

Week 26


wow! I can not believe that we are almost at the end of spring term. The children have shown fantastic attitudes to learning, but we are all nearly ready for the Easter break. 


This is week in English, the children have begun to publish their own endings to our novel. These are already looking and sounding great, with children writing nearly 5 pages and we haven't even finished them yet. 


In maths, we have continued with our learning of percentages, fractions and decimals with a focus on mastery questions and being able to explain our learning. 


We we are nearly at the end of our topic Frozen Kingdom. This week the children have completed their learning about the Northern lights and have begun to complete a discursive writing about Whaling and whether it should be banned. The children have already begun to form their own opinions and have had in depth discussions and why it should and shouldn't be banned. 


Next week, we continue to have a busy week in school with testing and publishing our writing. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 



Rewards  1
Rewards  2
Rewards  3
Rewards  4

Northern lights

Northern lights 1
Northern lights 2
Northern lights 3
Northern lights 4
Northern lights 5
Northern lights 6
Northern lights 7

Week 25


I can not believe how close we are to half term and how fast this week has gone. As always Y5 whales have shown maturity and excellence at all times.


This week, the children have been observed during our group reading sessions, and they were sensational. In reading, we are working on how to use the text to answers questions and learn new vocabulary. We still need to continue to develop this and homework this week is comprehension, so try to use what you have learned to help you.


In maths, the children have been challenged to work with percentages. The children showed great determination and resilience and although it took us a few lessons, most children are now feeling much more secure with them. 


In writing, we are now coming to the end of our novel and are writing our own versions of the end. We are currently focussing on composition and using the Y5 standards with purpose. 


Keep a a look out for our star pieces of work. 


Have a a wonderful weekend. 

Week 24- science and art afternoon

Week 24- science and art afternoon 1
Week 24- science and art afternoon 2
Week 24- science and art afternoon 3
Week 24- science and art afternoon 4
Week 24- science and art afternoon 5
Week 24- science and art afternoon 6
Week 24- science and art afternoon 7
Week 24- science and art afternoon 8
Week 24- science and art afternoon 9
Week 24- science and art afternoon 10
Week 24- science and art afternoon 11
Week 24- science and art afternoon 12
Week 24- science and art afternoon 13
Week 24- science and art afternoon 14
Week 24- science and art afternoon 15
Week 24- science and art afternoon 16
Week 24- science and art afternoon 17
Week 24- science and art afternoon 18
Week 24- science and art afternoon 19
Week 24- science and art afternoon 20
Week 24- science and art afternoon 21
Week 24- science and art afternoon 22

Week 24 - science experiment

Week 24 - science experiment  1
Week 24 - science experiment  2
Week 24 - science experiment  3
Week 24 - science experiment  4
Week 24 - science experiment  5
Week 24 - science experiment  6
Week 24 - science experiment  7
Week 24 - science experiment  8
Week 24 - science experiment  9
Week 24 - science experiment  10
Week 24 - science experiment  11
Week 24 - science experiment  12
Week 24 - science experiment  13
Week 24 - science experiment  14
Week 24 - science experiment  15
Week 24 - science experiment  16
Week 24 - science experiment  17
Week 24 - science experiment  18
Week 24 - science experiment  19
Week 24 - science experiment  20
Week 24 - science experiment  21
Week 24 - science experiment  22
Week 24 - science experiment  23
Week 24 - science experiment  24
Week 24 - science experiment  25
Week 24 - science experiment  26
Week 24 - science experiment  27
Week 24 - science experiment  28
Week 24 - science experiment  29

100% attendance activities

100% attendance activities  1
100% attendance activities  2
100% attendance activities  3
100% attendance activities  4
100% attendance activities  5
100% attendance activities  6

Week 23


Well done to all of Whale class this week.  Finally we have not only had the highest KS2 attendance but also everyone was in every day.  

100% attendance is absolutely super.  


Having 100% has ensured that you have all made super progress this week in English and Maths.  


In English, we wrote newspaper reports about The Vanishings that have taken place in our story Varjak Paw. 


Keep a look at for Star writers


Mrs Willis

Week 22- Star Writers

Week 22- Star Writers  1
Week 22- Star Writers  2
Week 22- Star Writers  3

Week 22


It was absolutely wonderful to have all the children back in class this week after the half term break. Their mature attitudes are really beginning to show and their attitudes to learning have been impressive as always.  


This half term we are continuing with our English topic of 'Varjak Paw' and in Encompass 'Frozen Kingdon'.


The children this week wrote a new chapter about Varjak's Dream.  They were a pleasure to read and the children are really focusing on using Y5 standards throughout their writing.  

Keep a look out for our Star writers of the week that will be up on Monday.  Our focus for next week will be learning to dig deeper in our writing so that the reader knows ever little detail.  


We also had the pleasure this week of coming into school in our PJ's for World book day.  The children were very excited to continue reading 'Varjak Paw'.  

The children read to Y1 children and then in the afternoon took part in drama. The children were given a 'Varjak Paw' script to read and then in groups acted these scenes out.  Everyone was absolutely sensational.  


One of our foci for Maths this half term will be speed and accuracy in arithmetic. Each day the children will complete a short arithmetic test.  Please continue to practise these at home.  


See you all next week 




Week 21

Next half term we will continue to work on embedding all the Y5 skills into our writing , but also focusing on the composition of out writing. What aspect of writing are you finding tricky? What skill would you like me to recap? Let me know what help you would like. It will be great to use these as our starters.

Week 20


What a busy week it has been in Whale class. Your attitudes this week have been superb as usual. 


This week we have wrote a re-tell about Varjak's dream, in English.  These were a pleasure to mark nd everyone made outstanding progress. 

Mrs Knowles, came to look at your learning and she was amazed by the standard that you were producing. 

Keep an eye out for Star Writers this week.  It was a tough decision. 


In maths, we continued our learning on fractions and completed a mini assessment. I am so proud of you all. 


We have completed lots of writing tasks this week, including a science write and an encompass write.  Your attitudes make me so proud, that even at 2.30 in an afternoon you can produce such lovely work.  I will be choosing the most improved pieces to go onto our display. 



Week 19 


I ca not believe that we are nearly at the end of the half term. These weeks are flying by.  


This week we have all worked extremely hard on achieving positive dojos and making sure our attendance is good.  

We still have a bit of work do to on our attendance as it was below 97% this week.  


However, as usual your behaviour has been faultless. 


On Tuesday, we had a educational workshop 'Alright Charlie'. I was extremely proud of your positive attitude towards such a sensitive issue. 

And from this, I know that you have take away some very useful and important information.  


On Wednesday, Y5 took a field trip to the Peak district. Although it was cold, wet, windy and at times miserable, you were all amazing. You did not complain about it instead we had lots of fun and some accidents along the way. You make me extremely proud Y5 Whales. 


Mrs Willis 

Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage

Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  1
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  2
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  3
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  4
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  5
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  6
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  7
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  8
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  9
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  10
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  11
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  12
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  13
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  14
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  15
Frozen Kingdom - Pic collage  16

Week 18


This week the children had the opportunity to become researches for our week on the Polar regions.  

The children worked in groups to research one aspect of which they then feedback to the rest of the class.  Your team work was super. You all worked well together and this showed with the learning that you produced.  


In maths we have continued  with our learning on fractions, decimals and percentages.  Although at times the learning has been challenging, you have shown resilience. You have never given up and shown super attitudes.


Your writing, in english, this week was so amazing that it was difficult to choose Star Writers.  Keep up the good work. 


Mrs Willis 



Science - Classification

Week 17 


What another busy week we had.  


Firstly, I would like to congratulate all the children on their assembly this week. They were simply outstanding. The children learned all there lines, the dances and the actions in 1 session.  It was a great way to start our topic all about the Titanic.  


Thank you also to all the parents that attended and came into class. It was wonderful to see you here and the children produced some fantastic pieces of learning. 


Children, you have been wonderful as always. 


Mrs Willis 

Week 16

WOW! What another busy week it has been! 

Year 5 Whales have been amazing as usual.Your attitudes to your learning impress me every day.  


This week we have begun our new English Topic - Varjak Paw.  We have only read 4 chapters and we are all hooked.  

Year 5 Whales , can you write a synopsis of the book? The best one will be posted on our blog this week.  


In maths, we have continued our learning on angles and begun to measure them using protractors. 

Everyone showed great skill, and even when it was challenging, you never gave up.  


We also had a super WOW day on Friday to begin our new topic 'Frozen Kingdom.' And to make it even more special, it snowed for us too.  

The children created some wonderful pieces of work on icebergs and have asked many questions that we will try to answer throughout our topic.  


Coming up: 

Don't forget that it is out class assembly this week.  



Week 16 - Gymnastics

Week 15 star writers

Week 15 star writers 1
Week 15 star writers 2
Week 15 star writers 3

Week 15 


Wow, what a superb first week back!

This week the children have come back with fantastic attitudes to learning , and I am so proud of them. It is always difficult to come back after a break, but the children have been amazing. 


This week we have completed our final chapter on the book Aquila. The children have planned their own stories, drafted them, edited and published their chapters. They were a pleasure to read. 


Keep a look out for our star writers of the week. 


We have also continued to complete our topic work by creating a secret spy school website.The children worked in teams to plan and design these and then in pairs to create a webpage on weekly. 


Well done to the whole class for a superb start to the term. 

Sing at the YMCA

Christmas is here 


Today year 5 whales had the opportunity to sing for the YMCA Christmas service. All children were able to represent Wateriside in our local community. 


They sang, away in a manger, Rudolf and Walking in the air and were absolutely amazing. The local minster, shared with the children a story about 'the greatest gift.' From this the children have learned about the importance of family and friends at this time of year and to think of those who do not have family or friends to share this wonderful time with.  


We are looking forward to continuing our learning this week on the true meaning of Christmas.



Week 13

It has been another busy week in Whales class, and , even though, the Christmas  holidays are nearly hear, we have not stopped learning. 
In English this week, we have ,finally, published a new chapter for the story we are reading 'Aquila'. Our focus was to ensure that the ending of our endings of our chapters we as good as the start.  We have also ensured that we are using Y5 standards throughout our writing.  Most of us now know them all and can use them most of the time.  We have carried out a spelling test of all the spelling patterns that we have been taught, and Mrs Willis was very impressed.  We all had a class dojo.
In Maths, we have carried out mini assessments to see if our learning in class secured our learning. 
For our topic on 'Tomorrows World' we have continued to build our own webpages and this week we have write our own blogs based on spy missions.  We have also invented our own gadgets that Alex Rider from stormbreaker could use to defeat his enemies. 


Next week, will be especially busy leading up to Christmas and we have many exciting things planned.  Including a trip to the YMCA to sing. 


See you next week  







Week 12

This week has been another busy week in class 5. 


In English, we have wrote stories telling the story of a boy who visited the moon, and we have now begun to write our own chapters to the book 'Aquila' by Andrew Norris.  

Our writing has impressed Mrs Willis and keep an eye out for our star writers on Monday. 


We have also focussed on fractions in maths using lots of skills Mrs Willis has previously taught us.  


This half term, we have been very excited about our encompass curriculum. we have learned all about the life of a spy and different technology.  

This week we have begun to write our own blogs and build our own websites.  


Take a look at our pictures showing this weeks learning.  


See you next week.  





Today, in class 5 we have been learning about Podcasting.


We had a special visitor, Mr Amyes, who taught us how to pod cast.


We used an app called 'Garageband' to create audio clips of which we then merged together to create a final podcast. 


In the afternoon, we then continued to develop our learning and we created a script for a podcast programme called Tomorrows World.  


We hope you like some of our finished episodes. 





Week 11

This week  in class  in  English we have been learning about  the story La Luna .Throughout  the week  we  created a dialogue for what  the characters were saying. We have then begun to write the story, before we edit and publish our writing next week.   


In maths  we have been learning about multiplication using the short method  and the grid method with our times tables to test our knowledge on  our times tables .  


Also  in encompass  we have been researching  famous spies on the ipads. 


By Laibah and Miriam 



Star Writers 

Last week, as part of our writing topic , Y5 whales wrote Newspaper articles about an unidentified flying object that has been spotted by a bird watcher.  


This weeks star writers impressed me for many different reasons. 


Anti-bullying week

This week has been Anti-Bullying week at Waterside Primary School. Year 5 have taken part in many activities. 




On Monday, we all took part in an Anti-Bullying workshop.  We learned about 'What is Bullying?', the different types of bullying and how we can stop bullying. 


In class, Mrs Willis taught us all a song called 'The Power in Me'. We thought it was a great song for Anti-Bullying week. 



On Wednesday, we look at the phrases 'Power for Good'. We discussed in class the different ways that children, parents and teachers can use their super powers to do good things.  We all then created posters to give people advice.  


Mrs Willis was extremely proud of us all.



On Thursday, we worked in groups to create Anti-Bullying videos. We use the Ipads to capture freeze frames that told a story. Using Movie Maker, we then produced a short film including text. 



On Friday, we researched the different types of bullying.  We worked in pairs to create a powerpoint to show our learning.  

Week 8 


This week year 5 have started their new encompass topic - Tomorrows World.  


To introduce our topic all UKS2 had ca chance to become real spy's at Si5 Spy missions.  


To continue our learning back in school, all the children investigated light and how light could be used by spies. They also got the chance to make their very own spy gadget - a periscope.

Why not continue your learning at home and investigate other gadgets that spys might use?