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Week Ending 9th March 2018 94.8%

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Week Commencing 19th March


It has been an other busy week in Duckling class and this week Miss Davies had to convince it is now the season of spring even though we had lots of snow over the weekend. We have spoken about the signs of spring and how they differ to the other seasons we already know about. We have been very busy planting all of the seeds you have brought in, we are very grateful to everyone who has given us a packet of seeds, our garden centre is going to look sensational! 


We have also been talking about the life cycles of the animals which are born in Spring such as chicks, butterflies and lambs. We have been showing our fabulous number skills by using chicks, eggs and nests to demonstrate our understanding.

We also had a new puppet theatre which we have been asking for and we absolutely love it and have had so much fun acting out our favourite stories and even making up our own.


Next week we are going to be looking at the Easter story and learning about different people and their beliefs.

-Duckling Class x


Week Commencing 12th March



This week is Science week and we have been learning about the biome of the jungle and we have absolutely loved learning about animals. We even had a special visitor on Monday who brought us lots of animals to see and we even got to hold them, here are a few pictures to show how brave we were.

Next week we are going to be looking at the seasonal change and what happens in spring.

-See you next week x

Week Commencing 5th March


What another busy week in Duckling Class, we have had so much fun. We have finally been able to wear our Wally costumes and enjoy our world book day together, we had a lovely day sharing our favourite stories.


We have  also made bubble monsters this week,  we had so much fun and really enjoyed playing and exploring. 


We have also been busy making masterpieces for somebody special this Sunday, we cannot wait for you to see what we have made and we hope you love them! We hope to see lots of you here on Monday so we can celebrate with you.


Also thank you to our parents who have signed up to Marvellous Me and are now recieving lots of messages from Miss Davies all about their child. 

Next week is British science week and we are learning all about the jungle, it is going to be an excellent week and we cannot wait to tell you all about it! 

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 26th February 


What another busy and interesting week in Duckling Class,  the beast from the east certainly caused a stir amongst us and we have been so interested that we asked Miss Davies to show us the daily weather reports, we are such inquisitive learners. frown

Luckily we did get to snow at the beginning of the week before it got too cold!

We have begun our new topic this week looking at the story 'Spider Sandwiches', we have had so much fun and been very imaginative in our new monster cafe! We have been making all sorts of things such as frog milkshakes and butterfly burgers! We have been role playing with Mrs Gardiner and understanding how a cafe works, we have been sitting our customers down, giving them menus and then charging them for what they have brought! 

Next week we are going to continue our work on the story and design our own monsters!

Due to the weather and our school closure on Thursday we have now moved our 'World Book Day' to Monday. Please bring in your favourite book and remember to come as any of the 'Where's Wally?' characters.

We cannot wait to see you all dressed up on Monday!

-Duckling Class x



Homework challenges for Snow Day Closure 

Week Commencing 12th February 

We cannot believe it is the last week of the Spring One term, it has flown by! The children have made so much progress this half term and are building with confidence every day! I am so proud of each and every one of them.

We have had a very busy week, we have been enjoying the Winter Olympics and all of the different events that have been taking place we also celebrated Pancake Day and Valentines Day.

We absolutely love pancake day, firstly we read the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and then we made our very own pancake mix.


We also had pancake races, we wanted to go outside but the weather was so bad that we had to settle for the corridor instead.

Miss Davies then cooked the pancakes for us upstairs and we all got try them, they were delicious! frownno


We hope you all have a lovely half term full of adventures and come back refreshed ready for the new half term all about one of our favourite stories:



Week Commencing 5th February 2017


On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day, thank you to all the parents that attended our workshop, it was lovely to see you learning with your child! As a class we discussed what technology we use at home and how we can be safe using it. We also discussed what makes us happy when we are online and how we can make others happy, we spoke about letting other people win and sharing coins and prizes with them. We then made a whole class pledge in regards to our use of the internet and we came up with something amazing!


It has also been Mental Health Week and we have had lots of discussions about emotions, what different emotions we have and how we show them, the most important thing we learnt was that you don't always cry when you are sad, we show sadness in many ways. The children now know what to do when they are feeling different emotions or they notice their friends showing certain emotions. We then read the book 'What I Like About Me' and we talked about what makes us special and that is fabulous to be all be different and unique!


We cannot believe we have nearly finished this half term, next week is another busy week with Pancake Day and Valentines Day!

Speak to you next week.

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 29th January




Our classroom was found in such a mess! The tables were knocked over, the chairs were upside down and all of our toys were everywhere! We searched high and low for the culprit!



We didnt find anything but we did find some footprints and we could hear a very loud roar.

We finally recieved a phone call, a friendly dinosaur had been captured upstairs! We think it hatched from the suspicious egg we found in our class room and he was looking for his Mummy!

We cannot wait to tell you all of our adventures next week.

-Ducklimg Class x

Week Commencing 22nd January 

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year as it will celebrated on Sunday, the children love to learn about different people and their traditions and we have spoken about these are different to our own. We now know what happens during Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We really enjoyed watching the traditional dragon dancing and we transfixed on the video.

We have been very busy again this week and we have done some taste testing but we were blind folded and we had to guess what we were eating, (it was rice!).



We have also been painting Chinese symbols, they are stunning and are going to look amazing on our Chinese New Year display.

We have also had a new roleplay area this week, we have been talking about our birthdays alot over the last few weeks so we have had a birthday party roleplay! We absolutely love it!

Next week we are continuing our Dinosaur adventure and on Friday we have Number Day so we will be very busy.

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 15th January.

We have found so mysterious eggs in the playground this week and after reading our story 'How to grow a dinosaur' we have decided to plant them and see what grows. 

We have begun to understand want plants and seeds need to grow so we put our mysterious eggs into soil, watered them and put them out into the sunshine.

We cannot wait to see what grows!

This week have also been practising our gross motor skills and how we hop, we have begun very confident and could easily hop away from a dinosaur!

We have also been given homework this week and are all really excited to carry on our learning at home, I cannot wait to see what you have been up too.

Duckling Class x


Week commencing 8th January 2018


We hope you all had a lovely break over the Christmas period and spent time with your family and friends. The children have come back to school and settled beautifully and I am so impressed with their behaviour and eagerness to get back to their learning. This half term is all about adventures and encouraging the children to be imaginative and creative in their learning and play, we are currently learning all about dinosaurs and the children are loving it!

This week we have been so busy, we have found some suspicious dinosaur footprints on the playground and we had to find different ways of moving away from it so it didn't catch us, we could move in lots of ways and I think we scared the dinosaur away!

We have also been making our own dinosaurs using paint and sponges, the children love to get messy and to paint, they picked some very dinosaur like colours and made beautiful patterns on them.

We have also begun to write our letters this week and some of us have even started to write own names, I am very impressed with the childrens determination and they have kepy trying even when they have found it hard.


Next week we are continuing our learning all about dinosaurs and are going to look at the story; 'How to grow a dinosaur'.

Until next week- Duckling Class x 

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and spend lot of quality time together with your family and friends. 

We will see you all back at school on Wednesday 3rd January.

Lots of good wishes, Miss Davies and the FS1 teamheart

School Closure Homework- 15th December

Next half term we are going to be learning all about adventures, our first book is going to be 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs', to get prepared for our new topic can you please complete some of the tasks below.


Week Commencing 11th December


What a fantastic first term we have had, it has been so busy and we have grown and developed so much! We have done so much learning and have been absolute superstars!

This week our main focus was all about the winter production and even though the children didn't get a dress rehearsal because of the snow we were absolutely fantastic! We all did our biggest smiles for our audience and sang the song beautifully. I was so proud frown

We have been very busy making Christmas and Winter cards and they are very appropriate due to our current weather, the children will be bringing them home today, we hope you like them! We have also heard all of the wonderful things that the children have been doing over the longer weekend in the snow. You have all been very busy building snowmen and even snowdogs! Lots of children were really excited because they got to go sledging. I am so glad you all enjoyed the snow and made so many special memories. 

-Duckling Class x 

Snow closure homework

Keep wrapped up and I cannot wait to find out what fun you have had this snowy weekend frown

Miss Davies x 

Week Commencing 4th December


It has been another busy week in duckling class and we have continued to work hard and be the best that we can be! frown We have been doing lots of activities around reading such as rhyming, alliteration and recognising our name and logos. We are very good at it and we certainly getting ready to begin to write our names in the new year!


We have also been working on our friendship and cooperation skills by playing several ball games, Miss Davies made a basketball hoop outside in outdoor area and we loved playing against each other and seeing who could score the most points! We have also been working on our catching, kicking and throwing skills and have begun to be very imaginative with the games that we now play.


We have also been practising our drawings on the interactive whiteboards, we have made some masterpieces!


We cannot wait to see you on Tuesday and see our fabulous winter production!
Until next week- Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 27th November 

Winter is upon us and we are most certainly feeling the cold weather in Duckling Class, we are wrapping up warm and exploring the outdoor environment looking at the ice and frost left by Jack Frost. 

We have been learning all about Jack Frost and what to expect in the winter months.

We have had a new role play area this week, the children have asked for a toy shop so they can make and send presents to each other, the children have played beautifully and showed how much they have grown in their ability to share.

We have also been showing how good we are at working as a team and playing together. We used the parachute to play different games and we had so much fun, we didn't even notice how cold it was because we were so involved in the games.

Next week we are continuing our work on winter and winter production.

Don't forgot costumes need to be in by Thursday 7th Decemeber for our dress rehershals.

-Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 20th November


This week sees the end of our Autumn topic and we have done our final pieces of learning around this season, next week we will be beginning to focus on the winter season and the changes that it brings.


This week we have been making autumn animals and our own creations with play dough, we love playing with it and it is one of our favourite things in the creative area.


We have also been using our creativity and used different 2d shapes to make different objects some of us even made autumn animals!


We have also been using our problem solving skills in the outdoor area trying to move the water from one tray to another using the pipes. We showed such good team work and listened to eachother very carefully to come with the best possible solution! We are always thinking and using our brains both inside and outside. This week we have also begun learning lots of songs for our winter production all about a clumsy angel! We cannot wait for you to come and see us shine!

Until next week- Duckling Class x


Week Commencing 13th November


This week the children have taken part in Nursery Rhyme week, each day we have been taught a new nursery rhyme such as, Bobby Shafto and Old King Cole. The children in duckling class absolutely love to sing and we have enjoyed learning these new songs!


This week we have been developing our physical skills both fine and gross motor skills. To develop our fine motor skills we have been using scissors to cut the Autumn leaves that we collect. We were all very careful when using the scissors so we didn't hurt ourselves. 


We also had the bikes in the outdoor area and we showed great skill moving them around the track and obstacles. We again talked about safety and the importance of wearing a helmet.


We have agan been working hard with our phonics and maths work and are growing in confidence every week.

Another busy and exciting week in Duckling Class x


Week Commencing 6th November

This week we have been learning all about bonfire night as the children were so excited about seeing fireworks over the weekend. We have had such a busy but fun week and have done so much learning!

We made our own rockets using different food such as sweets, grapes and strawberries, we discussed healthy and food and what it does to out body.

We also did some firework dancing to the Katy Perry song 'Firework', the children loved using the scarves to move and showed so much rhythm.

We also used toilet roll tubes to make out own firework picture, we were excellent at talking about the colours and noises that fireworks make.


We have had such a full week and we are growing more and more everyday! Next week is Nursery rhyme week and we willbe focusing on a rhyme a week, we cannot wait to show you our learning.

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 30th October

This week we have been looking at the celebration of Halloween and why people celebrate it, we have had lots of spooky and magic activities out this week and the children have really enjoyed them. All of the children have returned back to school with big smiles on their faces and so happy to come back and learn and this has made a super week of super learning.

We have done lots of different things this week such as making spiders webs and spiders.

We have also been practising writing our numbers, we have used magic wands and glitter tray to write them. We have also been exploring and guessing what was in the box, it was disgusting slime and eyeballs!!

We also went on a leaf hunt and went to explore the field and talk about what happens in Autumn.

Next week we are going to be learning all about Bonfire Night and Fireworks.

-Duckling Class x

Week commencing 16th October


I cannot believe how quick these last 7 weeks have gone, it feels like only yesterday that it was the first day of school, we have progressed so much in such a short period of time and I am so proud frown


We have had a week all about people who help us and we have been learning around Paw Patrol, the children have really enjoyed it!

Miss Davies has listened to all of our ideas and thoughts about what we would like to learn and she has made us a Vets role play which we love! We have had such a good time playing.

We now know lots about people who help us and what type of person helps us in certain situations, some of others even want to do these jobs when we are older! 

We are going to be learning all about Autumn, Celebrations, Nursery Rhymes and Colours next half term and we will get under way learning the songs for our Winter performance.

Have a lovely half term and we can't wait to see you back on the 30th.



Week Commencing 9th October


First of all I would like to say how proud I am of the children for their amazing performance during our harvest assembly, we really were sensational and showed all of our parents and the rest of the school what superstars we are (especially learning a whole song in one week). 

We have had another busy week and have done so much learning, we are continuing to grow and develop everyday and have such big smiles on our faces!

Mrs Gardiner needed our help to make sandwiches for our cafe, we listened very carefully and follow her instructions, we even got to eat them when we had finished frown


We have had a big focus on our ball skills this week and have been practising kicking, throwing and catching.


Next week we are learning all about people who help us in our child led learning topic! We cannot wait to get started. 

-Duckling Class x


Week Commencing 2nd October



This week we have had lots of germs in Duckling Class and lots of children have been poorly, we have done lots of talking all about how to prevent germs from spreading in our class and the children have been excellent at remembering to do this. 

We have however had lots of fun this week and have showed some fabulous imagination when we have been playing in the role play and construction areas.


We have had a big focus on our scissor skills this week and we have been practising cutting in straight lines, the children showed such determination and were very sensible when using the scissors. We are going to continue to work on our cutting skills throughout the year in Duckling Class.

We have been very busy learning our Harvest song for our performance on Thursday and we cannot wait for you to hear us, we are superb!

Until next week- Duckling Class x 

Week commencing 25th September

This week we have continued to learn through the owl babies story, we have used various resources to make our very own owl babies and we are very proud of what we have achieved. We used play dough and other items in our independent learning to make our very own Bill, Sarah and Percy; some of us even made Mummy owl. We then worked with Mrs Gardiner to make paper plate owls to go on our corridor display, next time you are in school have it look, it looks fabulous. no


We have also endured the rain this week and have been understanding what happens when the rain comes down fast and hard, its makes the best puddles to jump in! frown

There is a video underneath of some of us enjoying the puddles in out puddle suits and wellies, Miss Davies added some powder paint to the puddles and we did some lovely talking about what happens when the colours mix together.

-Duckling Class heart

Watch our puddle learning fun!

Still image for this video

Week Commencing 18th September 2017



This week we have begun looking at our topic book of Owl Babies, the children have really enjoyed the story and have shown some excellent listening skills when being told the story. We have done lots of talking all about our family and who lives in our homes and what things we do when we are at home. We have continued to learn our daily routine and all children are now beginning to remember what is coming next in our day. We have been very busy this week showing our physical skills, how good we are at counting out objects and sharing toys with our friends. 

We are becoming much more confident with our adults and peers and our smiles are getting bigger every day.

Until next week, Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 11/09/2017


We have had a superb week in Duckling Class this week, the children are coming in so settled in the mornings and nearly everyone has a big smile on their face when they walk through the door which is amazing to see! We are now really beginning to understand our daily routines and are showing such excellent listening skills when we sit on the carpet. 

We are all beginning to get to know each other and starting to build relationships with other children  and adults and we are having such fun!

As we are now all settled next week we will begin our topic this half term which is all about ourselves and our families, we will look at several books to understand different families and that we are all different and unique and that makes us so special!

-Until next week, Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 4th September

We are all so proud of the children and how well they have come into school this week, by Friday all the children were smiling and enjoying there time at Nursery exploring and making new friends. We are going to continue to make sure all children are happy throughout the day and are embracing the school experience. Keep up the good work our little ducklings and keep showing us your beautiful smiles. 


Week Commencing 4th September


We are so excited  to see you on Wednesday for your first day at our fabulous school, we have lots of exciting and fun things planned for you and we cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces.


We have been very busy over the holidays transforming our classroom for you and we cannot wait to see you learning in our environment! It looks very different from the last time you saw it and we have a few pictures to show you to get you excited!
See you all on Wednesday morning :)

Miss Davies and the team x

Our learning environment for our first day at Nursery!

Week Commencing 3rd July

This week has been another busy week in Duckling Class as we begin our transition into Reception,the children are very busy securing the knowledge they have learnt this year and are applying it themselves when in the provision and learning independently. 

At the beginning of the year we all painted a portrait of ourselves and now as the year is coming to a close we are now painting new portraits. It is amazing to see how much the children's art skills have grown and how fabulous they are at representing themselves!

We have also been getting ready for sports day and we cannot wait to see you all there to cheer everybody on! We are now excellent at using a start line and crossing over the finish line. 

We have also had lots of fun in the outside area and have been making a stage to have our own rock concert!

We cant wait to see you next Tuesday! 

-Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 25th June

This week has been another busy week in Duckling Class and we are fitting in as much learning as possible before we have our summer break and go into our Reception Classes.

This week it may of not been the best of weather but we have still done lots of learning in our outdoor area, we have been working on our gross motor skills and making our own assault courses, we can crawl, balance and jump through obstacles. 


We have also been developing our writing skills, using our segmenting for spelling and letter formation skills. Miss Davies was very impressed with our work and how far we have come in the last year.


We also had an art day on Friday to create work for you to buy on our summer fayre, we were amazed at the support and how many pictures we sold and we cant thank you enough. We had an excellent day and we hope you did too.

Until next week, Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 19th June


It has been another busy week in Duckling Class, we have been understanding sun safety with the heat wave and are now very knowledgeable about the precautions we need to take.      

We know that we must always wear suncream to protect our skin from getting burnt and sore and we must apply it regularly, aswell as wearing a hat to stop ourselves from getting heatstroke. We must also drink plenty of water to keep our bodies hydrated.

We have had lots of fun outdoors and we have been using natural materials to make 2d shapes, we are excellent at naming them and saying their properties. 

We have also asked Miss Davies for an ice cream van to play in and we have had so much fun making the ice cream, serving it to our friends and charging them money. We have shown such imagination and how much we have grown over the past year.

We are sad that our last weeks in Nursery are arriving but we are loving every minute of all our learning. 

-Duckling Class x 


Week Commencing 12th June

This week it has been all about our Dads as it is Father's Day on Sunday! We have been very busy making various things to give to all our super Dads on Sunday! We would like to put photographs on to show you but we don't want to ruin the surprise!

We have been talking about why we love our Dads and what they do for us, the children were very honest and said lots of lovely things, it did make our hearts melt.

We hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating on Sunday with Dads, Grandads, Uncles, Mums and Grandmas.


On Friday we had a transition day where the children went into Reception for the day, the children were super and the reception staff were very impressed with them and their behaviour! You make me very proud Ducklings, Well Done xX

Week Commencing 5th June


We hope you all had a lovely break and relaxed ready for a busy last half term. This half term the children have decided they all want to learn about under the sea. We are going to learn about the different creatures and living things which live under the sea and about things which float and sink. 


This week we have been showing excellent segmenting for spelling skills and have written a list of things we would find under the sea and draw a setting picture if we were a scuba diver swim through the water. 

We have also practised our technology skills using the remote control cars, we had to follow instructions to rescue different sea creatures in a particular order.


We have also been developing our physical development by exploring various ways of moving and showing fantastic balancing skills.

We are excited to show you all of our learning next week.

-Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 15th May


This week we have concluded all of our magic learning and we have loved this topic! We have decided our next topic will be all about under the sea and we have said lots of things we would like to learn.

- Why can starfish stick to things?

- What do squids squirt into the water?

-What different fish live in the sea?

-How big are sharks?

We have also asked lots of other questions and we cannot wait to find out the answers.


This week we played a game of rhyme or slime, if the objects rhymed we put them in a rhyme box and if not we put them in the slime.


We also designed our own quarter circles to make a whole class display, we really took our time and designed very carefully.


We cannot wait to show you all of our learning next week!

-Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 8th May



This week we have been mixing and bubbling potions! We have written our own potion ingredient list and drawn the ingredients inside the potion bottles! We wanted to add lots of interesting ingredients such as butterflies, worms, stars and even a cow! 

We got to mix our own potions in the sensory area and we made up silly songs as we worked and mixed, I think we all make fantastic witch and wizards!


We have also been developing our writing and we have now begun to use phoneme frames to write cvc and cvcc words all about magic. We concentrate really well when writing and we are really showing our handwriting skills when writing.


We havealso had a new role play which we have chosen and we wanted an opticians, we have really enjoyed ourselves and showed lots of understanding of what happens there.

Next week we will be finishing our magic topic and continuing to grow!

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 1st May 2017.


We are really loving learning all about Witches, Wizards and Magic! 


We have read a story called 'I want to be a Witch!' and we have used lots of creative ways to show what we would look like as a Witch or Wizard!

We used different materials and methods to create our own mini version of ourselves and we also used play doh to mould and sculpt to create another version of ourselves.


We have also been busy in the outdoor environment, we have been developing our skills as master builders and we made a den big enough to fit all the children inside!! Once it was made we made it very comfortable inside and decided to make into a potion lab, we got big bowls and spoons and started to make magic spells! We had so much fun!

In Duckling class we really care for all living things and we have shown how much we have learnt about growing and spring whilst playing in our Florist role play area. We made sure the flowers were watered and they had enough sunlight to grow so we could make the best bouquets of flowers possible. Our role play narrative has developed so much since September and we have become so imaginative in our play and are really building on our own and others play.


We cannot wait to show you what we are doing next week!

Lots of Love Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 27th March


This week we have been learning all about mummy animals and their young.


We are excellent at matching the mothers to their babies and we are now beginning to learn that the baby animals have different names such as calf and foal. We have writing and matching to teach ourselves the different animals and we were very good at talking about the different life cycles.


We have also had a focus on our numbers this week and we been on number hunts around the classroom, we were very good at finding numbers in the environment. We have also been working n our number formation and it is incredible to see how many numbers we can write.

We have been busy being creative and we have made different farms animals. 


Next week we are continuing to learn about animals and their young and are going to shine in our spring sing performance.

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 20th March


This week we have continued to nurture and look after our chicks.

Mrs Knowles very kindly looked after our 5 beautiful chicks this week and the Knowles family did an excellent job at looking after them! They have got so big!

The children have been very sensible and have done such a good job at looking after the chicks, they were so careful that they held the chicks. We have continued to learn about the life cycle of a Hen and we are now very good at talking about what happens! We have also done some super writing where we have labelled parts of the chick and we showed how good our phonics knowledge is. We are now all well on our way to being able to write our name all by ourselves and Miss Davies is so proud of everyone's super attitude!

Here are some pictures of our brave ducklings holding our chicks.

Loves of Love Duckling Class X 

Week Commencing 13th March


We had a very special delivery in Duckling Class this week and we have been so excited frown Farmer George came and asked Miss Davies if we could look after 5 of his eggs whilst he was away and of course we said yes! We didn't know what was in the eggs, we made lots of suggestions such as dragons, dinosaurs and even baby lambs! For two whole days we patiently waited and then cracks begun to appear on the eggs! On Wednesday morning we came to school and we had such a special surprise...

We had two chicks!! Miss Davies named the black one Pingu as it looks like a penguin and we named the yellow one Sunflower. We made sure we were very quiet when learning to not scare the chicks and again we waited for the other eggs to hatch. When Miss Davies and Mrs Gardiner came into school on Thursday morning they again found a special surprise...

There were two more chicks, these were yellow with shades of black, Mrs Gardiner decided these were twins and named them Dusty and Pepper. Even more excitingly the last egg was hatching! 

The last chick is yellow and Miss Clarke named this one Nugget as he is a golden yellow colour. He came out of his egg very wet so we had to leave the chicks in the incubator all day until Nugget was dry and then we took them out. We all got to hold them and we were so careful as we know how delicate and fragile the little chicks are. We know some of you got to see our chicks when your visited this afternoon for Science Afternoon but if you couldn't make it you are always welcome to come and pop in to see them.

We wanted to share Nuggets special arrival with you and below is a video of him hatching, we hope you enjoy watching it, until next week, Duckling Class heart

Our special arrival

Still image for this video

Week Commencing 6th March 


This week we have been getting ready for spring and we have begun to plant our flowers and vegetables in our garden area. The children really enjoyed the experience, they dug out the vegetable patch all by themselves and then planted the seeds. The children know understand that plants need, water, soil and sunshine to grow and have been taking extra care to look after the plants.


We have also been superstar writers, we have written shopping lists, vegetable and fruit names and our names, we have been very busy!


We also made our own super vegetables, we made super potatoes, super brocolli and super carrots.


Next week we are beginning our topic all about farm animals and we have some special visitors coming on Monday, we can't wait to tell you all about them :)

- Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 13th February


We cannot believe that it is already the end of this half term, where has the time gone? We have learnt so much through our topic of adventures and had so much fun! We are now learning all about being healthy and how we make ourselves strong, we are currently reading the story Supertato.


The naughty evil pea has been causing chaos in our classroom! He has stolen our dinosaur eggs and has even stole the vegetables from our lunch! He has sent us on lots of missions to try and help the vegetables such as solving maths problems and going through assault courses.


We have done lots of interesting creative activities this week too, we have used our observation skills to draw fruit and vegetables and use carrots to paint our own original paintings.


We hope you all have a lovely half term and have lots of quality time together.

See you in Spring 2- Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 29th January


This week in Duckling class we have made a mysterious discovery in our classroom, we have found a nest and two eggs inside!!! We do not know what is inside them and the children have given many suggestions such as rabbits, birds and dinosaurs! We have decided that we are going to look after the eggs to make sure they are safe and happy. We have been doing a fantastic job!!


On Friday we had number day and we had a whole day all about Maths linked to the topic of dinosaurs.


We did lots of exciting things such as digging for dinosaur bones, going on a dinosaur number hunt, catergorising dinosaurs and making dinosaurs using 2d shapes. We showed what amazing mathematicians we are and had such a fun day full of adventure.


Next week is another busy week in Duckling Class, we have parents evening and our class assembly! We can't wait to share all of our learning with you. x

Week commencing 23rd January 2017


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year, we have done lots of activities such as taste testing Chinese food, writing Chinese symbols and making dragons. This year it is the Year of the Rooster and we have even used paper plates to make our own roosters. 

Some of us even wrote our own Happy New Year Cards and we tried so hard using our phonics knowledge and handwriting skills.


We have also continued with out topic of The Gruffalo and we all showed excellent understanding of the story, we all played different characters and acted out the story.


We have also made our own Gruffalo characters using 2d shapes, we are such shape detectives that we can now name the 2d shapes and even describe their properties. They are going to look fantastic on our Gruffalo display. We have also been hoping over Gruffalo foot prints to find him, unfortunately he is super at hiding and we couldn't find him.

We have also been showing our computing skills and have been completing tasks on the Ipads such as colouring, jigsaws and games. We are fabulous at using Ipads (we are even better than Miss Davies).


Next week we are learning all about Dinosaurs! Hopefully we don't find any dinosaurs in our school on Monday Morning.

Speak again soon, Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 15/01/2017


What superstars we are in Duckling Class, we are continuing to grow all the time and we are all becoming much more confident! This week we have shown what excellent writers we are in our phonics lessons and we are beginning to form precursive letters.In Maths we are really beginning to understand how to count objects and we are becoming very confident in our number formation.

For the next two weeks in our 'Adventures' topic we are looking at the story 'The Gruffalo' and the children are super at retelling the story and singing our song 'I can sing a Gruffalo' which we have been learning during talk for story.


This week we have done lots of art work of the characters from the story and Miss Clarke has helped us to use different materials to make collages! They are going to look amazing on our display board and we can't wait to show you when you come for parents evening in the next coming weeks.


In our physical learning we have been practicing our catching and kicking skills, I think we have some future footballers and cricketers in Duckling Class.


We have also made houses for the Gruffalo as we didn't want his fur to get wet in the rain, we first designed our houses and then made them using various construction materials.


Next week we will be making Gruffalo Pie, we cant wait to show you how it goes! :)

Love Duckling Class- x

Week Commencing 08/01/2017


What an interesting week it has been in Duckling class, we are still continuing to learn all about adventures and what an adventurous week it has been, we have learnt so much.

We have now begun talk for writing which is where we learn simple poems and rhymes using actions and visual aids, I am so happy with the children and how well they have learnt their poems, I can't wait for you to hear them in our assembly (Keep an eye out for letters coming soon).

This week we had a special surprise from Mrs Knowles, we got to watch a performance of the 'Snow Queen' in the hall, the children were super stars as always and they loved every minute.

This week we have also become Doctors, the child have asked for a doctor's surgery to play in and this week we made this wish come true, they have really taken on the role of Doctors, Nurses and patients and demonstrated such knowledge on the subject. It has been a pleasure to watch and to play with the children.

Today we have had our first day at school where it has snowed! We were very excitied (the teachers were a little too excitied) , we got to spend the day in the snow playing with our friends and teachers and we had such fun! We got to explore the snow, make a snowman, ride on the sledges and we even had a snowball fight!


We can't wait to see what we are going to be doing next week!

Lots of Love, Duckling Class x 

Week commencing 02/01/17


First of all we all hope you have had a nice and relaxing break, whether that was celebrating Christmas or just spending time with Family. We certainly enjoyed recharging our batteries ready for another busy half term. 

This half term in Duckling Class we are going to be learning through the topic of adventures and we are currently looking at the story; 'We're going on a bear hunt'.


We love to explore in Duckling and this topic is perfect for us, we can't wait to go and see what we can find! Hopefully not a bear!

We have all come back to school amazingly and it now feels like we have never been away, we are all back into our routines and back doing sensational learning. 

This half term we are still focusing on our communication and language skills and making good relationships with our friends and peers. We are working on our physical development and practising our letter formation during phonics lessons. In maths we are still learning the foundations and focusing on number and shape.

We can't wait to see what adventures happen next week, Lots of Love Duckling Class x

Week commencing 4th December 2016


This week we have had a really busy week getting ready for our Christmas concert, we are singing superstars and we can't wait for you to hear us! This week we have looked at the story 'The Snowman's Party' and we have begun our preparations to have our own snowman party next week.


We have been talking about our likes and dislikes and we have now decided what food we would like at our party, we really like watermelon, jelly, sandwiches and juice. We can't wait to show you all the photo's next week!

We have had a real focus on our number formation this week and we have worked so hard learning our number formation rhymes and it has really helped us with our learning. We can all at least write the number one independently which is fabulous! We are going to be marvelous Mathematicians. We have also written invitations to our family and friends to our snowman party and we have showed excellent pencil control and some of us are even spelling words correctly!

Today we have had our Christmas dinner and we all sat together in the hall to enjoy it, we even had crackers which gave us all a surprise inside! We even got to wear party hats!

We cannot believe we are at the end of the term and we can't wait to have a busy last week.

Lots of Love Duckling Class x 


Week Commencing 27th November

This week we have begun learning all about the season of winter and luckily Jack Frost has been to visit this week outside!

We have got to explore the frost and the ice and we are now beginning to understand what ice is and how we can make it water again. Children are starting to use scientific language to describe ice such as freezing and melting, we have really enjoyed exploring in the ice and we especially liked breaking it in different ways such as throwing it and stamping on it.

We have done lots of winter art this week such as making snowflakes with our hand prints and using scissors to make snowflakes from paper and adding glitter to them! We have even made our own baubles to put onto our christmas tree in our home corner, we used lots of colours and lots of glitter. We have focused a lot on our number recognition this week and we have been matching a quantity to a number, we have done this by adding buttons to a snowman. 

As it is now December we have now got christmas trees in every classroom, the children have really got into the giving spirit and Noah and Louie decided to make their own christmas presents for Miss Davies and put them under the christmas tree and she has been very good all year! :) Noah made Miss Davies a car and Louie made her a castle, Miss Davies loved them and it made her feel very special.

Next week we are going to read the story 'The Snowman's Party' and we are going to plan our very own winter party, we are going to write our own invites and even make our own food.

We cant wait to tell you about it, Duckling Class x

Week commencing 21st November 2016

This week we have been focusing on colour and to do this we have had some help from someone very colourful... Elmer the elephant!

He is very colourful and each day we have had a special colour day to represent him, these were:






We only got to use that colour that day and we had lots of fun exploring the colours. We had a particular focus this week and that was to explore the ways that colours can change, so we became colour wizards! We painted one hand one colour and another a different colour, we rubbed our hands together and said... ABRACADABRA! and the colours changed! It was so exciting to see the colours change, we have really enjoyed exploring and observing. Some of us are excellent at remembering our colour sums but some of us still need some practice and this is something we will continue to work on throughout the year.

We have also had our first set of homework this week and lots of us enjoyed completing this, thank you to so many of you for supporting your child at home. We have also decided what costumes the children are going to wear for this years winter production; yellow ducklings are going to be stars, grey ducklings will be angels and brown ducklings will be sheep. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Nursery team. Next week our winter journey begins and we are going to learn all about the icy Jack Frost.

Until next week- Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 14.11.16


This week we have continued our topic of Autumn and we have looked at the story Leaf Man and we have looked at all of the things you can make using leaves!

Here are some of the examples that we made, we were very proud of them and we think that they are good enough to even go into the story.


When we begun our topic we didn't know much about Autumn but we are now experts in Autumn, we all know that the leaves fall off some trees because it is cold and the leaves change colours to orange, yellow, red and brown. We really like learning about seasons and we can't wait to learn about Winter in a few weeks time. But first we are going to learn about Elmer and all of his wonderful colours.

This week we have also had anti-bullying week and we have talked about how we can be a good friend during our key worker times, I have to say we know all of the traits of how to be a good friend. It is very important in Duckling Class to be a good friend! 

On Tuesday this week we had some special visitors from some of our Mums, we had a fabulous time doing some Gruffalo craft and we were a credit to our class and our school. It was lovely seeing parents during a school day, thank you for coming and making special memories with your child, it is very much appreciated.

We cannot wait to show you all the things we are going to learn about colour next week, speak soon. Duckling Class x 



Week commencing 07.11.16

This week in Duckling class it has been Nursery Rhyme Week and we have been busier than ever! We have focused on 4 particular rhymes; Incy Wincy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill and Hickory Dickory Dock.

The children have really enjoyed learning these rhymes and we have done lots of art and creative activities around these songs such as making our own spiders and mice. We even had to crawl through a spiders web to save Little Miss Muffet! On Monday afternoon parents were invited to come and see their children and how the learn, it was lovely seeing so many of you and sharing your child's school experience.

On Wednesday we had Amy come into school to deliver workshops to the children around different rhymes and stories and the children were inspiring, they all joined in and showed how super they are! We also saw lots of you for our Nursery Rhyme assembly in the morning and the children were so excited to see so many of their grown ups in school time :)

This week as always we have been working on our phonics and maths skills and we are showing to be mathematician ducklings, we are all now confident at counting to ten and some of us are even beginning to write numbers. We have also begun to learn the new songs for our Christmas production, only after hearing the songs a few times the children are doing really well and singing like stars. I am very proud!

On Friday we had our Nursery Rhyme dress up day and I have to say everyone looked amazing, we had spiders, owls, jack and jill, stars and even a baker with their own cupcakes!

Thank you for all of your support this week it is much appreciated, we can't wait to see what we are going to be doing next week!

Lots of Love Duckling Class x 

Our Nursery Rhyme dress up day

Week Commencing 31.10.16

We hope you are well rested after a lovely week off and we hope it was full of adventures and well spent family time!

First of all we would like to say Happy Diwali to any of our parents who have celebrated; we hope it was magical and special and full of light. On Monday this week as a whole school we all had a day to learn all about Diwali and we go to do lots of amazing things, in Duckling class we drew rangoli patterns outside to let the good into our classroom and we even made diva lamps. We really enjoyed learning all about the festival of light.

This week we have been learning all about bonfire night and we have been talking about our experiences of fireworks. We have done lots of exciting things such as making firework paintings, role played a firework display and we have even done some firework dancing to the song firework by Katy Perry. We only knew a few onomatopoeia words which fireworks made to begin the week and now we are experts and know lots of words. One of our favourite comments of the week was "fireworks don't bang they explode!", through our outdoor learning children showed how sensible and grown up they were by making their own pretend bonfire but it was not complete without protective cones and buckets of water ready to put it out! We always want to make sure everybody is safe and it is reassuring to know that we always have the super children of Duckling class to look after us!


We would also like to thank all of the parents who came to see us this week for parent consultation evenings, all meetings were positive and it allowed us to show you how well settled the children are in their first few weeks at school. We are very proud of them and the progress they have already made in this short period of time and it wonderful to know we have so many supportive parents who are encouraging their children to grow and develop. Thank- you again, it is very much appreciated. We can't wait to see what Nursery Rhyme week has in store for us next week. Until next week, Duckling Class. x

Week commencing 16.10.16


This week we have begun learning about our new topic, 'why do leaves go crispy?'. We have already shown excellent knowledge all about the season of Autumn and some of us could already say what happens at this time of year. We have started reading a new book called 'We're going on a leaf hunt' and we got to listen to the amazing adventure the characters got to go on! We liked it that much we went on our own leaf hunt with Mrs Gardiner.


As we have been learning about Autumn and all of the different colours leaves which fall to the ground; we have begun to start sorting objects into colours. We independently decided to work as a team and start to collect different items from the playground and catergorise them by colour. There are so many different shades of each colour!

Our colour sorting teamwork!

We also all came to school dressed in red on Friday to show bullying the red card, we spent the morning talking about being good friends to everyone and how it is so amazing how different and unique we all are but we are still always kind to one another. We continue to work hard in Duckling class to always be a good friend and to understand the importance of sharing and working as a team! It has been another wonderfully colourful week in Duckling Class and we have learned so much in our first half term at school and we can't wait to see what new learning we can do next half term! We hope you have a fabulous half term break, lots of love Duckling Class x 

Week commencing 03.10.16

This week we have been looking at a new book within our focus Why do you love me so much? This week we are looking at the book;

Guess How Much I Love You?

This week we have continued to talk about families and still focusing on the needs of a baby. We have now had babies in our home roleplay area and we showed lots of knowledge and understanding of how to care for a baby.


We also got to try lots of different baby foods and we had to find out by tasting what each bowl of food was made of, we were super at this and had lots of fun doing it!


Next week we are going to focus on 'what makes us special' and we can't wait to show you all of our fabulous learning.

-Duckling Class x


Week Commencing - 26.09.16

This week has been another busy week in Duckling Class, we are continuing to learn through our topic of ourselves and our family and this week we have had a special visitor! Miss James came into school on Monday with her beautiful baby daughter Scarlet and we had lots of discussions all about babies and the differences between us and them.


We have continued to develop our mathematics skills this week and we have focused on our 2d shape knowledge, we have used 2d shapes to make our houses and we made some fabulous pictures whilst talking about the shapes we have used. We have done lots out door learning this week and I think we have found lots of future bug hunters in Duckling class, we went looking in all of the places we thought the bugs would be and we found lots of worms and spiders!


We are continuing to learn and grow everyday and we are now understanding the importance of working as a team and learning together.


We can't wait to show you what learning we have done next week. Speak again soon Duckling Class x 


Welcome to Ducklings class and our new blog for 2016-2017

Our first two weeks at school have been very busy, we have all begun to settle into school and we are all beginning to form special friendships. We are all now much more confident than when we first started and are showing how super we are at talking and sharing our thoughts and feelings.

We have now been put into our key worker groups, and we are either a yellow, brown or grey duckling, when we are in our duckling groups we do lots of talking and have been talking about our selves and our likes and dislikes. We have begun to develop our mathematical skills and are also beginning our phonics program.

Week commencing 4th July

This week has only been short but in duckling class we have been extremely busy in our learning. We have been learning all about lighthouses and even made our very own using apples, strawberries and bananas. We got to eat them after which was great and we talked about the textures and tastes of the different fruit.


We have been talking about 'how we would get there' when travelling to different destinations, in doing so we discussed travelling across the sea. We made our own boats using junk modelling and tested them in the water to see if they floated or sank.


Our role play area has been transformed into a fish and chip van which we have all loved exploring. We even pretended we were at the seaside eating out fish and chips on the beach.


A very Happy Eid to all that have celebrated this week. We hope you've had a fantastic time celebrating with family and friends and made lots of memories to treasure.

Friday 1st July 2016

FS sports day!

Today the rain held off and FS1 along with FS1/2 and FS2 completed their sports day and what a superb day it was. The children performed each in the running race and then either in the bean bag race, egg and spoon race or the sack race. Each and everyone one of the children did themselves proud and their team spirit and behaviour was exceptional. They were a credit to themselves and to the school. The mums and dads even participated in a running race which was great to see them all being involved. Children then finished off by having a picnic on the field with their family and friends. Thank you all to those who came to make the FS sports day such a success.

Week commencing 27th June 2016

Well what a fantastic morning we have had unleashing our creativity and together  with our mummy's and daddy's transforming everyday materials into magical dens. The dens were simply fantastic and there was some superb role play, communication and language and teamwork taking place. A very successful morning and greatly enjoyed by all involved. We look forward to making more dens soon.  

WC 20th June 2016

This week in duckling class we have been very busy continuing our learning about the seaside and under the sea. 

We have been exploring and discovering the different under the sea creatures and the sounds they make as well as moving like them in response to music.

Furthermore we used our imagination to pretend that we were at the seaside during our seaside barefoot walk. We talked about the different textures we could feel with our feet as we walked firstly through the dry sand, then the wet and finally into the water. We discussed and listened with our peers about our experiences of going to the seaside with our families.

Thursday 16th June


Well what a fantastic dinner time we have had today. Duckling class got to share their lunch with their daddies to celebrate father's day and then bring them back to the class to share their playtime. It was clear to see that both daddies and children had lots of fun. 

Friday 10th June 2016

Big poetry read


Today we performed the poem called 'Read to me'  by Jane Yolen in the big poetry read. We perfomed to our mummies, daddies, grown ups and all of FS. We have had a fantastic time learning the poem and using actions and movements in order to retell. After our performance we shared our learning in the classroom with our grown ups. It was lots of fun!

Thursday 23rd May

Today we set our butterflies free out into the outdoors. We watched our 5 teeny tiny caterpillars grow and grow until they turned into cocoons. We transferred the cocoons safely into the butterfly net. After 14 days and nights the cocoons transformed into beautiful butterflies. It was so magical. We had lots of fun learning all about them and their life cycle.

Wednesday 18th May - Ducklings Class Assembly

Today we performed our  'minibeast' assembly to FS, KS1 and our family and friends. We dressed up as butterflies, caterpillars and bumble bees and retold rhymes through talk for story using actions and movements. We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and sang our favourite songs. At the end of our assembly we shared lots of photos showing the learning and fun we have had this half term.

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from the lovely Carrie from Rent a Beast. She bought with her lots and lots of creepy crawlies to help us learn more about our topic of minibeasts. We got to hold and pet the different minibeasts including centipedes, beetles, stick insects, Madagascan snails and even tarantulas. It was so exciting. We learned lots of new facts about them all. It was a great, fun, real life learning experience. 

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Today we had a visit from a lady from our local library. She bought with her bookstart treasure gift packs for us all. She shared the story of 'Don't call me sweet' and we enjoyed joining in with the actions and talking about what the little monster would look like, what he would eat and how he would sound. It was lots of fun sharing new books with our family and friends. 

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