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Week Ending 23rd November 2018 - Attendance this week 95.7%


This half term we are learning all about ourselves and our families!



As always we are using the Development Matters Early Years Framework as a basis to our learning and are continuing to develop our skills and build on the key 7 areas of learning. These areas are:

Physical, Social and Emotional Development,

Physical Development,

Communication and Language,

Understanding the World,

Exploring Media and Materials,

Literacy and 



Physical, Social and Emotional Development -

As we are now all settled in school we are now beginning to focus on our friendships with both our peers and the adults that we work with, we want children to now begin to play with other children and demonstrate friendly behaviour when doing so, building on eachother's ideas and initating conversations. As relationships have grown since September we want to promote a positive atmosphere in which all children are happy and confident to ask other for help and also show willingness to help others around them. We are going to continue to work on sharing within Duckling class and to promote the understanding that not all things are available all the time. We want every duckling to be kind, patient and most of all happy.


Physical Development-

This half term is a very crucial part in our writing process, we are beginning to develop our fine motor skills ready to write. Most children are now showing a dominate hand when using one handed tools such as crayons and scissors and this now gives us the foundations to develop these skills. Children will spend the half term doing lots of work on their pencil control, they will simply be tracing lines and shapes to develop their pencil grip from a whole hand grasp to a tripod grip. In our classroom provision children will have lots of opportunities to work on their fine motor skills to develop their pencil grip, these opportunities include using tweezers, cotton buds and syringes. We are also continuing to develop our gross motor skills, these opportunities will mostly be given when children are learning in our outdoor environment but we also like to do lots of dancing when we are inside! Children are learning how to climb effectively and are developing different ways of how to move. This half term we are going to spend lots of time practising our ball skills focusing on our ability to catch and kick a ball.

We are very lucky to have such independent children in duckling class and as always we are going to continue to work on going to the toilet on our own and understanding the importance of having good hygiene.


Communication and Language-

We like to talk a lot when we are at school and we love sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other, we are going to develop our use of complex sentences and begin to broaden the vocabulary which we use in our every day talking by having lots of first hand experiences and lots of WOW moments. We are now able to talk about our feelings but we need to work on expressing ourselves in more depth and saying why we feel a particular way, we will focus on this a lot during our special duckling times. We are going to spend a lot of time working on our use and understanding of positional language and this will be done through facilitation and when children are learning through play. We are all now very good at sitting on the carpet and listening and we are going to continue to work on this to make us truly super listeners. 


Understanding the world- 

We are always exploring and are very inquisitive learners, we like to ask lots of questions and find out how things work.Children will be able to work with equipment such as magnets and will be able to investigate different materials. We will develop our understanding and knowledge of materials and their properties. Children have shown a keen interest in other people and their occupations, we will look into people who help us with  more depth through our topics of learning. As we are a world which is ever growing with it's technology we make sure all children are able to use various technical equipment such as cameras, remote control cars and computers.


Exploring Media and Materials-

There are a lot of buildings in Duckling class and we have had some magnificent structures and objects built both in large and small scales inside and out of the classroom, we are going to continue to thrive with our building skills and to begin to build with a clear purpose in mind. As Christmas is quickly approaching us we have now begun to practise all of the songs for our Christmas production, we really encourage all children to love to sing and  to be confident in performing  as it is a crucial part of our curriculum and we like to perform a lot as part of our Waterside ethos. We are now confident at role playing and this has allowed us to show a real awareness of our home setting and day to day life, we are now going to develop our imaginations and begin to role play through abstract ideas such as a doctors or a shop. 



For all children to have a love of reading is a main focus this term and for the rest of the children's education, it is vital that children like to listen to stories and are engaged when hearing them. It is crucial that from their very first day at school that children understand the importance of reading and that is what we try to achieve here at Waterside. We are going to continue to share stories with the children everyday and to develop their comprehension skills, we want children to understand how a story is structure e.g it has a beginning, middle and end, to be able to say what characters are in a story and to be able to comment what they have just heard. All children have phonics every day in small groups, during this time we are getting children ready for reading by getting them absorbed into rhyme and alliteration and starting those fundamental skills for reading. Children are now being asked to write and draw for a purpose and should start to give meaning to their marks, children are given opportunities everyday in both indoor and outdoor provision to develop their early writing skills and we like to do so in creative ways. We like to make Literacy fun!



Mathematics to us is all about being active, everyday in small groups we have an active maths session and we use every part of our body to  help develop our maths skills. We are continuing to work on children's counting skills and we are very pleased to say we can all now nearly count to ten! We are having a big focus on number recognition and we have lots of interesting ways to recognise our numbers such as number hunts and  games. We are now beginning to challenge children and some are being asked to match a number to a quantity, therefore using multiple maths skills at a time, it is important children understand that maths has a purpose. We are developing our understanding of 2D shapes, we are beginning to use their names and also beginning to use mathematical vocabulary to describe them. As stated before we are having a focus on positional language this half term and will be using our topics and children's adult led learning to help children with this.


No minute is every wasted and we are always learning and developing our resilience, if you want to know more about your child's learning then please do not hesitate to ask, we are always here to help.