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Week Ending 15th May 2018 - Attendance this week 95.84%

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Week 34


We have had another busy week in school adn I can not believe that we are on Friday already.  The children this week have begun to rehearse for our end of Year production ' Oh What a Knight!'. On Monday all of KS2 began to rehearse the songs and dances, And i was extremely impresed by the attitude of teh year 6's in the hall. They really did set the example for the rest of the KS2.  


Year 6 this week have also finalised their final pieces of writing, ready to submit in for their end of year data.  They have all worked extremely hard and must be proud of themselves.  

In Maths we have continued to look at graphs and have now moved away from pie charts and now onto Line grpahs.  Next week we will be finishing off some fraction work.  


The children are thoroughly enjoying their afternoon topic on the Plague. This week, the children used computers to create their own quizes. The children enjoyed the lesson and now understand how the plague spread so quickly across London.  


Next week we will be moving onto Knights- studying their armour.  In english we will begin our work on Macbeth of which the children are looking forward too.  


See you all Monday


Mrs Willis 

Week 31


Well SATs week is finally over and I have to say all your children have made me extremely proud. They worked exceptionally hard and had such positive attitudes to every paper that they took. 

Results will not be out until July but our learning does not stop. Over the next weeks your children will finish their final pieces of writin, begin to analyse texts ready for high school and develop their mathematical skills look at more in-depth problems. 


We we also have our production, leavers assembly and Stanley head to look forward to. 


Week 30


Well the SATs are finally here. The children have worked extremely hard over the past few months in final preparations and boosters. Their attitudes over the past few weeks have been superb. They have come in school ready to learn and have shown how truly wonderful our children at Waterside are. 

Today as a final end to the week. Both year 6 classes have competed against each other in a floss off. I am pleased to announce that Stingrays were the winners. They even managed to convince me to join in too. 


This weekend, it is essential that your child rests and gets plenty of sleep ready for Monday. A little revision would be useful but please go out and enjoy your weekend. 


Seven things to do before SATs

- play outside 

-watch a movie

-cook tea with your family

- read a book


-draw a picture 

- listen to some calming music 


Remember how brilliant you all are and how’s proud we are of you. 


See you all Monday at 8.30. 


Mrs Willis 


Still image for this video

Week 27


Welcome back year 6. This week has been the start of our boosters ready for SATS. The children have worked extra hard and have come back to school with positive attitudes towards their learning. Everyone completed their Easter homework which was great to see. This clearly shows the determination that you all have to your learning. 


It it has been a busy first week back and the children have completed many tasks this week. The have taken part in boosters alongside our normal lessons. We are focussing the half term on consolidating what we have learned and looking how to use multiple skills to solve problems. 


In writing, we have started our new text Journey to Jo’burg and the children have shown great interest in the apartheid, with many children voicing their strong views against how people were treated. This has lead to some great discussions in class. As we continue to read the story the children will begin to write as the two children in the book. 


In pshce we we are continuing to learn about how to take care of ourselves and looking at things that are bad for us. In RE, we are finishing our topic on rules and humanism. This week we looked at temptation and how sometimes it can be difficult to follow rules when we are tempted by other factors. The children took part in conscience alley. The children were fab, and came up with some genuine difficult situations and thoughts. 


See you Monday 

Conscience alley

Conscience alley 1
Conscience alley 2
Conscience alley 3
Conscience alley 4
Conscience alley 5
Conscience alley 6
Conscience alley 7
Conscience alley 8
Conscience alley 9

Week 25

It has been a busy week in stingrays. The children have worked extremely hard especially in preparation for their practice SATs next week. 

See below for all the wonderful thing we have been up to. 

PSHCE - drugs awareness

Week 24

Making choices workshops


Today the children took part in a workshop all about making choices. We looked at drugs and defined what they are. The children have begun to decide which are legal and illegal and used traffic lights to determine how harmful they are. 


We we will be continuing this learning next half term as part of PHSCE. 

Making choices PSHE workshop

Making choices PSHE workshop 1
Making choices PSHE workshop 2
Making choices PSHE workshop 3
Making choices PSHE workshop 4
Making choices PSHE workshop 5
Making choices PSHE workshop 6
Making choices PSHE workshop 7
Making choices PSHE workshop 8

Week 24 Science week


In stingrays this week for Science we have been looking at the rainforest. We have had maths problems so solve, a RIC on a picture of the jungle and some Art work. The children have tried really hard to recreate different animals such as: a Toucan, Chameleon and a tree frog.


Well done Year 6 


Mrs Bates and Mrs Lawton 

Week 24 Science week

Week 24 Science week  1
Week 24 Science week  2
Week 24 Science week  3
Week 24 Science week  4
Week 24 Science week  5

mothers day pottery

mothers day pottery  1
mothers day pottery  2
mothers day pottery  3
mothers day pottery  4
mothers day pottery  5
mothers day pottery  6
mothers day pottery  7
mothers day pottery  8

Week 23


As always it have been a busy week of learning in year 6 stingrays. The children are now getting used to our new and busy timetable and are working exceptional hard. 


Our year 6 boosters have begun and we are making great progress across the core areas. The children are enjoying our new learning about WW1 in English and have begun to write some emotive and detailed flashbacks. Their writing has been inspired by the videos we have watched and extracts that we have read. Next week we will edit these and publish. I can not wait to read their writing. 


In maths we have no ed our learning into measure. The children have been great at transferring their skills from number and calculation to apply these into context. I am exceptionally proud of them. 


All parents should have have now received their marvellous me log on details. Please do set these up As I will be sending home message and badges via the app. This is a great way to see what you children have been learning about and how well they are doing. 


Lastly, Happy.p Mother’s Day for Sunday. Thank you to those of you who turned up for our celebrations. 



World book day

World book day 1
World book day 2
World book day 3
World book day 4
World book day 5
World book day 6
World book day 7
World book day 8
World book day 9
World book day 10
World book day 11
World book day 12
World book day 13
World book day 14
World book day 15
World book day 16
World book day 17
World book day 18
World book day 19
World book day 20
World book day 21
World book day 22
World book day 23
World book day 24
World book day 25

Thursday 1st March.

Today school is closed due to the weather conditions.


Your home learning for the day:

I have added a SATs companion test to each of your logins. This includes a SATs grammar paper, SATs arithmetic paper and SATs reasoning paper.- Please complete attempt one.

I have also attached a spellings crossword and word search activity - you do not need to print this if you do not have a printer - just draw out the crossword boxes onto a piece of paper and search for the wordsearch using your tablet or laptop highlighter. 


Have a safe day and remember, you can use the contact the teacher form if you need anything.

Mrs Willis

Week 20


What an amazing week we have had in stingrays! With e-safety and children’s mental health week plus normal learning and our final pei es of assessment we have all been extremely busy. 


You have all shown a own a positive attitude toward success your learning this week and this has shown the the work you have produced. You have all been keen to learn Andy improve in every aspect of the curriculum. 


During childrens mental health week, all children took part in activities raising awareness of mental health and how every child is special. We recorded videos of ourselves and teachers answering the question: what makes you you? The children came up with some super answers and these will be available on the blog this week.


we have also raised awareness of how to be safe on the internet and online. We specifically looked at group chats, text, messaging and sending photos. It was great to see that the children already have an awareness of how to stay safe with many children already practise safe rules online. 


We also finalised our assessments this week. We have now nearly finished our topic in English on wonder and we can’t wait to see the film on Friday. 



Week 19

The children in year 6 stingrays have worked exceptionally hard this week, especially trying to fit 5 days learning into 3 with bike ability and number day. 


In maths, the children have begun to solve algebraic problems. I was so proud of them, as their attitudes towards more complex maths was simply fantastic. They showed great resilience and determination. This week we will be moving onto percentages before coming back to algebra after the half term. 


In in English this week, we have begun to write a diary as another character in the story wonder. We are now focusing on use of punctuation to control our idea whilst still working on vocabulary and grammar. So far their draft diaries are showing that the children are making great progress towards the end of year 6 goals. 


Some stingrays also also took part in bikeability this week. Their attitudes and behaviour was exemplary. 

We also had a number day on Friday were the children took part in maths challenges. 


We we have another busy 2weeks ahead so make sure you eat well, play, sleep and work hard. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Art Henry Portraits

Art Henry Portraits 1
Art Henry Portraits 2
Art Henry Portraits 3
Art Henry Portraits 4
Art Henry Portraits 5
Art Henry Portraits 6
Art Henry Portraits 7
Art Henry Portraits 8
Art Henry Portraits 9
Art Henry Portraits 10
Art Henry Portraits 11
Art Henry Portraits 12
Art Henry Portraits 13
Art Henry Portraits 14
Art Henry Portraits 15
Art Henry Portraits 16
Art Henry Portraits 17
Art Henry Portraits 18
Art Henry Portraits 19
Art Henry Portraits 20
Art Henry Portraits 21
Art Henry Portraits 22
Art Henry Portraits 23
Art Henry Portraits 24
Art Henry Portraits 25
Art Henry Portraits 26
Art Henry Portraits 27
Art Henry Portraits 28
Art Henry Portraits 29
Art Henry Portraits 30
Art Henry Portraits 31
Art Henry Portraits 32
Art Henry Portraits 33
Art Henry Portraits 34
Art Henry Portraits 35
Art Henry Portraits 36
Art Henry Portraits 37
Art Henry Portraits 38
Art Henry Portraits 39
Art Henry Portraits 40
Art Henry Portraits 41
Art Henry Portraits 42
Art Henry Portraits 43

Week 17

The weeks are just flying by and the children are working exceptionally hard in class. We need to remain with this positive attitude at all times, and especially continue our learning at home.

Some children are not completing their SATs companion homework. It is essential that you complete the tasks to reinforce the learning in class. If you are stuck or need help, please come and see me. Remember Monday and Tuesday lunch time you can co,e up to year 6 to complete your homework if you wish. 


This week, we have continued to write diaries. The children have already made great progress and are implementing skills that they missed out from last time. I am seeing a vast improvement in you spelling, but we know need to make sure that our handwriting is also legible at speed. 


In  maths, we have been conquering long division and using remainders. You all worked exceptionally hard and showed great determination when faced with challenges. 


In art this week, we have begun to focus on portraits. I was extremely impressed with these. 


Remember you need to:

- get plenty of sleep

-drink water

-eat healthy 

-rest and play 


These will help you to learn in school. 


See you Monday 

Week 16

I can not believe another week has gone by. We are now well on our way into the term and the children have remained focussed and have continued to work hard. 


This week we began our SATs boosters and the children have shown excellent attitudes. Interventions have also started so please remember if you have been invited to a morning intervention you need to be in school by 8.30. 


Beahviour last weeks , as always, was superb and we received 100% positive dojos. Your target this week is to move through your learning with pace and remain focussed in all lessons. I will be giving out extra dojos this week to those children I see who are doing this. 


In english,we have begun to write our diaries which we will publish tomorrow. In maths, we have worked with decimals. The children have found this a little tricky and we will be focusing on these again soon to embed their learning. 


Please remember to to complete your homework. If you get less than 80% you need to revise and then take the test again. 


Any problems ems come and see me or contact me through the message system. 


See you  Monday 

Week 15

Happy New year and Welcome back.  


We are now in spring term, although with the cold weather we can still tell its Winter.  It has been great to see Year 6 back and ready to learn.  This half- term we will be begin our booster sessions throughout the day in order to support children in the lead up to their SATs.  It is essential that you come to school everyday.  If you are genuinely unwell, of course please do not come to school, but if you are just having one of those days where you don't feel like it, come into school and I will guarentee that you will feel much better.  


This half-term we will be studying a book called Wonder. You have already begun to read this and we will be writing in the first person as different characters.  

In maths, we will be focussing on all the areas that we struggled with last half term and contining our new learning around alegbra.  


Thank you to those of you who competed your Tudor Homework. If you did not bring it in, please make sure that it is in by the this week.  


You all now have your log ons for SATS companion. Make sure that you are completing this learning at home, fi you can not access it remember that on a Monday and Tuesday, I will open up the classroom for those children who wish to stay in.  


See you on Monday 


Mrs Willis 

New Displays for 2018

New Displays for 2018 1
New Displays for 2018 2
New Displays for 2018 3
New Displays for 2018 4
New Displays for 2018 5
New Displays for 2018 6

Tudor home work ideas

Week 15

Well We have now come to the end of the year Andy our first term in Year 6. The children have made me so proud this term showing great determination and resilience. They have worked hard and this shows in their end of term assessments. Along the way they have also grown in confidence and their overall attitudes and maturity. 


This week, the children performed in our winter production ‘The Polar Express’. Each and every child from KS2 was wonderful, but being a gadget biased, I thought we were the best. The children wrote their own winter poem and performed it clearly with beautiful intonation. Once again this just shows the progress athat they have made. 


Today is is the last day of term and we have spent the morning preparing for Christmas. The children have made beautiful cards and calendars. 


Over the Winter break, I would like the children to complete a piece of 3D home work for our Tudor topic. This could be a Tudor house, shield, headdress, sword, a Tudor artefact, a Tudor instrument or clothing. This homework needs to be in by the first Wednesday back. 


I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and Christmas if you are celebrating this season, and I wish you all a Merry new year. 

Stay safe over the holidays and I look forward to seeing you all on the 3rd of January. 


Mrs Willis 

Week 14


What a strange week it has been! With a snow day and extremely icy weather.  


This week the children have been focussed on their performance for our Winter production, of which will now take place on Monday morning. 

The children worked in teams to write their own verses for a poem about Winter Wonderland.  Once we have performed I will put up their finished poem for you all to see.  


This week we have also been busy preparing for our next topic ' Off with her head'. The children learned about the Battle of Bosworth and all wrote some excellent pieces of Journalistic writing.  Their writing ability is continuign to develop and this can now be seen in every piece of writing.  Photos to follow on Tuesday.  


We have also this week, begun to look deeper into The Christmas Story, where we compared the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, and the children had some very challenging questions regarding where religions first came from, who founded them, how did the spread and many more? As a class we love learnign about RE and the children's enthusasim is inspiring.  



Next week is a two day week, but we have plenty of learning to continue with.  


Be careful on the ice this weekend.


See you Monday. 

School Closure


Due to the school closure today, please complete any learning from Monday's Snow day that you did not complete, as many of you did not access this extra learning.  


If you complete these tasks, your extension task is to consider the different people you have met so far in Wonder : mum, dad, Auggie and Via.  For each person create thoughts that they have about Auggies condition.  You can do this in any form you wish.


Mrs Willis

Snow Day


As tomorrow is  closed due to the extreme weather conditions that we currently have, learning will be posted on the blog to ensure that your children do not miss out on any school time.  


I have set you all three tasks to complete: 


Maths: Big Maths and Arithmetic - you can either print these or complete them on paper 


Writing: See attached 


Reading: see comprehension sheet attached 


Encompass: Mexican Poem - Write a poem about your learning from this half-term . It does not have to rhyme - make it free verse and needs to include facts about key aspects of Modern and Ancient Mexico.  



Week 13

Well done to all Year 6 children, as this week we have completed a week of SATs. All children performed remarkably.  They have made me expectionally proud. We still have a few areas that we need to work on, and we will target interventions and boosters around these next half term.  


Considering it has been a busy week, the children have remained focused and continued our learning on fractions in maths and story writing in english.  We also had a visit from Mrs knowles this week to check on our progress and attitudes to learning in class. She was extremely proud of every one and was very impressed by the progress that you are making in writing.  We now need to work on pace of learning and our presentation as a whole class. 


I hope you have enjoyed the snow this weekend.  



Week 11


It has been a relative quiet week in Stingray class, although lots of learning has taken place. 


The children become publishers this week. They have focussed on using formal language and creating cohesion between ideas. I am so proud of the fort that they put in to them and their final pieces were absolutely superb. 

Over the next two weeks, we will now be focusing on Narrative again, this time looking at developing atmosphere through the use of descriptive language. 


We we are continuing, in maths, to focus on fractions. Fractions is always that little bit more challenging and the children have required practise around skills before we head into fluency and reasoning. Now that we have some good foundations, we weill this week be solving problems in multiplying and dividing fractions. 


We we have also learned a little bit about the Mayan civilisation. The children used maps to locate them and then wrote about them from their research. 


This is week we will be starting to end our topic and reflect on our learning ready for our express day. Parents watch out for your invites. 


See you Monday 

P4C - Should we use consequences to punish people when they have done something wrong?

This week in RE, the question arose in class regarding whether people should receive a consequence when they do something wrong. I would like you to have a think about this question. What do you think? Remember there is no right or wrong answer. You can message me your response if you wish, or you can save it for RE next week.

Week 10

This week has been another extremely busy week in school.  Our focus of the week has been, anti bullying and we will be continuing our understanding of this topic over the next two weeks. The children this week have learned about different forms of bullying and year 6 we have focussed on cyber bullying and social bullying. 


For cyber bullying the children had decided to make their own films to show how cyber bullying can affect people.  The children have created their own story boards for this and begun to take their photographs and videos to create their film. In computing next week, they will then use these to create their films.


In other areas of the curriculum:


In English, we have begun our two week genre on journalistic writing.  This is a difficult text type to write as the children require a wide range of formal vocabulary that they are new to.  But as always, each and every stingray has rose to the challenge and improvements in their style can already be seen.  It has also been a pleasure to see that the children are now using their year 6 writing skills across the curriculum. This shows me that understand what they have been taught and that the skills are now embedded. 


In maths, we have begin our 3 week topic on fractions. We planned an engage day to allow the children opportunities to explore fractions before being taught year 6 skills and problems. WE have also focused this week on pace during arithmetic and after 4 days we are being to pick up our pace and our accuracy. I am extremely pleased with this. 


Please continue at home to practise your spellings, reading and arithmetic. These are essential in year 6.


See you Monday

Our new displays

Our new displays 1
Our new displays 2
Our new displays 3

Week 9 

Firstly, I would like to thank all the children for their contributions to the poppy appeal this week. They have wore their poppies with pride and our Remberance assembly and learning provoked some valuable discussions and though-provoking questions. On Friday the children paid their respect to those who have lost their lives in a 2 minute silence. In class, we then created poppy art work which we will get the chance to finish next week. 


This is week has the introduction of our new timetable to suppprt the requirements of the class. It has been a great success, albeit extremely busy. The children have remained focussed and have rose to the new challenges that they face. Our focus this half term is reading and we are encouraging the children when reading, to reading with fluency and with understanding. We have text marked texts to ask the author further questions and to gain our own thoughts and feelings what what an author has wrote. 


The children this this week have also successfully  managed to complete our learning of long division. It was great to see parents who came to our maths workshop join in with our maths lesson. The children have developed in confidence over the week, and although at the start they said they did not like long division, now they love it and were eager to do more. Over the next few weeks our focus will be on fractions. 


In English, we have completed our final pieces of writing based on Harry Potter and the portkey. The children worked hard to not only include all the skills they needed to, but also developing their composition. I am immensely proud of the effort that they put into each and every lesson. 


Please remember to complete your reading and maths homework and hand it in on Wednesday. 


Mrs Willis

the big first aid

the big first aid  1
the big first aid  2
the big first aid  3
the big first aid  4
the big first aid  5

Week 8

Week 1 of Autumn 2 flew by and it was an extremely busy week in school.


Thank you to all parents who turned up for parents consultations. It was great to take the time discussing your child's next steps and celebrating their success. If you did not ,a age to see me last week please remember that we have our drop in session on Friday from 3.40-4. 


This week was safety week in school, and I was keen to use the children's idea to devlelop planning for the week. It gave the children the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about safety across a range of areas including, e-safety, fire safety, Halloween, firework safety, keeping our selves safe when out and about and we learned some basic first aid. The children found the week extremely useful and have asked to continue our safety theme through our PSHCE lessons this half term. 


The children have have made a great start in English and mathematics this week. In English, the children have begun to develop narratives involving a change of scene. They have looked at authors work and discussed how we can compose our own writing to engage the reader through different literary devices. I have seen a great improvement this week in their ability to discuss texts and authorial control. 


In in maths we have been learning short and long division. And although long division can be challenging, the children have face down this with determination and resilience and I am extremely proud of them. 


We we will be starting our star writers and mathematicians again this week, so please keep a look out on the blog for this. 


Have a a wonderful weekend and keep safe on Bonfire night. 


Mrs Willis

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Did you enjoy the drink? If not how could it be improved? What would you have done differently?

Week 6

I cannot believe that we are nearly at the end of the half term already. The children have worked exceptionally hard this half term.  They have been introduced to new learning and have embraced the new challenges that they have been faced with.


This week, the children have continued to develop their expertise in their mythical beast.  They have begun to self and peer assess, marking their own work ready to make daily improvements and have been taught new skills including how to use a semi colon and colon. I have been so impressed by their overall attitude and the work that they have produce. It is one of their best pieces of writing. Next half term, we have decided to continue with Harry Potter developing our story telling techniques and engaging the reader.


In maths, the children have continue to secure their understanding of place value and calculations. They have begun to apply their learning to problem solving and reasoning questions, including a sample of SATs questions to test their knowledge.


On Wednesday, the children investigated what it would be like to drink the chocolate from the Mayan times. This including testing cocoa, milk, water, cinnamon and chilli. The children were not overly impressed by this and much prefer the hot chocolate made now.


We have a busy week next week with a practice SATs week and studying Mexican Myths.


Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

Fantastic beasts experts

Fantastic beasts experts 1
Fantastic beasts experts 2
Fantastic beasts experts 3
Fantastic beasts experts 4
Fantastic beasts experts 5
Fantastic beasts experts 6
Fantastic beasts experts 7
Fantastic beasts experts 8
Fantastic beasts experts 9
Fantastic beasts experts 10
Fantastic beasts experts 11
Fantastic beasts experts 12
Fantastic beasts experts 13

Week 5


This has been busy as always. Monday the teachers took part in inset and had fantastic training by Chris Quigley and new strategies for ensuring that we are deepening our learning have already been implemented. 


The children went to Cadburys world on Wednesday for a fun day learning about the Mayans. It was a wonderful day and the children's behaviour was superb. We even had compliments from staff at Cadburys world. This is always a pleasure to hear. 


In english, we have begun to become experts in fantastic beasts. The children have researched in groups and then today have been put on the hot seat and answered questions from their peers. Their knowledge of the beasts was simply outstanding. They used their scientific knowledge to answer questions that they did not know. We were extremely impressed by their attitudes. 


A fantastic week has been had. 


Week 4 


Another busy week has been had by all. In stingrays, we have had the pleasure of a trip out to our local fire station, we have completed science experiments, learned about racism and continued our maths and English learning . 


The children, on Wednesday Morning, attended crucial crew at the local fire station where they took part in many activities learning about how to be 'safe and sound'. Workshops were led by DHL, the fire crew, local PCOS, changes YP and the drugs and alcohol team. The workshop was extremely useful and the children gained a lot of knowledge from the experience. The lesson that the children learned are valuable and in SMSC we will be continuing to look at some of ways that we can keep safe, including looking at the importance of E Safety. 


In science, this week we begun to look closer at the findings of Charles Darwin. We investigated why birds have different shaped beaks. We made predictions, carried out the investigation and then wrote up our findings.  As well as having fun, the children were able to draw conclusions about Charles Darwins finding and now have a deeper understanding of adaptation and evolution. 


In SMSC, after our work with Game On, the children have continued to ask questions regarding culture, race and religion. This week, we looked closely in race and racism.  The children have developed a good understanding of this and have shown mature attitudes. They continue to ask questions to further their understanding and their curiosities show that they are keen to learn more in order to become respectful of all.  


Next at week will be another busy  but exciting week of learning and a trip to Cadburys world to learn about the ancient Mayans. I am sure we are all excited to taste some chocolate too. 


See you Monday stingrays. 



Week Three

Firstly, I would like to say well done too all the stingtrays this week. They have worked exceptionally hard in maths and english and most chidlren are now make better than expected progress in most lessons. This has made Mrs Bates and I extremely proud.  


This week we have focussed our writing around our new year 6 objectives whilst still remembering all the ones that we learned in year 5. The children hasve shown that they are able to transfer skills and have created some well structured pieces of writing about The Forbidden Forest.  Your writing this week has made me excpetionally proud as I know that you have all worked hard.  


In maths, every child has been exceptional. We have not only uised skills and answered problems but we have also used this to help us reason. Your explanations are showing that you are developing a deeper understanding in maths and that you can apply skills throughout lessons. Stingrays this week have also been great learning mentors to each other; teachign other new skills and helping where needed. 


Stingrays, we have had a super start to the year so now we need to keep this up.  


Our focus this week, needs to be making sure every second counts in every lesson - especially the afternoons.  Keep challenging yourselves and be resilient.  


See you on Monday 


Mrs Willis 

Week 2 


Well, I can not believe we have only been back in school one week. This week has been busy as usual and lots of learning has taken place. 


In English, we begun to delve into the world of Harry Potter. We have studied the characters and their actions and begun to write character descriptions within our narrative writing. Our new learning has included using expanded noun phrases consisely and beginning to consider the structure of our sentences. 

Maths this week has been a success with many children achieving national standard in number and place value. The children all made better than good progress in every lesson and used their learning each day to support them the next. 


We we have also had the pleasure this week in welcoming a theatre company into our class - game on. We have learned lots about what is means to be British, what racism and extremism are and how we can protect ourselves. The workshop provided us with lots of information and the children asked lots of important questions. 


For our mexican topic, the children have planned, prepared and cooked their own Mexican dishes. The children worked exceptionally hard and were fantastic team mates to each other. The food was delicious too. 


I look forward to another busy week next week. 


Mrs Willis 


Question of the week

Hi Stingrays, The question of the week is: Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place. We will be discussing this in PSHCE next week, so have a think. If you wish you can respond to the question by contacting me below. Mrs Willis

Week one 


The new school year has begun and what a fantastic start we have had. The children have all come back to school with positive attitudes and we have had a action packed week of learning. 

This week we have begun our new topic on Mexico. The children have learned all about Mexican festivals including The day of the dead. The researched their own questions in pairs and took their own notes. The children then produced writing about the festival. To start our topic we have also had a Mexican Wow day. The children came dressed in Mexican themed outfits and took part in Mexican dancing, music making and food tasting. Everyone had a wonderful day - including the teachers. 


In science, the children have begun to learn about evolution and inheritance. They have taken control of their own learning through self and peer teaching and then produced a one minute presentation to demonstrate their knowledge and answered questions from their teacher and peers. They showed great resilience. 


We we have all had a busy week learning and making our personalising our learning environments. A great start to year 6. 


Have a a wonderful weekend. 


Mrs Willis 


Mexican dancing

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Evolution and inheritance

Evolution and inheritance 1
Evolution and inheritance 2
Evolution and inheritance 3
Evolution and inheritance 4
Evolution and inheritance 5
Evolution and inheritance 6

Welcome back 


Welcome back stingrays to class 6. Mrs Bates and I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer and are ready to begin your final year at Waterside. We are both very excited to welcome you all back and begin our new topics. Have a sneeky peek below at your new classroom. The display are awaiting your learning and we can't wait to fill them.  


See you all tomorrow 


Mrs Willis 



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