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Week 7



In our final week of English we have been writing instructions about how to catch a fox.  The children have included a range of year 4 features in their writing including subheadings, bullet points and imperative language.



This week we have been working with shape.  The children have been identifying and naming the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes.  We have also been working to distinguish between regular and irregular polygons.



In our encompass lessons the children have been dissecting virtual owl pellets and matching the bones form the owl pellet with the skeletons of small rodents.  In the first week back after half term the children will have the opportunity to carry out this activity with real owl pellets.



Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 6



This week we have written a diary entry from the perspective of Badger in the story of Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children worked hard to write consistently in the first person and past tense.  The consistency of the writing has improved and the children are increasingly including more year 4 features in their writing.  Well done to Krystal for her writing which earned her the class certificate for the Compass Curriculum.



The children have continued to use formal written method for addition and subtraction.  Using Base Ten concrete resources, the children have discussed and modelled this process of borrowing and exchanging.  These skills have been applied to problems using formal methods.  Next week we will move on to solving multi-step problems using addition and subtraction



This week in science the children carried out an investigation into magnets.  Children used magnets to investigate which materials are magnetic or not.  The children made predictions and compared their results to the predictions.



In our encompass lesson this week the children have been investigating the skeletons of different animals.  Children compared and labelled the skeletons of a bat and a squirrel using a labelled skeleton on a human to help them.

Week 5



In maths this week we have moved our learning on this week to use our understanding of place value to add numbers using formal written method.  The children started the week using Base Ten to represent the concept of exchange when carrying numbers from one place value column to the next.



This week we have completed the stories we planned at the start of week 4.  The children had the opportunity to peer assess and self assess their work.  The children are now becoming better at identifying and commenting on the year 4 features that we have been using in lessons.



In science the children worked together in groups to investigate magnets and plan a practical investigation into magnets which we will carry out next week.



In SMSC this week the children had the opportunity to vote for a class representative and discuss the importance of democracy.  The winner of the vote then took the role of class chairperson and hosted a debate between the children about our school values.  The children took part in this task brilliantly and were respectful to each other throughout the investigation.

Week 4



This week in English, the children have been planning and writing their own version of Fantastic Mr Fox.  We have worked hard to turn Mr Fox into a villain and the farmer into a hero.  The skill focus of the week was the use of speech and dialogue with correct punctuation to help tel the story.  The children have produced some excellent stories, which have been re-edited and improved throughout the week.



The maths focus of the week has been on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  This challenging skill has been used by the children in a variety of contexts and with increasingly large numbers.  Children who have mastered this skill have then used it to solve problem solving and reasoning problems.



In Encompass the children have used their English skills from week two to write non-chronological reports about predators.

Week 3



This week in English Jellyfish Class have been writing character descriptions of the 3 farmers from Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children have worked hard to include year 4 skills in their writing, including: fronted adverbials, speech and a range of punctuation.  The children also worked hard to incorporate show, not tell into their writing to help show the character's personalities through their actions.



This week the children have really impressed with their understanding of Roman Numerals up to 100.  We have also been problem solving by finding the missing numbers in sequences.



The children took part in a debate about democracy.  We then held a mock vote with 11 children putting themselves as candidates, preparing and making speeches and voting.  The children took this task on in a thoughtful and mature way and the voting was very close.  Emaan was the winner with six votes.  Closely followed by 3 other children who received 5 votes each.



This week the children carried out an investigation into friction using toy cars.  The children made predictions based on their understanding of friction and other forces.  We also took care to control the other variables in order to create a fair test.

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Picture 7

Week 2



This week in English we have been writing non-chronological reports about Foxes.  This work has been inspired by our class text for the half term, which is Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children have worked hard to include a range of features in their writing.  We have also started to introduce and include some of the year 4 writing assessment objectives including fronted adverbials and including appropriate vocabulary.



Our focus in maths this week has been on place value, number and negative numbers.  The children have worked hard to better understand numbers in context and to explain their answers and reasoning clearly.



Following from our wow day last week the children have investigated food chains and used our class iPads to create flow charts to show their learning in different ways.

Week 1


The highlight of our first week back was our Wow Day.  The children had some very special visitors from the Cheshire Birds of Prey Centre.  This was a great start to the term and gave the children an inspiring introduction to our new topic.

Welcome Back To Jellyfish Class

Have a look at the photos below to get a sneak peek of your new classroom.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Week 38 

In English this week we have written about the 'Mysterious Door' We discussed what could be behind it and wrote a diary entry as if we'd finally seen the creature, some of them were kind, beautiful fairies whilst others were gruesome goblins! 

This week has been very exciting because we have been to our new Class Teacher for next year! Some us went to Miss Brindley and others went to a new teacher, Miss Davies-Moore. We have had a fabulous time and created some lovely artwork and writing in the two days. 

We look forward to moving to Year 5 next year and continuing with our super learning! 



Week 37

This week Miss Smith has been very impressed with our writing. We were inspired by a short film called 'The Lighthouse' which involved the whole community coming together to help a resident in the village. We discussed how this was the film's moral and wrote our own version of the story. They were beautifully written, up-levelled and published independently, well done! 


We really enjoyed Encompass this week and made our Native American headdresses. We had to improvise and even made our own feathers to make it look authentic. 


In Maths, we used concrete materials (place value counters) to talk through the process of addition and subtraction, we struggled at first but by the end of the lesson, we could all explain using mathematical vocabulary. 


Week 36

This week we wrote a very important letter to the Department for Education to end our English topic 'Matilda'. We wrote a formal letter with lots of high-level vocabulary to complain about the headteacher of the school, Miss Trunchbull. We were in role for this writing as Amanda Thripp's outraged parents. We thoroughly enjoyed this style of writing where we could include lots of Year 4 skills. 


In Maths, we completed an assessment to see how our learning had progressed which Miss Smith was very pleased with, we even began a reasoning paper which shows we can apply our skill work.


Finally, we ended the week with an Art Day in order to get prepared for our 10 year anniversary party which was a huge success. We used the artist Hannah Cole to create our own beach scene design within a hut. They were very effective and lots got sold at the party! Well done! 

Week 35

As you know, this week it has been extremely hot so we spent lots of our learning outdoors!

We have written a newspaper report all about Miss Trunchbull and Amanda Thripp. Lots of you will already know the story but soon our own reports of it will be published into a Class Newspaper! We used formal and journalistic writing to make it sound realistic. 

In Maths we have had a big focus on reasoning. We used the outside environment to make word problems for somebody else to answer. We came up with some difficult word problems, some were 2 or 3 steps and involved measure! 

In Science we began a new topic of Sound and to introduce this, we went on a Sound Hunt around the school. We found that the noisiest areas were Nursery and FS and the most quiet area was the field! 

The most exciting part of our week was having a Cheerleading lesson. It was very fun but we had to concentrate so that we could remember the routine! We researched the sport and found out that it originated in America which linked perfectly to our Road Trip USA topic. Look at the photos below of our learning this week. 


Week 34

This week we have been working hard to write a diary entry from a pupil at Miss Trunchbull's school. We tried hard to include lots of thoughts and feelings and to do this we created Freeze Frames to show what happened on our first day at her school. Take a look at them in the photos below. 

In Maths we calculated decimals using measuring equipment to create our own problems. 

In Encompass we created brilliant persuasive leaflets persuading people to visit New York City. We used all of our knowledge of the place and included lots of persuasive features including alliteration, the power of 3 and persuasive openers. 

This week we finally had a sunny Sport's Day. Everyone impressed with their sport's abilities and enthusiasm to take part. Well done to everyone! 

Week 33 

We began the week with lots of hands-on learning. We took part in drama activities in English and explored co-ordinates on a large scale in Maths. 

This led onto our learning for the week. In English we wrote about Miss Honey's first meeting with Matilda's parents, the Wormwoods. We all agreed they weren't very good parents and enjoyed acting out the scene. We have published our writing today with a dialogue scene. 

In Maths we have been learning about co-ordinates and negative numbers. We had lots of fun and some of us even got onto SATs style questions, well done!

This week has been Health and Wellbeing week so we have learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. In the afternoons we have made our own menu for a restaurant and found healthy snacks which link to the eat-well plate. On Friday, we took part in mindfulness yoga and colouring which we enjoyed very much! Take a look at some of the photographs below:  

Week 31 

This week in Maths we have been learning about measures and how to convert between different units. This included time (converting between minutes and hours) and length, capacity and mass. This is something we were struggling with but we showed determination and tried our best. 


In English we have started our new book topic, Matilda by Roald Dahl. We started our learning by looking at the two teachers in the story and writing a character comparison of Miss Honey (a kind,generous teacher) and Miss Trunchbull (a mean, fierce headteacher). 


In Science we learned about insulators and conductors of electricity and experimented different materials to test whether they conducted or insulated in a circuit. We came up with our own definitions:

Insulator - a material that does not allow electricity to pass through it.

Conductor - a material that allows electricity to pass through it. 


Lastly, in Encompass we used the travel brochures to choose a hotel we liked the look of in the USA. We then drafted an email looking at the main features pretending we were writing to the travel agents. 

Week 30 This is the poem we created as a class. Each table created a verse and we put it together to create the perfect poem!

Week 30 This is the poem we created as a class. Each table created a verse and we put it together to create the perfect poem!  1

Week 30

Please find photographs below of our week's learning. We continued with our spooky themed writing and wrote our own spooky poem to perform to the class. 

In the afternoons we investigated with circuits using scientific equipment and wrote a postcard home from New York telling our family and friends what we have been up to.



Week 29 

This week we have been enjoying our play time out in the sun!

In English we were making our own spooky story and we were given a specific haunted house to use as our setting description. Miss Smith was really impressed with our work!

In Maths we have been learning about ratio(correspondence problems) Children who completed the task kindly helped others and supported their peers. This meant they were embedding their skills by explaining it to someone else.  

In Encompass we have visited our first state, New York (NY). We researched where to find it, what the weather was like and other interesting facts. We will move onto other states next week to increase our knowledge of the USA.                

Summer Term - Week 28

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the 2 week holiday! This week we have had yet another exciting week of learning. We launched our new (Road Trip USA) with our WOW day on Tuesday where we dressed up as Americans and took part in lots of activities.


We created our own Native American inspired artwork and made dreamcatchers for our display (see the photographs below). We also made our own Passports for our role play area with questions for our friends to research. We can't wait to use our brand new learning area (pictures to follow when complete).


We also wrote setting descriptions, completed reading comprehension and attempted a word search with all 50 American states! We were certainly kept busy all day!

A huge thankyou to those children (and parents) who completed their creative homework tasks, they are proudly displayed on our new American area.


Week Ending 31st March 2017

This week in English we have been creating our very own diary entries about Wilbur`s day on Mr Zuckerman`s farm. On Friday we published our writing using all of our progress.


Yesterday, we went to the recorder festival and watched many children show their amazing skills. Kinza, Lysia, Praise and Oluwanifemi were performing from our class and represented our school.


After our thrilling day at Chester Zoo we decided to investigate how the animals felt inside the zoos and the pros and cons of zoos in general. We wrote our own balanced arguments to express both opinions. We then researched endangered animals and made our own poster using the laptops.




Week Ending 24th March 2017

This week we have been lucky enough to go on 2 school trips. We visited Chester Zoo on the Wednesday to link with our 'Living Things' topic and Potteries Museum on the Thursday for our 'Traders and Raiders' topic.

We enjoyed both trips very much, here are some photographs...

Week Ending 17th March 2017 

This week has been a busy one as usual! Miss Smith enjoyed meeting with parents to tell them about the progress we have made!

We did lots of work with symmetry as well as preparing for our next published piece of writing, a non-chronological report!

We ended the week with a Science afternoon which we linked to our topic this term. Our mission was to build longships that floated! Most of us succeeded and if we didn't, we know where we went wrong and how to improve! Here are some pictures from the afternoon. 

Week Ending 10th March 2017

This week we have been publishing our own version of the first chapter in 'Charlotte's Web'. Miss Smith was very impressed as some of these sounded like real author's work!

In Maths we took part in outdoor learning and went on a hunt for angles around the school environment - looking for right, obtuse, acute and reflex angles.


The most exciting part of the week was when we went tubing for our class attendance trip! We had so much fun! We will definitely be aiming to win it again this term! Look at the photos below to see what we got up to...


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week Ending 3rd March 2017

This week we celebrated World Book Day by coming to school in our pyjamas. We brought our favourite book into class and drank hot chocolate listening to some of the stories! During the morning, we visited FS2 and read with the younger children, Miss Boone was impressed with how they supported their buddies.


We even became illustrators and publishers for our story and designed our own version of the front cover and blurb. We also used the ipads to advertise our book to persuade other children to read them.


We took the opportunity to practise our class assembly with our performance skills which we will perform next Wednesday, we hope to see you there!


Week Ending 17th February 2017

The last week of term was a very exciting one! We ended the week with Golden Time which we enjoyed very much and had a performance from an online safety company explaining how to stay safe online.


In our lessons we still continued to work hard and took our learning outside for Maths and Science. You can see pictures of this below! We went on a shape hunt in the morning to search for shapes within the school grounds. We then continued to use our detective skills to hunt for invertebrates and found lots of bugs to scare Miss Smith with (especially the spider!)


Make sure you look on our blog this week because we are sure there'll be even more exciting news!


Week Ending 10th February 2017

This week we have been working extremely hard in every lesson. We all had chance to write a tweet about our learning. Here are some photographs of what we said:


(You might see some photographs from our English learning where we became crime reporters for the day, we really enjoyed presenting our learning)



Read All About It!

Read All About It!  1

Week Ending 3rd February 2017


NSPCC Number Day!

This week we have celebrated Number Day to represent the Children's Charity, NSPCC. Every class created and dressed in Mathematical clothes and we had a Maths story to focus on all day. Our story was called, 'Spaghetti and Meatballs For All'.


We solved Mrs Comfort's problem with her table arrangements as well as making our invitations to her dinner party. As well as this, we have been using the Ipads and Maths problems to use our Maths knowledge ALL day.


In the afternoon our Number Day continued with an art lesson using 2D shapes to make our own artwork.

Take a look at the pictures below of our day!


Week Ending 27th January 2017

This week we have 'Tweeted Our Learning' for our classroom window. Here are a few examples of the tweets we made...


'In Science we have been introduced to our new topic - Living Things & Their Habitats' @Kinza&Rumaysa


'We have been looking at MRS GREN. This means the processes that living organisms do' @Lysia,Sher-bano,Sara&Asher


'In PE we have been doing gymnastic activities and we have been looking at movement and shapes' @Benjamin&Setna


'In PE we have also been looking at how to balance and move in different ways using equipment' @Taylor-Mae,Malaeka&Keoni


'In Encompass we have been learning about Vikings and wrote our own diary entry from a Monk's point of view when they invaded!' @Praise,Oluwanifemi&Asha


'This week in Maths we have been learning about decimals and fractions and converting them using place value knowledge' @Walid&Anaya


'In English we have published our first chapter from our book, Stig of The Dump' @Brooklyn,Sami&Aneesa


Week Ending 20th January 2017


World Religion Day

This week we have taken part in World Religion Day. We focused on the Buddhism religion and made our own leaflets explaining what we found out. Did you know that Buddhists meditate to clear their minds and have peace in their lives? We enjoyed creating our own Dharma Wheels and carrying out lots of quizzes.


Our Viking Experience!

This week we introduced our new topic: Traders and Raiders! We met a real Viking who came and showed us a day in the life of a Viking. We learned about the weapons they used and the clothes they used to wear - Miss Smith and Miss Boone even got dressed up for the occasion! Here are some photographs of our day...

Don't be too frightened, we became Starifsh Viking Warriors!

A note from Miss Smith 

As we start our new topic of 'Traders and Raiders' next week I would like to thank the children and parents who created fantastic creative volcano pieces for our 'Tremors' display. Below are pictures of the homework we received, well done! I am looking forward to our next topic and hope you are too! 

Week Ending 13th January 2017

This week we have been writing play-scripts for our new book, Stig of the Dump by Clive King. We learned to use stage directions correctly and used other features of the genre.

We have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Some of the class got to the Diamond challenge, rounding to the nearest 10,000 and decimals to one decimal place. Miss Smith was very proud of us!

In the afternoons we have been writing a Newspaper Report about an Earthquake happening in Stoke-on-Trent. Some of us even reported this live with our own microphone, background and music.

This is our News Studio where we reported our Earthquake News

Week Ending 6th January 2017

In our English lesson we have been writing persuasive letters to apply for a firework maker’s apprentice.

This morning we held interviews to see who was good enough to be hired.

After a class vote we decided on Walid for his great persuasive skills and vocabulary.



In the afternoons we have been looking at fossils and ways they are found and formed. We matched fossils to their original self, depending on their appearance. We have also learned about how Earthquakes are formed and what destruction they can cause!


Our Job Interviews

 Week ending 9th December 2016

This week we have used our ‘Tweet your Learning’ display to write quotes about our learning this week. Here are some of them:

“In English we have learned how to correctly punctuate our dialogue using inverted commas, commas and full stops” Praise and Walid

“In maths we have been cracking codes using Roman Numerals and made our own codes using a key” ​Lysia

“In English we have been writing our own version of the Firework Maker’s Daughter” Kinza and Rumaysa

“I am interested in soil and how things rust or don’t rust. Rust happens when oxygen reacts with iron” Dawud and Sahil

“In Science we have been learning about soil and the 4 different processes about how it is made. They are addition, losses, translocation and transformation” Anaya

“We have published our piece of writing and learned how things rust” Asher and Taylor-Mae

“We have been looking at 4 different pieces of art and voted which one we liked best and tried to recreate it” Romana

“In ICT we made a table and a chart of which vote was the most popular, the paint eruption won by 11 votes” Sara


     ​   ​  

This is the one we voted as our favourite

Week 12 (week ending 2nd December 2016)

This week we have been writing descriptions, creating our own characters for our own version of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We are also practising our ‘show not tell’ technique.


In Maths we have been consolidating our learning of the 4 operations which are division, subtraction, multiplication and addition. To do this we have had a word problem of the week, focusing on one skill each day. On Friday we used our knowledge to complete this!  


In the afternoons we have been learning about the devastating story of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. After quick-fire questions to recap on our learning (which Miss Smith was very impressed with) we have written a non-chronological report and used the iPads to create our very own e-books.


Written entirely by Starfish Class, well done! 

Week 11 (week ending 25th November 2016)

​This week we have continued reading The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman and began to write a re-tell of a chapter ourselves! We will publish this next week for our Class Book.

​In Maths we have finished our Fractions topic and some of us even got to the higher level challenge cards, well done!

​We are very excited with our new topic of Volcanoes and have even created some of our own Volcano poems which will be on display soon.

​Miss Smith enjoyed meeting parents this week and hopes you're all very proud of us in Starfish Class for the learning we have achieved so far.



Week 10 (week ending 18th November 2016) 

This week has been a fantastic week with anti-bullying week taking place all over the UK. The catchy slogan this year is ‘Power for Good’. We were involved in an anti-bullying workshop on Monday where we acted out different scenarios where bullying was taking place and discussed how this would make us feel.

Then, Miss Smith gave us 2 apples to say kind and unkind words to. Surprisingly, when we cut the apples open the one we had been mean to was brown and bruised, whereas the one we’d been kind to was still fresh and white. From this we discussed how being unkind can hurt somebody on the inside and thought about the power of the words we speak.

As well as this we have written some fantastic persuasive pieces to encourage people to be kind and stop bullying others. Through iPad research we discovered shocking facts to include!

To end the week Mrs Knowles announced that we have also won the Attendance award for the 4th time this year! Keep it up Starfish!