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Week Ending 8th December 95.7%

Class Blog

School closure activities 


Today I would like you to write me a winter poem like we did at school yesterday, using the same layout. The words you can choose from are winter, snow, cold.


Here's an example!


Snow day activity


Today I would like you to use all of those fantastic skills you showed me last week and write me some instructions on 'How to build a snowman' because I don't know how!!


Remember to use all of those bossy verbs you impressed me with and you can draw a picture to go with them. Even better if you have a photo of you building your own snowman this weekend!

I look forward to reading them! 

Miss French xx

Week 13 

What another busy week we had in Dragonflies! We have spent a lot of time practising for our performance this week and have really enjoyed it! On Wednesday we had our class assembly and parents/carers joined us for some Great Fire of London activities beforehand! We had a lovely time working together. 


Pictures to follow!! 

Week 11

We learned about the fire of London this week. Look at the houses and the way the fire spread!

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Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

WC 6th November

Another sensational week in Dragonfly Class.

In Maths we have been working on halving of amounts. We have used concrete objects, pictorial representations and word problems to help us to understand halving as sharing into tow equal groups.

In English we have been role playing the story of 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse'. We then began to look at the setting of the Countryside using our five senses to help us add detail.

In our Encompass we have begun work on the Great Fire of London and kick started it with a fantastic trip to Ford Green Hall where the children were met by Samuel Pepys. Samuel Pepys told us all about the Great Fire of London in 1666 and all about the diary that he had written during these events. When returning to the classroom the children wrote a recount about the key events that day.

The children's behaviour was superb and they were a credit to the school.

Well done Dragonfly Class.

Friday 3rd November

Today the children have each been sent home with a handwriting pack. Handwriting is a key focus in Dragonfly Class and we are working hard to improve our pre-cursive writing as well as the formation and size. Children have been asked to complete two handwriting sheets per week. If you require further handwriting sheets I will upload a link to the class website where you can download further resources.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs. Bickerton-Dean

WC 30th

What a fantastic first week back we have had in Dragonfly Class. The children have all come back refreshed and eager to learn.

In our Maths this week we have been focusing on the skill of doubling. We used concrete, pictorial and abstract to help us in mastering the skill. The children used numicon, counters, doubling lady birds and number lines to aid them in finding and recalling doubles before ending the week with doubling word problems.

In our English we have been exploring acrostic firework poetry. We have been using adjectives, verbs and onomatopoeia words to help us write our very own acrostic poems. We had lots of fun doing this and created some fabulous published writes.

In our Encompass we have been learning all about keeping safe, firework safety and created some sensational firework art. 

A superb first week back and a fantastic start to Autumn Term 2.

Well done Dragonflies.

WC 9th October

Well what another sensational week we have had in Dragonfly Class. The children have been working hard in all areas of their learning and behaviour has been exemplary. 

In English, we have been continuing our work on non-chronological reports. The focus this week has been to research facts about Corgis diet, appearance and habitat and to turn the notes created into detailed sentences using the conjunction and. The children then finished the week off by producing their published write.

In maths, we have been working on subtraction with the focus being on using practical resources to find the answers to the sums. The children found using numicon extremely helpful to support them in their subtraction sums.

In our Encompass we have been creating London Landmarks through design and technology and have also compared the Capital City of London to the Capital City of Lusaka in Zambia, Africa. The children found this fascinating and created some fantastic work as well as completing some superb map skills work.

The children also took part in Waterside's harvest assembly this week and what a fantastic turn out we had from parents and carers. The children did themselves proud singing three different harvest songs and even took to the stage to perform the poem 'Autumn Time'.

WC 2nd October

In Dragonfly Class this week we have been busy learning lots of new things.

In Maths, we have been learning to add together two amounts. We did this through using concrete objects, pictorial representations and a number line. We discussed how when we add together two amount the number gets bigger.

In English this week we received a letter from the Queen. She explained how she had lost her beloved Corgi Willow when out on a country walk and asked if we could help to find her. In order to help her we began to look at non-chronological reports. We looked at the features of non-chronological reports and began to think of questions we would like to ask in order to find out more about Corgis. 

In our Encompass we have been learning all about transport in London and how people travel through the city. In doing so we made our own double decker bus. We also designed and made our own crowns before drawing a portrait of her majesty the Queen. 


WC 18th September 2017

Well what another sensational week we have had in Dragonflies this week.

In our English we have been continuing our work on the story of 'The Queen's hat' with a focus on characters descriptions. 

Here the children have been using SAD (say, appearance, do) to describe the Queen. Our key focus skill this week has been to use adjectives to describe. The children have created some superb work on this and I look forward to reading their published writes that they are going to complete this coming Monday.

In Maths we have been working on our counting. We have been counting objects and pictures finding the total and recording. We have also been looking at numbers as words and recording these down. We then finished the week by using counters and objects to find one more than a given number. We will continue to work on 1 more and 1 less in the upcoming week. 

During our Encompass we have been writing facts about the Queen using the internet to help us in finding our answers and also have been completing map work. We were very excited to go into space using Google Earth to see the world and use this to identify the United Kingdom. From this we then located and labelled England, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Island. Following on from this we located our capital city London and went for an interactive walk around London. It was lots of fun!


WC 11th September

Well what a busy week we have had in Dragonfly Class this week. The children have worked sensationally well and their attitude and behaviour to learning has been superb.

In English this week we have been reading the story of 'The Queen's hat'. We started the week by role playing the story and we certainly have some budding actors and actresses in the class. We then sequenced the story and began to look at story structure where we identified the beginning, middle and end of the story. We have been focusing on the skill of capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces and full stops. 

In our Maths we have been looking at sorting objects in different ways. We used practical, pictorial and concrete objects to support us. We used reasoning and problem solving to really show our understanding. Once we were secure in this we moved onto counting objects and using the language of more than and less than to compare quantities. 

In our Encompass, we kicked started our learning with a fantastic Wow afternoon, where we made our very own flags and crowns, before going into the hall and having a royal afternoon tea party. The children had a fabulous time. We looked at who the Queen is and why she is important and wrote a recount of our wow day. 

The children certainly have worked hard this week.


Have a fantastic weekend. 


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WC 5th September

Well what a fantastic first week we have had in Dragonfly Class. The children have all settled in extremely well and adapted well to the new routines. This week we have been focusing on getting to know each other, class rules and routines, expectations and have worked hard to make our classroom a vibrant and magical environment to learn and grow. Myself and Mrs. Dove are exceptionally proud of the children and their positive attitude to learning they have shown this week. We can't wait to jump straight into our learning next week as we have lots of fun things to look forward to including our afternoon tea party on Thursday afternoon as part of our launch for the topic of London. 


Have a restful and fun filled weekend.



Welcome to Dragonflies Class blog. Take a sneak peak around our new learning environment, myself and Mrs Dove can't wait to welcome you back to school. We hope you are as excited as we are to start our learning journey together. 
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WC 10th Jul 2017

It's been back to the normal routine this week in Dragonfly Class after a busy few weeks preparing for our amazing performance of Stella the Starfish.

In our English this week we have been using the i pads to aid us in writing and producing our non-chronological report lined to under the sea. We completed a class vote and the most popular under the sea creature was the dolphin. We researched interesting key facts to help us in writing our introductory paragraph and then moved onto finding information about their appearance, diet, behaviour and habitats. We wrote these down in note form and then recorded in our books in full sentences using appropriate adjectives, conjunctions, compound words, commas in a list and contractions. We will be publishing our final piece next week, but these are coming along nicely and are of a very high standard as the children are applying all the skills they are learned throughout the year. 

In maths this week we have been working on our focus areas. We have worked on improving our work on missing number sentences and using the inverses operations to find the answers. We have also been recalling our number bonds to ten and 20. Finally we have had a big focus on word problems involving doubling and halving. The work the children produced was very impressive and they have certainly grown in confidence with this.

In our Encompass work we have been researching lighthouses and recording key facts, words and phrases to support us in writing our own fact file. 

On Thursday and Friday the children spent the two full days in their new classes for September. The transition went very smoothly and the children thoroughly enjoyed their time in Kingfisher and Otter class getting to know their new teachers and classmates as well as producing lots of work both written and creative for their new class displays. Mrs. Bickerton-Dean missed them all a lot during their time in their new classes. 


We look forward to spending our last week together and making lots of memories before we move onto our next chapter. 


Have a fabulous weekend.


Love Dragonflies xx 


WC 19th June 2017

What a sensational week we have had in Dragonfly Class. 

This week in maths we have been working on time. In doing so we have looked at o'clock and half past and challenged ourselves to looking at quarter to and quarter past. We used the clocks to show the different times as well as drawing the hands correctly on the clocks to show the given times. We really focused on the importance of having the minute and hour hand in the correct position and of the correct length. 

In our English we have been continuing our work on 'the night pirates' but we have boxed up the story in order to help us to write an alternative. We decided we were going to change our pirates to aliens and that we were not going to go to a desert island we were going to visit outer space. In our steps to success we looked at using conjunctions to extend our sentences, questions and contractions. 

Our Summer production of 'Stella the Starfish' is now being put together and we are working hard along with the rest of Key Stage 1 to rehearse the songs and our lines and will be working on stage presence and role play next week. We can't wait to share our production with you all. 


Have a safe and enjoyable three day weekend

Love from

Dragonfly Class xxxx

WC 12th June 2017

A fantastic week of learning this week in Dragonfly Class. The children are now becoming more independent in their learning and trying hard to challenge themselves at all times.

In English this week we have been focusing on the story of 'The Night Pirates'. We began by reading the story and creating a story report identifying the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end. We then went on to retell the story through shared, guided and independent writing. Our focus skill this week was on the use of using appropriate adjectives, question marks and contractions. 

In Maths this week we have been working on place value and partitioning of 2 digit numbers. The children began by partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones and then moved onto using this skill to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers. We finished off the week with Pirate addition and subtraction word problems which the children are becoming increasingly confident in.

In our Encompass work we kick started our work on our new topic of 'Beachcombers'. We received a message in a bottle from a little girl called Emily who told us all about her adventure to the seaside with her family and her cousin James. She went on to tell us that her cousin had gone to investigate the beach and got stranded on a rock pool because the tide had come in and how the RNLI had to come and help. The children then wrote a recount of the letter received. Following this we used i-pads to research the RNLI and to create our own factfiles using the information we had gathered.

To finish the week the children competed in our KS1 sports day events. All children showed determination and courage trying their best in all races and relays. The children encouraged their peers and gave lots of positive praise which was fantastic see. The children had lots of fun and should be exceptionally proud of themselves. 


WC 5th June 2017


What a fabulous start to summer tern 2 we have had in Dragonfly Class. The children have come back after the holidays with a real thirst for learning and the work they have produced is simply fantastic.

This  week in maths we have been focusing on position and direction. Here the children have been looking at clockwise and anti-clockwise turns as well as whole, quarter, half and three quarter turns. They have wowed me with their work on this and made great progression in their learning by moving on to further learning challenges.

In English we received a letter from Pirate Pete who had been made to walk the plank and washed ashore a desert island. In order to help him get back on board his pirate ship we wrote setting descriptions describing the island. We included the five senses in our writing as well as suffixes and adjectives. The children then published their final pieces of work of which they can all be exceptionally proud.

In Encompass this week we have been celebrating health and well being week. On Tuesday we completed work on healthy eating and balanced diets where the children created their own healthy meal. On Wednesday the children took part in a carousel of activities including music, fitness and dance. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and it was clear to see by the beaming smiles upon their faces. For the rest of the week we focused on looking after our teeth before finishing off with work on mindfulness. 

A fun filled week for all.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends, ready for another super work of learning. 

WC 15th May 2017

What a fabulous week of learning we have had in Dragonfly Class this week.

In our English we received a letter from Dave from our focus text asking us to help him with writing a set of instructions for the school's summer fair. To help Dave with this we began by looking at the features of instructions, following verbal instructions and written instructions to make cornflakes cakes. They were delicious. We then used the skills from our magpie text to write our very own instructions. This weeks focus was to use capital letters, full stops, adjectives, conjunctions and, but, so and adverbs. The children worked extremely hard on their published writes and I can't wait to read these over the weekend. 

We also wrote a letter to Sadie, the lady who ran the farm to folk workshop on our trip to Tesco last week. We talked about the things we enjoyed and thanked her for what we did. These will be sent to Sadie to read and to enjoy. 

During maths we have been focusing more on capacity reading measurements and showing given amounts. We then applied capacity measures into addition and subtraction sums. We even looked at using column addition and subtraction. We then looked at word problems and used our weekly skill to solve the problems. 

During ICT we used research skills to find facts about Stanley Matthews. We worked with our partners to find facts and record these down in note form ready for next weeks lesson where we will be turning these facts into sentences before presenting our findings to the class. 


The winners of this weeks reading certificates were Ethan for reading more at home and Gloria for a huge improvement in her fluency of reading. Well done to the both of you. Keep up the fantastic reading. 


Have a fabulous weekend 


Dragonfly Class. 



WC 8th May 2017

What another busy busy week we have had in Dragonfly Class. For the second week in a row we have been on yet another trip.

This week we went to the 'farm to folk' activity afternoon at Tesco Hanley. Here we were met by a lady called Sadie. We went upstairs to the staff canteen and here we were set our first challenge - to go in our groups to the shop floor to identify and find different fruits and vegetables of different colours, shapes and sizes. After this we went back up to the canteen to taste different foods and dips. We tried cucumber, vegetables, pitta bread and much more. They were delicious! Following this we then sample difference dried fruits and cereals before making our very own breakfast cereal to sample at home. We ate ours with yoghurt and milk. We had a fantastic afternoon and will be writing a letter next week in our learning to thank Sadie and to share with her what we enjoyed. 


In maths this week we have been working on our fractions. We have been looking at halves and quarters. In doing so we have been finding fractions of shapes and amounts and then applied our learning into solving fraction word problems. We also looked at how finding our half of an amount can then support you in finding a quarter of an amount. We will continue to revisit work on fraction to ensure these are embedded fully. 


In our English this week we have been continuing with the story of Dogger but we have used boxing up to help us write an alternative. We decided to change the character of Dogger to Pingu the penguin. We looked at how to add prefixes and suffixes, how to make singular words plural and focused on writing in past tense. Today we wrote our alternative story as part of our published write. This will then be published into a class book. This makes us proud of our work and allows others to share our fabulous writing.


In our Encompass we have continued to compare past and present. This week we have focused on comparing modern day transport and houses to those in the Victorian times. We have learned a lot and were very surprised to find out that Victorian houses didn't always have indoor toilets and that they had no electricity and that car didn't always have four wheels, windows, seat belts and headlights. Next week we will be writing about our favourite toy or object from home and why it is special to us as well as comparing this to toys that resemble our favourite toy seen on our trip to the Brampton Museum.  


Have a lovely restful weekend






WC 2nd May

Although it has been a shorter week this week we have been extremely busy with our learning and completing learning challenges.

We were all very excited as we went on a class trip to the Brampton Museum in Newcastle. We went to help us with our learning of old and new, past and present toys. We had a fantastic time. When we arrived we met a lady called Alison and she showed us lots of toys from her special toy box. She showed us lots of toys from the past. Some of them we could handle and others we just looked at with our eyes because they were so precious and delicate. Alison then let us play and explore some of the toys in small groups. We loved the different toys in the bag. 

After this we went upstairs to complete some further challenges, we went on a teddy bear hunt, looked at different toys within the amazing toy museum and looked at the different materials they were made from. We learned so much and can't wait to go back again one day. 

In our encompass lesson following our trip to the museum we wrote our very own recount. We used pictures and a story map to help us. 

In English we have been continuing our work on the story of 'Dogger'. This week the focus was to retell the story using suffixes and prefixes and where possibly include a question. Again we used story maps and video clips to support in our retell.

In maths the focus has been on ordering numbers and amounts from smallest to largest and answering questions related to this using key mathematical language such as  more than, less then, most and least. We used our skills of place value to help us work out the next number in the sequence. We will continue work on our place value over the coming weeks. 


We hope you have a fun filled weekend with your family and friends.



WC 24th April 

What a busy first week we have had in Dragonfly Class! 

In English this week we have been looking at our new text 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes. After reading the story we wrote our very own story reports identifying the beginning, middle and end as well as the main characters and setting. We then role played the story taking on the parts of the key characters. I was lots of fun. Following this we chose our favourite character and wrote a character description all about their appearance and personality. 

In our Encompass we have continued with our topic of street detectives but with a different slant looking at old and new, past and present. As a pre teach for our trip to the Brampton Museum next week we looked at old and new toys, sorted them accordingly and compared the similarities and differences. We can't wait to find out more. 

WC 27th March

This week has been a very busy week in Dragonfly Class, all the children have been working exceptionally hard and in doing so are becoming more focused and independent in their learning which is great to see.

In our English we a have been working hard to retell the story of the smartest giant in town. We began by role playing the story with our peers taking on the roles of the different characters within the story. We used facial expressions as well as expressions in our voices to help bring the characters to life. We then created a story map using pictures to help us with the structure of the story. We discussed the beginning, middle and end and broke this down into the key parts. We discussed how the beginning of the story introduces the characters and sets the scenes, the middle of the story identifies the problems within the story and the ending is where the problems are resolved.

Following this we used shared sentences, guided writes and independent writes to retell the story using the prefix -un and suffixes ing, ed and er. 

In maths we have been halving 2 digit numbers to 50. In doing we have learned all about division and discussed then we divide we have to have groups of equal amounts. The children used counters and pictures to work out the answer to their sums before recording as a division number sentence. The children have been sensational with this and just really grasped the concept. 

We also looked at adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to any given number. 

In Encompass we have focused on Emma Bridgewater. We have completed a carousel of activities completing an Emma Bridgewater factfile, designing our own teapot and mugs, drawn portraits of Emma Bridgewater and used the i-pads to research all about her life, work and factory. We have had lots of fun doing this. 


WC 20th March

What a busy week we have had this week in Dragonfly Class.

In our Maths we have been doubling 2 digit numbers using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. We also introduced multiplication discussing that when we double we times by two. The children then recorded there sums using multiplication. They all did a superb job and I was extremely proud of each and everyone of them.

In English we have been continuing our work on the smartest giant in town, but this week we focused specifically on setting descriptions. We used our five senses to describe the town and worked hard to up level our vocabulary using a thesaurus. The children then completed an independent published write on Friday. The children wrote some fabulous setting descriptions of the setting and will hang in our published book pride of place in our classroom. 

In our Encompass learning we have been using grid references to describe the location of the key features within our local area. We then went on to discuss which features where human and physical.

In our art we have been studying the work of Sid Kirkham, a local artist. The children discussed his work and how he uses dark shades and tones with minimal colour to highlight the key elements in his drawings. The children then recreated a piece of his work using sketch pencils, pastels and black sugar paper. The children were very prod of their finished pieces and I think Sid Kirkham would be too. 

W/C 13th March 2017

We have been so excited in Dragonfly this week as on Monday we had 5 chicken eggs delivered to our classroom in their very own incubator. We kept a very close eye on our eggs and over the next day or two began to see the eggs cracking and the chicks hatching, it was so fantastic to see. We managed to see one of the chicks hatch completely and recorded this on video we were truly mesmerised. Over the next few days we kept the chicks in the incubator until they became dry and fluffy. We then transferred them into their new home with space for them to move freely along with the food and water then need. Later in the week we got the chicks out and looked at them closely and all held the chicks very carefully.

Also this week we invited our parents to come into class to share a science themed art and design afternoon. We based our learning on the life cycle of a chick and completed some superb art and craft chick activities. We even got to show our parents the chicks too. 

Mrs. Bickerton-Dean has taken the chicks home with her this weekend to look after and will  bring them back to class on Monday. We can't wait to see how much they've grown. smiley

Also this week we kick started our new Encompass topics 'Street Detectives'. In doing so we had a 'Wow' day on Monday creating lots of fabulous work for our classroom and worked hard together as a tea to create the new environments to link to our current topic. 

On Thursday we then went on a walk around our local area to see the key features that surround our school. We spotted lots of things including the canal, the co-op, bottle kilns and Emma Bridgewater. 

In English we started our new text of 'The smartest giant in town' by Julia Donaldson. We focused on the George the Giant, looking at his appearance as well as his personality and behaviour in order to write our very own character description of him. We love this story and Mrs. Bickerton-Dean says we will work on our setting description next week too. 

In maths we have been working hard to add money and even went on to solve money addition word problems, next week we will look at subtracting to find the write change. 

Have a great weekend

Love Dragonfly Class xx



WC 27th February 2017

Well what another fantastic, fun and busy week we have had in Dragonfly Class this week.

In maths the children have been working hard to fine 1 more and 1 less, 10 more and 10 less and even looked at using greater than and less than symbols in order to compare numbers to 100 and beyond. 

In our English we have been busy researching all about Stegosaurus's in order to create our very own non-chronological report later this week. The children discovered some fascinating facts and loved learning new technical words.

In our Encompass we have been continuing with our Dinosaur Planet topic discussing and learning all about the four theories of extinction. The children  loved learning about the different theories and this week we will vote for the theory we believe to be most true creating our own block graph of results.

Also this week we learned all about 'Shrove Tuesday' - Pancake Day and why it is celebrated. The children particularly enjoyed sharing their favourite toppings for their pancakes. 

On Thursday of this week we all came into school in our pyjamas in order to celebrate world book day, and what a fabulous day we had. We started off the day by having an assembly to tell us all about world book day and the importance of books and reading. We then went back to the class room and shared the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. The children then worked together to act out difference scenes from the story using role play. Following this we then had a visit from the Whale Class who came and did some buddy reading with us, this was fabulous, we even had some of our amazing Dragonfly Class reading their favourite stories to the Whales Class. After we then completed a number of Zog activities, writing our own books reviews, following directions to help Zog get back to school and we even made our own Zog to take home. Throughout the day children also shared parts of their favourite stories with the class which was marvelous to see and hear.

To finish off the day we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. 

Another superb week in Dragonfly Class 

From a very proud Teacher x


WC Monday 13th February

What a busy week we have had in Dragonfly Class this week.

As part of our learning about e-safety we had the pleasure of watching a theater company deliver the important messages to us through drama, dance and song. We learned so much and went back to class to write these key facts down in order to create a class display.  

On Tuesday it was Valentines day and the children were all very eager to make their own cards asking numerous times throughout the day. As child led learning is extremely important we spent an hour of the afternoon making, creating and writing our very own cards. 

In English we received a letter off Harry asking if we could throw a party for Taury the T-Rex's 6th birthday. So wrote a letter to Mrs.Knowles asking if we could do so. As Mrs. Knowles had previously been in our class during our learning she said yes we could have a party as we had wowed her with all our magnificent work. We then wrote a letter back to Harry and sent out invitations and on Friday we threw Taury his very own birthday. We had music, games, cakes, treats and juice. It was so much fun. 

We've had an exceptional half term and we are extremely proud of our achievements. 

We are now ready for our half term and look forward to new learning after the holidays.



Friday 3rd February 2017

Today we have been engrossed in all things number as today was number day raising awareness for NSPCC. The children all came dressed in clothes with numbers, shapes and patterns. We based all our learning and activities on the book 'Centipede 100's shoes' by Tony Ross. We completed activities on our multiples of 2's, filled in the missing 100 square, created repeated patterns and butterfly symmetry. 

We went outside to see how far 100 steps took us around the school and how many star jumps we could do in 100 seconds. Back in class we had team challenges seeing who could fasten the most shoes in a set amount of time and who could get the furthest in the maths who wants to be a millionaire. The children all did fantastically well. Another superb day in Dragonfly class. 

Friday 27th January 2017

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year. We shared the Chinese New Year story and learned that this year was the year of the rooster. 

We then tasted different foods from the country and voted for our favourite using a tally chart. We tasted prawn crackers, egg fried rice and vegetable spring rolls. It was all delicious but our classes favourite were prawn crackers.

Chinese New Year

Wednesday 25th January 2017

What a fabulous day we have had today in Dragonfly class. Today we performed our assembly to the whole school and our parents. Our assembly was all about dinosaurs linked to our current topic of dinosaur planet. We shared lots of facts about them, sang a number of songs, shared our art work and our own acrostic poem. We were very proud of ourselves and our class mates and Mrs. Bickerton-Dean was exceptionally proud of us all. Before our assembly our parents were invited in to share in our learning. We made dinosaur nest cakes, dinosaur skeletons, wrote our own acrostic poems and drew dinosaurs using our observational skills. 

Share in our fantastic day by looking through the photos below. 

Tuesday 24th January 2017

Today in PE the children completed a circuit of fitness exercises outside with your sports coach Tom. The children had a fantastic time pushing themselves to do better each and every time. They learned all about the importance of exercise, how we need oxygen in our lungs and why it is so important to keep hydrated. The children are already looking forward to our next lesson.. 

WC 16th January 2016

Well what a fabulous week have had in Dragonfly class.

This week in our English the children have been working towards writing their very own published character description on Taury the T-Rex from Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs. The work the children produced on Friday was absolutely superb and showed that the children had took all this weeks learning on board to produce their final piece of writing. Each and everyone of the children should be exceptionally proud of themselves as I am beaming with pride and I can't wait to showcase them.

In maths this week we have begun to look at the place value of 2 digit numbers. The children have been using multi link cubes to represent the tens and ones before moving onto using dienes apparatus. The children have done extremely well with this and so we will move onto pictorial and abstract next week. 

By far the most exciting part of the week was our trip to Manchester Museum. The children were all so very excited about our trip and loved exploring and learning more about dinosaurs, fossils and other interesting topics. The children were exemplary during the whole day and a real credit to  the school. 


Next Wednesday is our class assembly and so we have been busy practicing our lines and learning new songs. We can't wait to share these with you next week. We look forward to seeing you then.


We hope you have a fabulous weekend 


Dragonflies xx

World religion day - Monday 16th January

Today was world religion day at Waterside Primary School. In Dragonfly class we started the day off by focusing on the religion of Hinduism. We looked at the Hindu gods and goddesses and the different Hindu symbols. Following this we went on to look at Diwali the festival of light and decorated and made our very own lantern. The children did a fantastic job making these using sequins, glitter and lots of colour. 

In the afternoon we then went on to look at what it means to be British and what this means for each one of us, discussing how we follow our own chosen religion, keep up our cultural traditions and still follow the British values of society. The children had a fabulous day and produced some fantastic work. 


Friday 13th January

What a fantastic day we had in dragonfly class today. We all enjoyed playing out and experiencing the snow. We made snowmen, snow angels and took turns being pulled on the sledge. When we came into class we warmed ourselves up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. A super day had by all. =)

Week commencing 9th January

What a busy week we have had in Dragonfly class this week. In English we have been busy writing our swamp setting description using lots of adjectives, descriptive words and phrases. We have tried really hard to use a variety of sentence openers when describing the things that we could see, hear and touch.  

In maths we have been looking at inverse operations and understanding that addition is the inverse of subtraction and vice versa. Although this has been a really tricky skill to master the children have done exceptionally well and applied themselves fully at all times. In doing so they have been able to complete the inverse sum and work out the missing numbers by doing so. 

In our Encompass skills we have been learning all Mary Anning, the first person to have discovered fossils. From this we completed fact files all about her and wrote diary entries in a day in a life of Mary Anning. Furthermore the children have been learning all about dinosaur diets and their teeth and understanding what is meant by the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

The children have also been working exceptionally hard on their art skills using observational drawing to complete their first and sencond sketch of the triceratops. 

A super week dragonflies. 


Friday 2nd December

It has been a very busy week this week in Dragonfly class. We have started work our key stage production -

The King of all the polar bears and we are very excited to perform it to our parents, friends and family in the upcoming weeks. 

In English we have been looking at non-chronological reports. We had a visit from mummy penguin asking us to help her to find her missing baby boy - Percy the Penguin. In order for us to help we began to write questions to find out more about penguins, we looked at the features of a non-chronological report and began to put our information together. We hope that we can help to reunite Percy the Penguin with his mummy in time for their journey back to the Antarctica. 

In maths we have really worked hard on our fractions. We looked at finding half and quarters of real life objects and amounts. Our favourite was was when Mrs. Bickerton-Dean bought us cake in to show the different fractions. We each got to cut the cake in half and quarter and even got to eat it. It was delicious. 

In our afternoon curriculum we have been learning all about Antarctica. We found out that Antarctica is in the southern hemisphere and is the most coldest, driest and windiest place on earth. We also discovered the reason that it is so cold is because it is at the furthest point away from the equator. We were very surprised when we found out that nobody lives there and that the only people who do visit are scientist. We loved looking and finding out about this amazing continent and especially loved seeing the animals that live there which include penguins, whales and seals. 

Friday 25th November

This week in Dragonfly class we have been writing an alternative story to 'Whatever next!'. We decided that we would change the setting of where Baby Bear visited. Instead of going to the moon we sent Baby Bear to the seaside. We had lots of fun writing an alternative story and can't wait to write another.

In our Encompass we have been working on our map skills. We learned all about aerial views, drew our own aerial view of Waterside Primary School and even began to use co-ordinates to show the position of specific objects.

In maths this week we have been measuring using ruler and reading whole cm's. We measured real life objects, lines and even began to draw our own lengths when answering measuring word problems.


Tuesday 15th November

Well what a fantastic day we've had today. 

Today Dragonfly class along with the rest of KS1 went on an a class trip to Conkers Discovery Center in Derbyshire.

The children were an absolute credit to the school and behaviour was impeccable.

Whilst on the trip the children took two train journeys catching the train to and from the discovery playground which they absolutely loved before stopping for lunch in the discover cafe. From here the children went to explore and investigate in the discovery center and finally participated in an outdoor orienteering activity. Here the children worked in groups to follow the map in order to collect letters to spell a work. Along the trails the children went through mazes, jumped in puddles, walked through the sensory garden and much more. 

I think it's safe to say they had a fabulous and memorable day. xx


Monday 14th November

This week is anti bullying week and to kick start our learning on this we had a whole school assembly followed by class workshops.

We were privileged to have an actor and an actress come into our class and talk to us through both role play and discussion, about bullying and how we can make it stop. The theme for anti bullying this year is 'Power for Good'.

Following this we went on to share the story of 'Leave me alone' by Kes Grey. Here the children discussed the feelings of the little boy at both the beginning and end of the story, how the giant was unkind and how the animals in the story showed care and compassion and stood up for the little boy. 

The children then created anti bullying posters and wrote on hand prints how we can stop bullying. They had lots of fabulous thoughts and ideas.

Friday 11th November

Today on remembrance day we took time to remember all those who had fought for us and lost their lives in the World War. We held a 2 minute silence and talked and discussed the importance and significance of this day.

The children went on to colour their own poppies, write a copy of a remembrance day poem and also used water colours to create poppies in a field pieces of art, which were simply magnificent. 

Remembrance day

Wednesday 9th November

Today in our English lesson we retold the story of 'Whatever next?' through role play and drama. 

The children took on the role on the characters within the story and also improvised by adding additional characters too. All children worked as a team listening to and sharing ideas on how they could retell the story. After having time to practice the children shared their performance with the rest of the class showing courage and determination. It was fantastic to see them using actions, facial expression and expressions in their voice. Future actor and actresses in the making. =)

Monday 31st October

Today we celebrated Diwali the Hindu festival of light. In Dragonfly class we had lots of fun celebrating and learning all about the special festival. We started the morning off by having a special visit from Miss Vaughn who told us all about her time in India, this was very interesting and we learned a lot. We read the Diwali story, we made our own Rangoli patterns, we made Diwali lanterns and even made our own candle holders using salt dough and gems. 

Happy Diwali to all who are celebrating.

Wednesday 19th October

Today was our harvest assembly. All children performed magnificently well when singing our harvest songs with the rest of KS1 and excelled themselves when sharing our autumn artwork that we had created using a variety of skills and techniques. The children then shared our own senses poem that we had written together as a class all about autumn and used talk for story to support them in retelling through actions and words. Well done Dragonflies!

Friday 14th October

Today in rewards assembly Dragonflies won the best attendance, not only for KS1 but for the whole of the school. In doing so we won Attendo along with the treats in his bag. Attendo supplied us with a pass the parcel as well as biscuits and juice for afternoon tea. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all in Dragonfly class and rightly so for their determination to coming to school everyday and on time well. Well done Dragonfly class, keep up the excellent work and lets see if Attendo can stay with us another week. 

Tuesday 13th September

Today the children designed and made their very own fairy houses, using inspiration from those seen in the woodlands at Cannock Chase. What an amazing job they all did.

Wednesday 7th September

In Dragonfly class our topic this half term is 'The Enchanted Woodland'. To allow the children to get a real feel and insight to the topic we went on a trip to Cannock Chase. The children had a fantastic time completing the Gruffalo trail, discovering the fairy houses, hanging their fairy wishes, going on a scavenger hunt and having a picnic and story in the woods.