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Week Ending 20th October 95%

Head Teachers Update

Friday 21st September 2017


What a fantastic week it has been at Waterside. The school has been so busy and a hive of activity but the learning has been sensational. This week we have continued with Year 5 and 6 participating in the Game On Workshops - focusing on the British Values, Extremism, Terrorism, Online Safety and much more. They have learnt so much and ask such deep questions that have ensured their natural curiosity has been empowered and misconceptions eradicated. They produced a show - fully self directed by the children from the script, music, backing lyrics - it is sensation. See on our events section the video. You will be impressed.


We also were live on Signal One this Friday for the Dougie Mac event. It was brilliant. We spoke about all the baking we had done for the cake sale and how we were raising money for our superb local charity of 2017-18.


I am delighted to say the behaviour in school has again been exemplary and all children have been focused and determined to ensure they progress through challenges in their learning tasks. They are most certainly digging deeper and on my learning walks this week - focused on prompts and working walls the practice was just sensational

Wonderful working walls from around school

Wonderful working walls from around school  1
Wonderful working walls from around school  2
Wonderful working walls from around school  3

Friday 14th September 2017


We have had a wonderful second week at school. This week we have welcomed to Waterside a 2 week focus project Game on - working with our Year 5 and 6 pupils and the children have just had a sensational time being introduced to their new learning topics for the new academic year. We have had royal parties in the school hall, trips out of school, visitors into school. It is a hive of experiences and love for learning. I am so proud of our school and the hard work the teachers have put in to make learning real, contextualised but also purposeful. There is a such a sense of pride in learning. The classrooms are looking magnificent.

Miss Gaskell and I this week have begun to set all the children's individual targets and overall this year we are excited to see what our learners can achieve. The targets set are challenging but if we reach them then we will certainly be maintaining our outstanding outcomes for all pupils at Waterside.

This year we have set our targets at 85% in all Year groups from Year 1 - 4 in Reading, Writing and Maths and in Year 5 and 6 this has been pushed to 90% at the expected standard for each year group. WE will be hosting so many seeing is believing sessions this year so you come and join in the learning to see how you can help your child at home. Learning is so different today than it was 5 years ago, let alone when I was at school.

Lets see what next week brings.....


Mrs Knowles