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Week Ending 15th May 2018 - Attendance this week 95.84%

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Harvest assembly

Harvest assembly 1
Harvest assembly 2

Week 7 - w.c. 15.10.18

A very busy but wonderful week in Kingfishers class! In English we have been finishing our non-chronological reports all about squirrels! We have researched what a squirrels diet is and what type of habitat they live in. Finally to complete our report we searched for our own wow facts about squirrels! Did you know that a squirrel's teeth NEVER stop growing?! Or that they can dig under up to a foot of snow to find food because of their brilliant sense of smell?! 

In Maths we have been focusing on subtraction! Kingfishers came up with an excellent explanation of what subtraction means: To take away an amount and count how many are left. 

We have explored this using multi-link cubes as concrete objects, using pictures and finally using a number line! Kingfishers enjoyed jumping backwards along a giant number line outside! 

During the afternoons we have rehearsed for the harvest assembly and I am sure you will agree they all did an exceptional job! Thank you if you were able to practise the poem at home, your support is appreciated! 

Have a great weekend

Week 6 - W.C. 8th October

This week has been very busy in Kingfishers class! In English Kingfishers decided to help out Mrs Vaughan who had sent us an email about some furry visitors in the school who were making a mess outside and leaving a trail of nuts and acorns! We decided to research squirrels and find out as many interesting facts as we could and we are starting to put them together to create a non-chronological report all about squirrels! We have identified the features of a report - title, introduction, wow fact, picture, caption, subheadings. Next week we will be putting them altogether for our reports!

In Maths we have begun to use the maths operation - addition! We discussed how addition means the sum of two amounts. Kingfishers have added concrete objects, added pictures together, used a number line to support them and finally added numbers together! The class have added amounts in a variety of ways and are now beginning to become superstars at addition! 

In Encompass we have been putting together some of our wonderful art work and writing for a corridor display! We have also learnt the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in Autumn whereas evergreen trees have green leaves throughout the year!

5th October

This week in Kingfishers class in English we been continuing to describe the enchanted gingerbread house! Now we have learnt how to use adjectives to describe, this week we worked on making our sentences interesting! We like to start sentences in different ways e.g. Along the narrow path there was colourful sprinkles. On top of the roof there was dripping, chocolate icing. Their final setting descriptions have been outstanding! Well done Kingfishers. 

In Maths we have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest. Again, using our excellent place value knowledge to recognise the tens and ones of a number and deciding where it should go! In Encompass we have learnt all about nocturnal animals in the woodland and what amazing qualities they have to help them survive in the dark! By the end of the week we did a class vote to decide which nocturnal animal we would like to research further and found some extremely interesting facts out about owls! Ask your Kingfisher to share what they learnt with you smiley

Have a great weekend


Our fairy house!

Our fairy house!  1
Our fairy house!  2
Our fairy house!  3
Our fairy house!  4

28th September

It has been another busy week in Kingfishers class! In English this week we began to describe the magical gingerbread house in the deep, dark woods in Hansel and Gretel. We have creating a huge bank of adjectives to use in our writing and have looked at choosing appropriate adjectives. E.g. The tall/playful puppy ran after the postman. The brave/nice superhero jumped off the tall building!

In Maths we have been comparing objects, pictures and numbers using the language greater than, less than and equal to. We learnt a poem to help us remember! Mr Gator likes to munch juicy numbers for his lunch! Small numbers make his belly sore but big numbers make him shout for more!

In Encompass this week Kingfishers have designed and created their very own group fairy house! They showed wonderful team work and ended the week by describing the fairy home ready to be sold! 

A brilliant week, have a lovely weekend smiley

21st September

This week in Kingfishers class in English we have finished our published writing of a retell of the story Hansel and Gretel. Kingfishers blew me away with their fantastic writing! The class have worked hard to include adjectives in their sentences and we will continue to check sentences for all punctuation smiley. In Maths we have been partitioning numbers to recognise the place value. E.g. the number 36 has 30 tens and 6 ones. This will help us in a big range of maths skills throughout the year! In Encompass Kingfishers have described all of the woodland features they saw, felt and heard on our amazing Nature walk last week! 

Have a great weekend

14th September

It has been a fantastic week in Kingfisher class as the children get settled into our new timetable and routine! This week in English we have began to retell the story of Hansel and Gretel. We have been working hard to remember all of our writing skills using capital letters at the beginning of sentences and full stops at the end, I am very impressed with how hard Kingfishers have all worked! Next week we will be adding adjectives to make our sentences exciting! In Maths we have been representing numbers in different numbers, as words, as pictures and many other ways! 

This week we also took a nature walk through Trent Mill Park giving us the chance to explore the trees changing for the Autumn seasons, listen to the River Trent, find conkers, acorns and leaves. It was lots of fun! 

Well done Kingfishers for an excellent week!

Have a great weekend smiley

7th September

Hello and welcome to Kingfishers class! What a brilliant first week we have had in our new class! The children have settled in wonderfully and we have spent lots of time this week getting to know each other and learning facts about our peers and teachers. It has been excellent for both the children and teachers to learn what hobbies we have, what our favourite subjects are and all about our families. Thank you to those who were able to bring in their 5 items from home we had some excellent speaking and listening opportunities. Also this week the class have continued to produce some amazing art work and writing for our classroom to make it bright, exciting and helpful for our learning. Looking forward to another fun-filled week!