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Week Ending 15th May 2018 - Attendance this week 95.84%

Current Curriculum

Our topic for the term is ‘Splendid Skies’.  We will be focusing primarily on Science and Geography, which will be about the weather and seasons and in doing so we will be setting up our very own weather station and making and designing our very own kites when discussing different weather conditions.  Children will also take part in map reading and orienteering as well as comparing and contrasting different destinations and locating on a map. Furthermore the children will set up a number of scientific investigations.

 I am certain the children will be very excited and enthused to learn about this topic. Their challenge homework will focus around the topic and your support is always greatly appreciated. We will also be taking the children on a trip to Conkers to enrich their learning with key links to the topic which I am sure they will enjoy.  

In English we will be focusing on firework poetry as well as writing non-chronological reports and stories linked to the topic of 'Splendid skies'. The children will continue writing through the use of magpying, guided writes and shared sentences as well as through independent writes in order to contribute to our classes published pieces of work.

The children will also continue learning about sentence structure and punctuation, and how to write exciting sentences to engage the reader.

Look at some of the books we have read so far this year!! This half term we are reading 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


In Numeracy, this half term we will be focusing on number, looking specifically at place value recongising the value of 2 digit numbers both tens and ones to 20. We will also continue to look at calculation using number lines to add and subtract and begin to recognise that they are related operations. We will begin to look at fractions focusing primarily on finding halves and quarters of a set of objects or amounts. Measure will also be a big focus this half term looking at length, height, time and money.

We will also countinue counting in twos, fives and tens, Your support with the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times tables is greatly appreciated.


We will continue to build and develop the children’s ability to read using daily phonics.

Using this link you can access some phonics games that will assist children when applying their phonic knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. Ask your child which phase they are working towards and choose which games to play. (either phase 3 or 5)


In R.E. this half term we will be learning about the Sikh faith including what their beliefs are and why they are important to them.


This half term the focus for our PSHCE lessons will be 'happy and healthy me'. The children will learn about and discuss personal hygiene, balanced diets and healthy lunchboxes. Furthermore the children will learn about the importance of British values through democracy and pupil voice.


The focus this half term will be dance.

We will be teaching the children different ways of dancing with different parts of the body (feet, hands etc) as well as investigating different travelling techniques. We will also be learning and practicing skills for smooth transitions between movements and recognising the importance of control.

Please make sure that your child has a clean PE kit in school, along with appropriate sports footwear. Could you make sure all  earrings are removed at home before coming to school. Thank you very much.


Our class timetable


Homework and curriculum letter