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Week Ending 13th October 97.1%

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13th October

Kingfisher Class have had another busy week! In English this week we received a letter from the Queen asking for our help after she had seen a lion on the Royal grounds at Buckingham Palace! Kingfisher Class decided we should find out as much information as possible about lions to help the Queen, we did this by looking at non-chronological reports. The children looked at the different features and decided on questions they wanted to find the answers to. We practised writing questions correctly using - who, what, where, when, who and how and researched for answers on the iPads. In Maths we have started to look at subtraction using concrete resources such as pencils and lollies to count how many are left when we take some away. In Encompass we have looked at the Royal Family Tree and Kingfisher Class were intrigued to find out who would be next in line to the throne! 


We also had our Harvest Assembly this week which was fantastic! I am so proud of everyone in Kingfishers for their poem and song performances, and a big thank you to all parents who were able to come and support them! It was a brilliant turn out. 

Kingfisher Class smiley

Week 5!


We have had another lovely week here in Kingfisher class! The children have been using their addition skills in Maths to find fact families and their number bonds to 10 and 20. In English we changed the ending to our story Katie in London. The children used their imaginations to create some fantastic alternate endings to the story, with Katie and Jack visiting the monkeys at London Zoo! Their ideas have been amazing! In the afternoons we have been practising our poem for the Harvest assembly next week and creating London landmarks as you can see in the pictures. It was a real team effort!


Love from

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Landmark model making!

Landmark model making! 1
Landmark model making! 2
Landmark model making! 3
Landmark model making! 4
Landmark model making! 5
Landmark model making! 6
Landmark model making! 7
Landmark model making! 8
Landmark model making! 9
Landmark model making! 10

What a busy week we have had in Kingfisher class! In English we have continued using our story Katie in London to help us to write a setting description about Buckingham Palace! Kingfisher class have really enjoyed using Google Earth to visit the famous London landmarks from our story. They have focused on using adjectives to describe the setting and the work they have produced is amazing! Our Maths has been focused on counting one more or one less than a number and partitioning numbers into tens and ones. Please see our brilliant work in the pictures. In our afternoons we have continued to learn more about our topic London and even created some landmarks of our own! Not to mention the fantastic homemade landmarks children have been bringing in to show us.

Another brilliant week!

Love from Kingfishers smiley

Maths partitioning into tens and ones

We enjoyed having some of our parents join us for Writing this week!