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Week Ending 15th February 2019 - Attendance this week 97.2%

Current Curriculum

Our topic for the term is ‘Enchanted Woodland’.  The topic has a key focus on science, but also links closely to other key areas of learning including geography, art and design and design technology. Here the children will discover all about the woodlands starting with their ‘wow’ trip to our local nature reserve.


 I am certain the children will be very excited and enthused to learn about this topic. Their challenge homework will focus around the topic and your support is always greatly appreciated. We will also be taking the children on a class trip to enrich their learning with key links to the topic which I am sure they will enjoy.  

In English we will begin our learning journey by reading the story of 'Owl Babies' linking with our topic of Enchanted Woodlands, here we will look primarily at setting and character descriptions. We will be focusing on our letter formation, the use of clear finger spaces and capital letters and full stops. 

We will then move on to poetry and the children will use their 5 senses in order to create their poem.

In our non-fiction we will be focusing on instructions, here the children will learn the key features and we will be having lots of fun by following and giving instructions to our peers. 


This half term we are starting off by reading the story of 'Owl Babies'. We will also be looking at some of the other stories pictured below. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


In Numeracy our key focus this half term will be on place value. We will be learning about place value through lots of hands on activities using a variety of concrete objects in order to ensure the children's understanding is fully embedded. 


In science we will be looking at identifying and naming a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees as well as describing the basic features of common flowering plants and trees.

We will also look at identifying and naming a variety of common animals and begin to identify and classify them.


We will continue to build and develop the children’s ability to read and apply phonics in their writing through two daily phonics lessons.

Using this link you can access some phonics games that will assist children when applying their phonic knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. Ask your child which phase they are working towards and choose which games to play. (either phase 3 or 5)


In R.E. we will be expanding our understanding of different religions beginning by looking at ‘Who is a Christian and what do they believe?’.


This half term the focus for our PSHCE time this Autumn half term will be on me and my school. Here we will look at class rules, making choices and discuss the importance of compromising with peers and adults.


We will be teaching the children all about games this half term in PE. During these lessons the children will be taught the skills to use in a variety of games and they will be participating in an array of team games putting these skills into practise.


We will also learn the importance of warming up and down our bodies in P.E. lessons and how to keep our bodies healthy.


Our class timetable


Homework and curriculum letter